Sunday, December 06, 2009

sha: me and munakahat

" Pelajar-pelajar yang dirahmati Allah sekalian,

Hari ini saya mahu bercakap mengenai pemilihan bakal suami dan isteri. Untuk pengetahuan pelajar-pelajar sekalian, adalah disarankan bahawa jarak umur di antara suami dan isteri adalah sebanyak sepuluh tahun.

Jadi saya nak kata di sini, tak usahlah pelajar yang form five sibuk nak cari girlfriend form four ataupun sebaya. Kalau nak cari girlfriend di mana? Haaa...di sekolah rendah sana, yang hok berhingus dan berumur kurang sepuluh tahun itulah sebaiknya jodoh kamu!"

I still remember that day when most of us laughed, grinned, blushed and smirked at the same time. Ustaz was giving out a tazkirah on Friday and most of my friends were hit directly at our nose.

Talk about my infatuation towards my senior, Garfield:P

For some reason, that piece of advice is still stuck in my head even after school. So, it was no surprise that ustaz could easily recalled me when we met after ten years. That was during two months of replacing a Math teacher in the same school the ustaz was teaching.

"Kamu tingkatan lima tahun berapa ?" ustaz asked me.

"1999," I replied.

"Tahun tu...hmmm...yang mana?"

"Tahun kami main mercun atas atap asrama, ustaz," I smiled at him.

"Ooohh...tahun kamu tu baik jantan betina nakal semuanya...!" ustaz laughed. I laughed too.

"Tahun ustaz pesan kat budak lelaki suruh cari jodoh kat sekolah rendah," I prompted.

"Hahahahaha...ya...ya...sekarang saya betul-betul ingat! Kuliah Jumaat kan?" Ustaz grinned broadly.

The other teachers looked at us differently. Some who did not favour ustaz were jeering. Some showed their interest. A new replacement teacher was talking to an old ustaz like an old friend.

"Student saya," ustaz said to them proudly. I was proud as well.

"Kamu sudah bernikah?" ustaz asked me.

"Belum lagi, ustaz," I gulped and smiled. Somehow, I was nervous when my own teacher was asking me about marriage.

"Macam mana mengajar?"

I smiled. He immediately understood me.

"Kamu akan cultural shock. Budak-budak ni tak senakal kamu," ustaz said.

"Saya nakal sangatkah?" I asked him.

"Kamu nakal, tapi mereka lebih nakal. Hantu semuanya!" ustaz said. I saw a cane on his table. He never used any when he was teaching us.

"Saya cuba," I said.

"Kamu boleh. Kalau dapat guru sedegil kamu, baru kena buku dengan ruas. Mereka tak kena lagi," said ustaz.

"Insya-Allah," I said before asking for permission to leave.


I saw him running after a student. I heard his loud voice from the higher level of the building.Somehow, ustaz has changed a lot. The normal cool ustaz needed to use his cane to teach a lesson. Something I didn't see when I was his student. He had a tough time during the end of his career.

But he remained strong and principled. He was as fatherly as I could remember. One day, he brought a container of noodles from teachers' feast. Yes, we were not sitting with those qualified teachers. The school put us in a separate room. Ustaz was the only one who bridged the gap.

On my last day, he called me.

"Sini. Kursus perkahwinan," he said.

"Bab perkahwinan ustaz dah ajar tingkatan lima dulu," I teased.

"Tak habis lagi. Sekarang kamu kena belajar sebelum kamu pergi."

"Siapalah nak saya ni ustaz. Entah bila saya nk kahwin!" I grumbled.

"Ada nanti tu," ustaz said stubbornly.

"Confident je ustaz ni," I grinned.

"Kamu tak percaya cakap saya? Saya tahu nanti mesti ada! Tapi kamu kena ingat pesan saya," he said.

"Ustaz masih nak suruh saya cari lelaki lebih tua dari saya?" I asked him.

"Pesan saya pada kamu takkan berubah," he said.

"Tapi mungkin ustaz betul..."

"Apa yang tak betul? Kamu sudah kena?"

"Boyfriend saya masa belajar dulu umurnya muda 10 bulan dari saya. Asyik bergaduh," I told him.

"Mestilah. Dua-dua takkan bersabar," he said.

It was true.

"Bila saya dah kerja, boyfriend saya 7 tahun tua dari saya. Tak gaduh. Cuma tak ada jodoh," I said.

"Tapi hubungan itu mudah?"


"Dia faham kamu, sayang kamu dan tak ada masalah komunikasi? Kamu yang panas baran ya?" he prompted.

"Aik...mana ustaz tahu?" I was surprised.

"Kamu itu anak saya dari berumur 17 tahun. Masakan saya tak tahu kamu. Lagipun itu untungnya bila perempuan lebih muda dari lelaki. Api bukan lawan api," he said coolly.

"Jadi saya percaya teori ustaz. Cuma dah tak ada lelaki tua untuk saya. Semuanya dah jadi laki orang!" I laughed.

He laughed too.

"Jodoh kamu, Shahida. Saya yakin ada di luar sana, cuma kamu yang tak nampak..." he smiled.

"Jadi, ustaz masih nak ajar saya munakahat hari ni?" I asked.

"Ya. Kamu akan guna ini nanti, Shahida. Dengar sini..."

He continued with tips and lesson to me. Personally, I received a lot even though deep in my heart I was still unsure about my future. Marriage is totally out of question right now. It rarely cross my mind. Sometimes I even forget that I am turning thirty and single.

A techer is still a teacher.
He was still teaching though it was no longer his obligation.
He was still confident that I needed munakahat:P

This picture was taken when a stray cat called Putih was flirting with my Fernando. Look at her. An older female cat was giving a seductive look to my young Fernando. Somehow, watching this picture makes me think about a 27 year old Sha with a 24 year old boy. Hmmmm...past experience taught me a lot. Ustaz was right.

Is your partner younger or older than you?


sI tEDI said...

younger! ekekekekke.. kondipen je aku cakap pasal bakal kapel yg tak berapa terang lagi ni!!!

kucing betina berusia mengorat yek? ekekekek

teruja gila dapat jadi orang yg awal mengomen ni!!!

la la la la....

Anonymous said...

kak sha..
kita tk suke couple2 ni n takkn cari wat masa skrg tp kalo boleh one day kita nk suami tua 10 tua dari kita

bru sweet..leh manja2 gittewww

[ o k e d ] said...

currently older than me..spm 1999..n spm oked on 2005..

kak sha: please wish me and him luck!!

get married soon!!hehe

Erna said...

salam sha...zaman sekarang ni..nak dapat tua 10 tahun,memang susah sikit...kalau dapat 5 tahun pun dah o.k..itupun tak tentu bujang..mungkin duda..orang sekarang ramai yang kawin awal...ape yang ustad sha cakap tu betul..tapi beza setahun dua pun o.k..cuma kena ade tolak ansur..kalau dua2 panas memang tak tahan...acik beza umor 2 tahun je..usia perkahwinan pun dah same umor sha...tuhan tau..aturkan jodoh hambanya...kalau sorang agresif..sorang lagi dah tentu sabar...

Kujie said...

suami kak jie hanya tua setahun oppp..kalau ikut bulan hanya 7 bulan

Sha - kak jie tak rancang, masa muda2 dulu kawan2 ada boipren, kak jie cuma ada kawan2 lelaki yg tanpa feeling2 cintan cintun.

tak pernah ada whislist , nak yg itu, nak yg ini

tak ada target - nak kawen thn sekian-sekian

mungkin - kak jie bertemu dengan orang yang tepat pada masa yang tepat - sebab itu mungkin 6 bulan lepas kenal, kami bergelar suami isteri.

bercinta selepas berkahwin

tiap orang jalan hidup, takdir berbeza-beza..

Super HaNa said...

watashi skang sebaya..
dulu...muda dari watashi,
so...dia kurang matang and cepat melenting ,kuat cemburu

\itu yg jadi kes pukul memukul tuh

ashie023 said...

ah...x taulah nak cakap macam betullah, kalu partner yg muda dari kita, slalu gaduh kalu yg tua bleh plak cool...menghormati kot...ahahha

LORD ZARA 札拉 said...

ku dapat 1 Time munakahat dulu~
darjah khas Johor kalau dapat 1 tu sama dengan A1~ hahaha~

tak kawen2 gak daku~

zaradgreat said...

cool nye ustaz tuh!
a teacher always be a teacher. and forever...

Tie said...

Suami kak tie 2 tahun lebih tua... tapi dia nampak lebih matang dan amat penyabar. Mungkin kerana itu hidup kami serasi, alhamdulillah.

Masa kak tie mula2 jumpa dulu, tak terfikir pun kami akan jadi suami isteri. Kak tie berkawan seperti biasa. Tak pernah kata sayang atau cinta... mungkin ada kata2 rindu.. itu je..

Sha... carilah orang yang penyabar dan terima sha seadanya. Kalau orang itu dari awal lagi cuba ubah diri sha, rasa2nya tak sesuailah. Tapi kalau dia tegur kesilapan sha tentunya dia amat mengambilberat tentang sha... Insyaallah.. ada jodohnya nanti. Mungkin dia sedang mencari2 Sha...hehe...

Quiyah & Hasrul said...

sha, u know the answer to that question kan?

He is older than me 11 yrs.. the joke that i used to tell you when we were still in cyber? still circulating around among our relatives.

We ended up in a marriage altho u used to know what he had done to me. It's different now sha, he is my Rock, he helped me going thru the toughest thing in my life, and u also knew what happen during my wedding right?

Sha, its true what ustaz had said, carila yg lebih tua.. and u should maybe apply that munakahat, and istikharah too. I had mine just before i was 100 percent comitted to him, the only person i saw, is the guy that im married to now.

I know the things that happen to u before hurts u more than ever, it left a deep scar, but i know u wont give up. i just want to reiterate what ustaz had told u, Jodoh tu ada, cuma kamu tak nampak.

It will be there, ur time will come, and when that time comes sha, i would be the first one congratulating u and smile proudly as the sha that i used to know would one day tell me, "q, u were right all along".

Until that time comes sha, i will wait patiently for it to happen.

Cik Qemm said...

hehe seronok nye ustaz still knal kak sha.

hmm kenapa ek sebaya tak sesuai.aduh takut dgr sebab bf qemmal sebaya.and i do hope our relationship end sampai bila2.amin.

tapi apa2 pun, good luck ye kak sha.semua kat cni doakan akak :)

p/s:pernah belajar munakahat dulu masa degree.suke je pegy kuliah :P

Zayani said...

munakahat tu ape ye kak??

Cik Biol said...

ouch aku belum ada partner hehe

lupekanje said...

keep on learning my dear... the time will come... InsyaAllah..

being a wife is not as simple as ABC.

Cik Cookie said...

dulu bab cr jodoh ustaz Cik Cookie selalu pesan

Cik Cookie said...

dulu bab cr jodoh ustaz Cik Cookie selalu pesan

~Kak AZZ~ said...

akak ni jenis kena cari yg sejuk sikit.....sejuk sangatpun taknak gak...takut nnt membeku sepanjang zaman.....hehehe....

*ikut ketentuan DIA je....muda or tua, kalau dh itu jodoh yg ditentukan, terima dan redha seadanya....

tp hati skang masih lg membeku tahap air batu...huhu...

Ries Lee said...

selalu jugak dgr teori macam tu.
tapi bagi saya faktor umur bukan penghalang.
saya kalau dapat yg older pun tak kisah kalau dah ditakdirkan.

manje said...

sebaya sis!

intanurulfateha (◡‿◡✿) said...

.kite prefer yg tua
.x mo yg muda atau sebaya
.tp klu da jodoh, terime je lerr

.lame x msuk sini
.bz sket
.sori sis! :(

a kl citizen said...

assalammualaikum sha

saya doakan sha dapat suami yang soleh, tak kiralah tua atau muda dari sha, bujang atau suami orang...

asalkan dengan bersamanya, kebahagiaan dunia dan akhirat nanti boleh sha miliki. ameen. ameen. ameen.


sya said...

lebih tua..
tapi setahun je..

ikut citarasa masing2 kan?
kadang2, yang jauh lebih tua tak semestinya lebih matured daripada kita.. silap2, kita yang nampak lebih tua dari dia.. hahaha

ashley said...

That ustaz umurnya kok berapa tahun pula?
sepuluh tahun lebih tua?
he he he
lain macam tak soklan akak!!!

a.z.r.i.n.a.03.07 said...

kalau umur bezanya bertahun2 tapi perangai tak sama dengan usia pun tak guna juga...

yang penting cari yang matang akal dan fikiran dalam membuat apa-apa keputusan..

kRina dgn hby beza setahun jer tp ikut bulan 7 bulan ..

Lan Bingka said...

muda 7 tahun..;)

Dee said...

mine? same age..same month..susah gak kdg2..but when we learn to accept his/her 'kelebihan n kekurangan'..insyaAllah..jodoh boleh berpanjangan..give n take too yeah..

~Cinta Cukulet~ said...

belum ada lagi, tapi kalau boleh nak yg lebih tua..err tapi bukan orang tua..muahaha :P

xiiinam said...

Sekadar mahu menitip pesan..

"Salam Sayonara!"