Monday, December 07, 2009

sha: oranges and...a boyfriend

As a child, I had this tendency of vommitting everytime ayah drove at the hilly side. Talk about the times when he had to stop driving because I wanted to throw up or when he had to throw a plastic bag which was full of my puke. Talk about the amount of oranges I had to eat and smell throughout family vacations.

Kuala Pilah and Jelebu were not my favourite destination. Cameron Highland was great and my parents had to travel at night to make sure I was sleeping. I vomitted several times from Seremban to Kangar when I was visting my aunt. The Boks were talking about it, I was hurt but I just couldn't control the content of my stomach. Too bad.

Everyone was wondering where my future husband will come from, considering I always have problems during travelling. Guess what? I'm still wondering until today;P

During my final semester in UNITEN, I was required to attend a class in a week at a place called Bandar Muadzam Shah in Pahang. The journey was horrendous; considering that I had to take two buses just to attend a class in a week. Dr. Nasir, my lecturer, had always wondered why I had to travel.

The answer was easy: I would go home during weekends when I was studying in Bangi. So, my final semester with one class a week in Bandar Muadzam Shah would never going to change me. I still went back to Seremban to see my parents.

So, after finishing my class, I would hop into the old blue bus called Bas Mara from Bandar Muadzam Shah to a small town called Bahau. The journey was intresting, with the smell of rubber scrapes and people from the estates. The sound of the screw creaking was my music. The scenery was dark and green, depending whether I passed the palm oil or rubber plantation. It was hot and smelly for at least two and half hours so I had to munch and inhaled at least three oranges.

After I got down from the Bas Mara, I would hop into a Transnasional bus to take a journey from Bahau to Seremban. It would take approximately one hour and I loved the journey a lot! I always love the kampong side and Negeri Sembilan traditional houses, so that journey was a sight-seeing at the same time. However, bear in mind that I had to pass Bukit Putus. Therefore, I had to close my eyes while munching and inhaling on more oranges.

The moment I saw the old clock at the Seremban Commuter Station was the time I had to get down. Then I bought a ticket to KL Sentral and endured a train journey. I did not take oranges anymore at that moment as I was nearly exhausted. I couldn't stomach any food and I would doze of easily with sour smell in my mouth.

Once I reached KL Sentral, I would immediately catched an LRT to KLCC. I was fortunate, considering that journeying via Putra was not that long. The journey was dark with only few stops. But, by the time I was in the train it would be 5.00 p.m so I had to stand up with my red Tropicana knapsack which kept my cloth and my heavy hard cover books in my arms.

"KLCC" - the digital voice announced. I stepped into the luxurious, branded sections. But that was not my destination. My oranges were in my bags but I didn't have to eat it anymore. I washed my mouth and walked straight passed the places I wanted to be to one place I had to be: the seat in front of the mosque at 5.30pm.

I made it.

There he was, smiling while he greeted me. He always had this tired face because he was walking from the building nearby. He just got back from work. Though I was the one who was tired, I couldn't show it.

Talk about a man who just got back from work.

We went to the mosque and we ate the dinner I bought. Then we talked and walked before I had to go home to Seremban at 8.00p.m after Maghrib.

I had to take the Putra before the transit in KL Sentral. It was the peak hours because people were busy travelling from work, so I had to stand at least until I reached UKM station. By the time I reached Seremban it would be 10p.m and my cab would be waiting for me to go home.

At the end of the day, I would be too tired. Most of the time, by the time I reached home, I would throw away the content of my stomach into the toilet bowl.

Muadzam Shah - Bahau - Seremban - KL Sentral - KLCC

Two buses.
A train.
Putra LRT.

For the sake of our relationship.

I did it every week for at least three months.
Without fail.

I thought I was in love.


I didn't know why he was so sensitive. I was busy with my study and I thought that as someone who further his study as well, he would understand my condition. But he was not. He insisted on meetings, and when I could, he cancelled it the last minute. When I said I couldn't, he would sulk the whole day.

One day, we fought and I got ill. It would be three more days before my final exam, so I switched off my handphone and rested.

The next day, I switched on my handphone and we broke into a fight again. This time, he called the relationship off.

Talk about pain.
Talk about anger.

I was 22 years old and there was one thing I regretted the most:

Why didn't I broke the relationship before he did? He managed to do it before me so it looked like he was the one who dumped me. On the eve of my final exam in my final semester which was going to determine my future.

While I was the one who got mad at him.
While I was the one who got tired of sacrificing.
Talk about a day journey every week in order to eat dinner with my own boyfriend.
Who was supposed to get angry?

The day after, I took the journey to Bandar Muadzam Shah with puffy eyes and lots of oranges. I vommitted a lot - with two plastic bags full of puke. I was sick and I had to sit for my final exam after a day of breaking up.

With the sour taste in my mouth, I did it.

One fine day, I got to listen to the real story from one of his friends who was also my friend. Our college love was over because he met somebody else. He was from Terengganu and he met someone from Terengganu too. He loved the similarities he could find in both of them and he disliked the differences he could find in both of us.

Well, I was happy that our relationship ended.
I was not happy with him for several reasons.
Imagine having a boyfriend who was so embarassed of a girlfriend who spoke in English to help a tourist. Too bad, I didn't get the chance to dump him first.

That was my only regret.

Did I regret my journey?
No, I didn't.
I had lots of oranges and I learned a lot while munching and smelling it.
Vitamin C was good for me.
It gave me an A for Islamic Banking and Specialised Taxataion.
Thank you, Mr Cruella:)

Too bad he didn't appreciate the oranges.
Good that I didn't have to prepare the oranges to travel to Kuala Terengganu.

Because someone else did. I had to prepare oranges again.

Hari ini kita berpisah,
Hari esok?
Cari boyfriend lainlah!!!

I'll tell you about that tomorrow, folks!

Good day:)


Cik Qemm said...

hehe cari boyfriend baru lah!

mase kecik2 dulu slalu gak rasa tak sedap bdn bila long pejam mata,tdo. solution yg mudah. yg susah bila mata tak mahu tdo :)

hmm die tak nmpk ur sacrifice tu. sebab kalau die nampak,he'll appreciate kak sha.

tapi setiap yg terjadi ada hikmah. gamaknya kalau kak sha still dgn dia, sampai ke sudah la akak je yg kena berkorban ek.

ni dah dpt boyfriend baru ke? :D

sI tEDI said...

orang dah tak sudi .. good bye sajalah
nanti kita pula di cop
hidung tak mancung.. pipi tersorong-sorong!!

sokong!!cari je yg lain!

Pocket said...

wah! CIkQemm n SiTedi diatas komen saying 'cari lain jer lah...'
i would like to be the opposition,
but since me too think the same then i dont have much choice other then to agree wit them.

I always counterattack the saying..
'bunga bukan sekuntum,
kumbang bukan se ekor'

with my bullet of..
'yg nama sha tu sorang jer,
yg makan banyak oren tu sorang jer,'

but for this one sis...
'u dont need the kumbang that doesnt appreciate u like u should be. and to hell with him who are still low level minded till cant even understand the effort u took'

your post make me wanna rewind this old tape inside my head, looking for anybody who did anything for me recently.
and to call him or her and say ...
'thanks.. '

i kinda realized it now that someone tried to be awake at 7 just to wait for my sms. She may be not, but she may be is... will call her tomorrow :D

mier@merr said...

cari laen!! sokong mereka2 di atas...hehe....

cari yg lebih taw mnghargai kite...
yang menerima kita seadanya kita...
yang xkisah even jln ngn kita yg kdg2 pakaian cm makcik2...
yg xkesah jerawat setepek kt idung sbb nga period...
yg menganggap kita unik coz adalah kita....

u deserved better..since u haven't meet the best..
insyaAllah..akn ada nnti....

sy pnah dpt yg the best..yg anggap sy unik..hanya ada satu nurul amira yang macam sy... tp lepaskan... so ..skng tataw la yg ade ni cume good... better..or as best as 'him'....


zino said...

telah di takdirkan bukan jodoh.. inshaallah akan diganti dengan yg lebih baik lebih hensem lebih bertanggungjawab lebih penyayang ...

LORD ZARA 札拉 said...


i'm waiting kak~~

ween said...

kak Sha sampai sekarang masih vomit every time u travel? herm, I'm proud of u sis. u r very smart n strong :)

~0~ said...

nanti akan dapat yg lagi baik..

Super Nia said...

cari laennn!!
padahal dalam tempoh kecewa tu rasa mcm nk bunuh je semua lelaki durjana

*watashi pun camtuu
sabarr je lahh

a.z.r.i.n.a.03.07 said...

jodoh akan datang jika dicari dan silalah cari jodoh itu ye... hehe..
gurau je yer...

sepatutnya begini..kalau ada jodoh adalah Sha..

mcm kRina ni pon ..after 5 years sangka kawen dengan lelaki t**t itu ..mcm lah nak rak berkawan.. end up with broke-up juga..

rupa2nya jodoh tu dengan hby kRina ni...kuasa Allah kan..kita tak tahu..

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

amy pulak yg rasa emo terlebih skang ni. bukan nak kata apa, once kita berkorban, diorang tak noticed pun. penat lelah nak g jumpa tuh satu pengorbanan yg besar okeyh... kak sha, don't worry. there's must be someone who will appreciate you more.

amy pun ada kisah gak masa study dulu. kita punya lah pulun tolong dia sampai dia betul2 dapat degree. but akhirnya, broke up jugak.. :(

sueanne said...

salam sha..dah lame tak tinggalkan jejak kt sini..sorry ehh..kebusian n keserabutan sikit..hehehe

ermm..sue pn slalu vomit klu balik kelate kecik2 dulu..siap ayah sue beli ubat mabuk lagi tuk sue..hehehe..skang ni pun sama gak..mmg tak leh nk hilang..xkisahlah kete ke, komuter ke, bus ke, lrt ke..sama je..mesti pening thp gaban la..hehehe

smoga sha dpt menemui cinta sejati sha sendiri..heeee..

Anonymous said...

damn! aku sedih baca entri ni

~LP Lum~ said...

kak sha.. entry kali nie btl2 "membuka mata" sy.. :)

bukan snang nak cri yg len jka tie dah "trsngkut" pd yg 1.. ;p
tp itu bukan alsan tuk terus mnjd "hmba" prsaan andainye c dia xhrgai kite lnsung.. ;)

kite pun ada hak tuk idup lbh baik n jumpa ngan sum1 yg lebih baik dr org yg xtau lgsung nak hrgai kite..

julietchun said...

tak makan ubat tahan muntah? tak dpt bygkan betapa sha terpaksa lalui perjalanan yg panjang utk jumpa dia yg tak pandai menghargai. jom minum fresh oren tanpa gula, sedap :D

nURmALa mAZLan said...

sha, cari lain la sha..
sha cantik, pandai, bijak...
nnt sha nak sambung belajar mesti ada sesorg utk sha

dotblogspotdotkom said...

moral of da stroy... cari le pakcik... sebagai boipren baru kamu..huhuhuhu

Dee said...

amboi pakcik dot..kemain lg..nti ur luv marah baru tau..

sha..dia mmg x nmpk pengorbanan sha..n dia nk sha je berkorban..sama je mcm kwn2 lain..cari new boyfren yg lg ensem n lg menghargai..

erk..pocket tu ensem x? wakaka..pocket jgn marah..gurau je..

ashie023 said...

setujuuuu..carik yang lain..<-tetiba..ahaha

"Too bad, I didn't get the chance to dump him first."
tulah...dah x sudah2 dier yang putuskan hubungan dolu, menyesal nih...sebab kita bengang ngan dier dolu...uhhh..

org Terengganu?agaga..

carik jelah yg lain..jodoh dan ajal ditangan Tuhan..

Cik Cookie said...

rs nih entry paling best yg Cik Cookie pernah bc kat blog Sha.
Cik Cookie pernah alamai situasi yg sama bezanya CC xmuntah.lalalala
Travelling dr Perak Ke Kelantan sebab nak makan tghr ngn dia pd hr Cik Cookie sampai.
2mnggu sekali mesti balik.
lama2 bosan sebab rutin yg sm Cik Cookie buat.
and paling teruk CC tinggalkan dia.
menyesal sgt.
dia baik sgt.

Anonymous said...

Allah akan beri apa yang terbaik utk kita. Banyakkan berdoa dan redha dengan ketentuanNya.
Akak klu jalan jauh mesti tidur...takut muntah

Ries Lee said...

kumbang bukan sekor kak...

joegrimjow said...

baru ingat nak baca kisah yg satu tu

Anonymous said...
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~Cinta Cukulet~ said...

pinggan tak retak nasik pun tak dingin, orang tak hendak, kita pun tak ingin..kann kak huhu...

~Kak AZZ~ said...

patah tumbuh hilang berganti....tapi yang tumbuh tu tak akan pernah sama dgn yang patah tu....

my travel dulu2...

Bus Stand Larkin JB - Puduraya - Pekeliling - Bentong - Raub - Rumah.....

*Bnyk kali berdiri dalam bas dr Pekeliling - Raub... Begitu jugak berdiri dalam keretapi dari JB - kwsn Pahang....sampaikan terpaksa bentang suratkhabar duduk atas lantai tmpat laluan tu...huhuhu...

*semua dah tinggal kenangan...

xiiinam said...

Semoga jodoh yang telah ditentukan Nya itu segera muncul....Amiiin!

sya said...

kadang2, berpisah tu lebih baik..
dari pada memeningkan kepala, kan?