Friday, July 31, 2009

sha in love: crying over camellia

Rust Camellia, originally uploaded by syam C.

"Camelia maafkanlah aku
Karena ku tak bisa temani tidurmu..."
Sha is thinking: So Camellia nieh tido ngan hero nieh ke? Kenape die nak mintak maaf plak sebab tak boleh menemankan si Camellia nieh?

"Camelia lupakanlah aku
Jangan pernah lagi kau temui aku..."
Sha is thinking: Uishh...straight forward je cakap lupe dan jangan jumpa....but why....?!!!

"Kau wanita terhebat
Yang pernah singgah di hatiku..."
Sha thinking: kenape the word "singgah" tuh ade? Macam temporary je kan?

"Kau wanita yang tegar
Aku mohon lupakan aku..."
Sha is thinking: Mohon lupakan aku nieh macam bunyi sedih sikit...but why kan? Adoiii...cepatlah lagu nieh abeh...aku nak tau story nieh!

"Sudahlah jangan menangis lagi
Ku rasa cukup sampai di sini
Mungkin di suatu saat nanti
Kau temui cinta yang sejati..."
Sha thinking: Suara penyanyi nieh penyek giler....Sixth Sense ke? Macam best gak penyek2 skang aku terpikir...which one is Camellia...penyanyi nieh ke or org len? Sbb suara tak brape macho...huhuhu....

" Sudah cepat lupakanlah aku
Jangan pernah ungkit masa lalu
Ku takut kekasihku pun tahu
Kau pernah menjadi simpananku..."
Sha is thinking: Hampeh...!!! Bedebah tul lelaki nieh....penakut rupenye! Tak pasal2 je Camellia yg menanggung kesedihan. Alamak..kesiannye Camellia nieh...perempuan simpanan je? Now dah jadi habis madu sepah dibuang?


Kau wanita terhebat
Yang pernah singgah di hatiku..."|
Sha is thinking: Eh...podahlah! Tadi suruh org lupakan and so on...skang nak kate org hebat pulak....podah...syohhh....syohhhh...!!!!

Aku dok dengar lagu nieh...dah dua tiga kali dah. Aku ingat lagu Sixth Sense tp rupenye lagu Irwansyah. Hampeh tul...aku tak pernah suke lagu dia nieh. Layan gak laaa....boleh tahan....

Sambil layan, aku browse gambo bunga camellia nieh kat flickr...jumpe yg rusty sket....baru kena ngan mood:)

Statement: Apasal la Nurshahida plak yg nangeh pasal lagu Camellia nieh ek? Hmmm...musykil.....

Sudahlah jangan menangis lagi..huhuhuhu....aku emo!!!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

sha: bride and pengkudis

Emma, originally uploaded by Ragazza*.

I have a story to tell you. (English again? Aahhh...gasaklah!)

There was one girl in school who was unsure of herself.
She was never popular as she was not pretty.
At school, she was "just another girl".
If it was not because of her smart brain, she won't win any prizes in any competition at all.

Despite that, she had number of friends - boys and girls.
She was talkative and cheerful enough to be someone's best friend.
So, she was not that bad after all....

There was a boy among all her friends.
He was quiet, unpopular and nice to look at.
But he was kind and smart and very understanding.
The boy and the girl were friends since they were small.
They went to the same school - from kindergarten to primary school and even to the secondary school.
They rode the same bus, ate together and even went back to their hostel together.

Since they were close, their parents became close too.
The girl was close the boy's mother and so did the boy.
The girl was the boy's father favourite and so did the boy.

Unfortunately, they went separate ways when they got the offer to colleges.
The girl went to the north and the boy went to the south.
However, since they were used to each other, they still contact each other.
They met each other during semester break, checked out on messenger when there was any free time and called each other when there was money.

And they dated each other once.

As time went by, both the girl and the boy got busy.
Every time the girl went back to her hometown, she met the boy's mother.
And every time the boy went back to his hometown, he met her grandfather.
They never met each other since final year and it dragged until they finished their studies.

One day, the girl got a message from the boy - the boy asked her to call him.
She was busy so she did not call him at all.

After few months, the boy graduated.
The girl went online and saw a picture of him and the girlfriend - they graduated together.
She smiled and she wished him congratulations.
He did not reply.

Few years later, the girl went back to her hometown.
She was told that she received an invitation.
It was from the boy's mother - asking the girl to come to the boy's wedding.
She went to the wedding and she saw the boy with his wife.

She smiled to the wife but the wife did not smile back.

Then, she met the boy's mother.
The boy's mother hugged her and kissed her.
The girl thought the boy's mother was crying but she did not bother to ask.

Then, the boy's father asked the girl's mother about the girl.
The girl then met the boy's father.
The boy's father asked the girl to meet the boy.
The girl did not meet the boy.
The girl went back without any feeling.
The girl was happy because the boy was finally married.

A year after the wedding...

The girl's mother went to the hospital.
She met the boy's mother who was working there.
The girl's mother asked about the boy.
And the boy's mother answered:
"If only I ask for your daughter's hand. I wish she is my daughter in-law instead!"

But the girl's mother was so smart...
She said, "This is among the children. Let them settle it."

When the girl's mother got home, she told the girl about the boy's mother.
The girl smiled and said, " Mum, u've been brilliant."

Question: Whose mother is that?

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

sha in love: terlanjur cinta

I accidentally marked this song as my caller ring tone song.

It started like this:
I received quite a lot of points from Maxis last month. I was thinking about changing my caller ring tone. (since I can redeem the song from my points!) I wanted the song to be be from Ayat-Ayat Cinta to Terlalu Cinta. Kononnya! (what difference does it make though kan? Both are still from the same singer, Rossa).

I was careless. I saw "Ter" and "Cinta" and accidentally marked "Terlanjur Cinta" instead of "Terlalu Cinta." I put the blame on myself because after spending 6 years in primary school and 5 years in secondary school with Bahasa Melayu as a compulsory subject, I should've known how to read the word LALU and LANJUR. Kan?~!

Since I'm not the type of person who likes the feeling of regret, I checked on the song through YouTube. Co-incidentally, my Adik downloaded the song & shared the song with me. Hehehe...I'm glad to say now that I love to hear my own caller ring tone! Yeayy...nice song...nyum..nyuuuuummmm...

I used to put lyrics in this blog. But as years gone by, I found my act was useless, so I transferred all the lyrics into another blog (which I poorly maintain). However, today I would like to focus on Terlanjur Cinta's lyrics. It sounds like this:

Kini terlambat sudah untuk dipersalahkan
Karna sekali cinta
Karna sekali cinta aku tetap cinta

Terlanjur Cinta means you accidentally fall in love with someone. In this phrase it has stated, if you ever fall in love with that person, you can't blame anyone and you can't blame yourself. Betul ke?

Question: What if the person is someone impossible?

Jeng....jeng.....enjoy the life cool:)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

finding orkid: my inspiration

White Orchid - orchid-01, originally uploaded by Bahman Farzad.

I always love weird stuff, weird names, weird pronounciation. It might be lunatic to some of the human beings in the planet - I mean, not everyone will love to laugh at weird names, right? But I do. I even laughed at mine once. I laughed at my father's in front of him because it sounds too Javanese to me. (told him I wish that his name will be a bit glamorous so that I will sound "more glamorous") . He told me then, "Kakak...from one long list of names, how did you managed to find your name?"

I answered, "Cari nama ayah." (by finding your (my father) name)

And since then, I truly appreciate the uniqueness that my late grandfather has ever given to my beloved father.

Then, I laughed at my mum's name. Her name symbolizes 2 meanings, depending which Arabic character you put in front of her name. Zakiah - either it is "the bright/smart one" or "the clean/pure one". I laughed at the second part, of course. As a working mum, she doesn't have that much of time to clean the house:)

I laughed at my brother's because he never uses his name. My mum used to tell me Ian Rush has got something to do with his name. She loves him so much (as a Liverpool football player) until she couldn't grasp other name for my brother. As I mentioned earlier, my brother never uses his name - for some reason he was given a nickname "Atan" - a typical Negeri Sembilan nick name by my grandmother since birth. So, my mum's hope of calling him Ian - a so-called Westerner name was demolished - he was called Atan - an ancient name used since God knows when.

Being a single person never stops me from thinking about a name which I might give to my own children one day. I take this post as a prayer, hoping that one day my dream of having my own children will succeed. I desperately wanted to preserve my parents' ambition of naming me "Yasmin" when I was small. They wanted to name me after a flower.

But Yasmin is too common for me. I want something different....extraordinary. Therefore, after watching "Sepet" - a film by Yasmin Ahmad, I have decided to name my child (insyaAllah) - Orkid which is also my favourite flower:)

Sepet was an inspiration - a name which I called my ex-boyfriend.
Orkid is a destination - I'm praying hard for this.
Yasmin was supposed to be my name but I was inspired by someone named Yasmin instead.

Al-Fatihah to Yasmin Ahmad. A filmmaker and my inspiration:)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

sha: the topshop's a story

I have been telling him to bring his girlfriend along. To make it threesome so that it would be more intresting. To have her participation while we were doing it. To have her willingness to comply and oblige. To show his dominance and my submission. To show both of us...WHO'S THE BOSS.

She didn't come. But work must be done. We need to be satisfied. We need to find different locations, so that we will know EXACTLY the right spot to do it. We have to look at different angles, check on the availability and ensure that no one will question our actions.

He didn't want her to be around. So he got stuck with me. Damn, he was stubborn as hell...But we enjoyed every moment of it. He was careful, serious and focused on it...until...

That nice 3 Doors Down's Here Without You which usually nice became annoying to my ears:

His expression tensed. He looked at me with uncertain eyes. Then he put down the phone with a solemn face.

She was jealous. With me.Huuuuuhhh....!!!

We continued what we did, but he was not the same anymore. No more focus. No more passion. No more energy. Arghhh...

I asked him to relax and savour the moment. This was it. The final action...

Then I heard the song again. So I left him. My eyes blurred with fury. I walked away as soon as he put his head in his hands. My head swelled with madness. All I could see was polka dot briefs, lacy thongs, all-English cotton undies...hmmmm...

The purple heart shape sexy undies was really good. But it was too frilly.'t wear that. So, I took the simplest that I could find. Hmmmm...I was content as hell:)

"Thanks, Miss. Do visit us again in Topshop." The cute guy smiled at me.

Huuuhh...I just purchased 2 undies from Topshop without me realising it. Thanks my dear friend...I did that so that u will have more privacy quarelling with that stupid girlfriend of yours who was supposed to be more understanding!

Moral of the story: If u can't stand jealousy, get a jobless boyfriend. That way he doesn't have to go out with his colleague to do HIS WORK. Crying out loud..we were surveying lanes for bowling tournament!

The girl should be thankful. I did not put those lacy stuff into use that day. I was being professional! Sensible! And smarter than her, of course!

Asked him: Berapa umo dia?
He answered: 27 this year.

I hate a person without faith and I hate assumptions! She's my age and she can't think clearly...

I "wasted" almost RM50 to get away from HER boyfriend so that she could have her way.

At least, thank me for that kan?~!

Monday, July 20, 2009

sha: purple orchid can be poisonous

Purple Orchid, originally uploaded by Accretion Point.

Tidak mengupdate blog sekian lame. Told my brother (just a brother) that I'm lost of words after eating too much of my favourite food, yakitori.

Yesterday I went out with friends after a long while. I feel alive again after such a long time cramping myself at a small, full of files and papers work desk. No complains though, cuz I love what I'm doing.

Has it occurs to any of u why I love orchids so much? Orchids are rare, I tell u. U might have the same colour and texture of roses but it is not easy to find 2 similar orchids. It's hard to take care of an orchid plant cuz it requires lots of attention too. And mind u, you won't need soil for orchids, u will be needing rocks:)

And what's so different about a purple orchid? Because it's purple. And there are several shades of purple orchids. It's hard to find purple roses but u can easily find a purple orchid:)

Though purple orchids are easy to find compared to purple roses, there are very few people who will take purple orchid home. Less people make it as decoration. And only the special ones will give it to their partners during Valentine's.

Few people view orchid as a beauty. Less people see it as a glory. Some thought it is poisonous too. Purple might be a yucky colour for some, and lack of petals is not beautiful. Sad to mention, orchids are not used to scent anything:)

So, purple orchids seldom rest in any man's arms. Cuz it has less romantic appeal. Purple orchids will be an addition to a bouquet of roses. Yet, it brings the glow. It has the strength as it stays long. And...a good choice for mothers on Mother's Day.

I have a suggestion for u: How about giving a purple orchid on Friendship Day? I bet the orchid will be blessed:)

Let's celebrate friendship. Forget the poison:)