Saturday, January 23, 2010

sha: chubby

Are you chubby?


Are you fat?

Chubby or fat - people associated this with negativity. I was chubby since I was small. I mean, yes...there were times when I was 48 kg. But there were times when I was more than that.

My late grandfather from my mum's side was fat. We called him Atok Gomok.

My grandmother from my father's side is fat. I called him Wan Wok.

Relatives from both sides came in different shapes and sizes.

Yet, I received this comment from both sides.

"Kakak tembam ikut Atok Gomok dia. Lagipun adik-beradik ibu dia ada yang size besar macam....toott...tottt..toooott..." (lets censor the name because I don't want anyone to be sensitive over here)


"Kau ni dah gomok macam Mak L*** kau. Belah ayah kau memang badan besar-besar...bla....bla...bla...." (I'm censoring again)


Let's just say that those statements stuck in my head since I was so small. Yes, fatness or chubbiness was not relevant to prettiness. But, why did people relate that to either ibu's or ayah's side. Both are my parents!

I was demotivated.
I was humiliated.
I was hurt.

But then, I grew up remembering this statement too.

"Mano keledek atok tadi?"

Hmmmm....comforting smooth statement from my Atok Gomok.

The scar is still there. I mean, when I keep on comparing my physical coordination and appearance with both families, of course I will hate to look at the mirror.

But then again, this has been the issue for several years.

Twenty eight years ago, the lady with a fat father and the man with a fat mother got married. They produced a baby girl nine months later followed with three sons in years after.

Happy Anniversary to ibu dan ayah.

Thanks for bringing this chubby sweet keledek into this world. A combination from BOTH sides.

Her name is Sha.

28 years...I should heal.

Friday, January 22, 2010

sha: cuuuuweeeeettttnyeeeeee!!!!

japanese sakura sweet
Originally uploaded by anzyAprico
Friday is my baju kurung day.

It is like an instruction from ibu - advising me to respect the leader of the days by wearing something decent and traditional. I mean, regardless the nature of work, ibu showed the importance of how my late grandmother used to wear baju kurung for every chores regardless whether it was tough or delicate.

She stressed out the matter on how she coached a hockey team with a baju kurung. A teacher dress code, she said.

I'm not a teacher now. I'm not doing chores like my late grandmother.My only concern is traveling. So, pants would definitely be my top choice of clothing.

I used to break the taboo when I was working for the milk factory by wearing jeans on Friday. I guess the old say was true - if you don't ollow what your ibu is saying, then something will happen to you. It was entirely true. That was one of the biggest mistake in my life - though I am proud to say that the hardship is bringing me to where I am right now.

So, no more breaking taboos.

I am wearing a fuschia baju kurung today. The outfit was chosen by ibu yesterday while I was contemplating in front of the cupboard. No more jeers from a boss who used to say that I'm wearing "baju raya" to work. Goodbye, spirit demolisher. My current boss seems to care more on important stuff.

And that's what I like about my life now.

As I stood up in the LRT this morning, my gaze met a cute guy in front of me. He was reading business review. His outfit was awesome, his style was gracious and his face was stern and firm. If I knew him I would definitely asked him out. That cute face will definitely nice to look at across a lunch table. Hehehehe. I would certainly want to see him in jeans:P

That was when I realised he was looking at me. And he said,

"Duduklah," while giving me his seat.

"Errrr...takpe," I replied shyly.

"Takpe. Duduklah. Awak pakai baju kurung. Kena berdiri dan takde tempat nak pegang. Kalau jatuh, susah nanti," he replied.

I nodded with my blushed face and took his seat. I realised he had more stuff in his hand but he was playing gentleman. He gave his seat to me and he made sure the lady in front of him managed to hold on something.


That handsome face meant for something.

Today is Friday.

It's my baju kurung day.

It's a good day for prayer.

Today, I pray that the sweet guy who gave me his seat this morning a blissful life with a loving wife and bright kids.



Wednesday, January 20, 2010

sha: celaka!

Golden monkey
Originally uploaded by floridapfe
Last week, I went to Zoo Negara with my best friend. We had so much fun bringing her niece, Mia. I mean, when was the last time you went to the zoo, fellas? At least, as an adult? If you're married, when was the last time you went there as a single? * wink wink *

When I was small, Zoo Negara appeared as a super-duper huge place for me. I didn't realise how much trouble my brother and I had created to our parents:P

Now that I know how it feels like to bring small kids to the zoo, I would love to thank ibu and ayah for such patience. Mia was wonderful - the only thing we had to do was to carry her when she was tired. She ran and she asked questions and her eyes were focusing on the animal. Good girl. Mak Sha was so proud of you Mia:)

It was hard to answer Mia when we saw a big monkey in a cage because Mia asked us, "Mak Sha, what is the monkey doing?"

I looked at the monkey and I saw the monkey scratching his huge hairy *alls. Hehehehehehe...

"He is scratching his back, Mia," I answered. Of course I won't mention the word *alls. Hehehe.

The three-year old nodded. Luckily she didn't asked that much.


It was a very hectic Monday. Massive traffic jam from Seremban to KL was expected - though I left home exactly at 6.30 a.m.

I prepared a pouch of shilling amounted RM1.60 from Central Market to KLCC. My plan was to use the machine since it was faster, but there were 2 machines which were out of service.

So, I had to que at the counter.

There, I saw it.

A huge "monkey" with sour face early in the morning. His hair was awful blond, spiky and not fashionable. His skin was tanned - a dark colour for someone who I shamefully describe as a Malay.

I handed over the shillings carefully to "it".

He said, "Hey...kenapa tak pakai machine?"

His intonation was ladylike.

I replied, " Dua machine rosak tu."

" Saya tak rasa machine rosak. Saja je," he pursed his lips.

"Sorilah, "I said. Though in my heart I was angry because he was supposed to accept his job as it is.

"Memang tau customer ni...bla...bla...bla...."


I kept my silent while he counted the shillings. Then I firmly replied,


Masya-Allah. The monkey had *alls. But how about the creature who just provided me the worst customer service in my life?

Monday, January 18, 2010

sha: choices

flower power
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" Hey ladies sekarang cinta pakai otak
Jangan mau rugi hati dan juga rugi waktu
Bila dia merayumu ingat semuanya bohong..."

I'm trying to make a comeback, but it is not the same as having your own line. I mean, blogging from the office is definitely not me; considering that I hate people interrupting my privacy.

Furthermore, I would like to think that I love to spend my quality time in the office doing work - as I would prefer to sleep soundly at home:)

Getting paid for how much I am supposed to earn is my high priority.

But this question raised in my head while I was doing some chores just now:

If I have a choice, would I settle for a handsome boyfriend or a smart one?

This is because recently I noticed that people will ask this:

"Boyfriend kau handsome tak?"

rather than

"Boyfriend kau pandai tak?"

Hmmmm...Sha has lots of boyfriends. Now she is thinking, "Which one?" Hahahahaha...just kidding!:P

How handsome is handsome to you?
How smart is smart?

Hmm...I'm still thinking...fellas...

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

sha: casual replies

Originally uploaded by margolove

Blogger Lan Bingka said...
hai sha.. selamat tahun baru..
all the best utk tahun 2010 ni..;)

--> Hai Lan...Selamat Tahun Baru jugak...jangan lupa jemput Sha datang kenduri! All the best to you too:)

Blogger kakchik said...
salam sha,
patutlah dah agak lama blog sha ni dok berhibernasi.
sha pindah rumah rupanya.
semoga hidup sha akan kembali stabil dan sha boleh kembali blogging seperti biasa.
slmt thn baru.
---> Terima Kasih Kak Chik! Pindah rumah dan pindah macam2 lagi. Jadi macam2 halangan nak blogging sekarang nieh. Harapnya settlelah nanti segala urusan Sha. Insya-Allah. Tak sabar jugak nak melawat blog Kak Chik macam dulu. Mesti macam2 Sha dan missed:(

Blogger Dee said...
rindunya kt sha..smlm kak dee jenguk2..still new n3..xpelah..stabil ur life first..then bila ada masa..jgn lupa blogging balik ye..

---> Rindu anda jugak!!! Memang...rasa macam blog nieh dah berhabuk. Rindu nak tgk blog nieh hari2 macam dulu. And rindu nak spend time baca blog org lain macam dulu. Takkan lupa blogging nyeee...insya-Allah:)

Blogger Dee said...
sorry..ayat atas tu typo error..still no new n3..
---> Sha pon selalu macam tuh...hehehehe:)

Blogger Tie said...
Belum settle lagi ke Sha ? Nanti cerita laa...
---> Belum lagi, Kak Tie. Pindah rumah tu, dahlah. Tapi nak mengemas, nak buat macam2 lagi kat umah nieh. Streamyx ngan Astro pon kami belum transfer. Kebetulan Sha (sorang, bukan family) akan berpindah lagi sekali. Mungkin dalam bulan depan;)

Blogger google said...
huhuhu... nanti pakcik dtg bawak rombongan utk membuat rampasan blog dan hatimu... huhuhu memang tak menahan....

selesaikan dolu urusan penting kamu tu.. blogging nih sampingan je...

kamu tak jengah kat tempat pakcik.. maksudnye kamu tak apdet blog la tu.... bz kan.. no problemo fren....
---> thanks sebab memahami ye pakcik...tak dapatlah Sha sengih sorang2 kali nieh. Dulu hari2 dok menggelakkan perkataan "maklong" kat blog pakcik tuh. Bila nak tgk lagi nieh...huwaaaa...

Aduish...kena beli kereta sport nieh...takut My Luv kejar:P

Blogger leadleedeea said...
Seriously, I miss you sha..huhu~!!
--->I miss you too lead! Seriously...!!!!

Blogger ~LP Lum~ said...
mz u sis~
---> mz u too my dear...tgh menanti dgn sabar bila boleh shopping balik kat Butik Elyna:)

Blogger zaradgreat said...
tarak papa..

hepi new year jugak!
akk the best ek..
---> thanks!!! all the best to you too:)

Anonymous Kak Long said...
Dear Sha...
i'm missing you too...
Masih menanti sha settle down dulu kat tempat baru.

---> Dua kali settle down nieh Kak Long. Rumah family dan tempat sendiri. Miss you! Terima Kasih sebab masih melawat rumah Sha nieh yeee...

Blogger ~Kak AZZ~ said...
hahaha....timbul pun.....lega sikit rasa....hehe...

*bnyk benda nak cerita ehh....jomm bisik2 jomm.....tapke, selesaikan mana2 yg penting dulu....lps tu nnt kita cerita ceriti...taik mata buat inti....eeuuwwwww.......hahaha....

jgn marah haaaaa.......hikk3...

---> Osah macam cara wan Sha cakap akak nieh:P
Lega ke kak? Sha pon lega tgk akak still visit Sha. Mintak maaf ye Sha tak dpt visit akak macam dulu buat masa nieh. Haiii...rasa macam nak sinsing lengan dan pok pek ngan akak je nieh! Bila agaknya?

Blogger ashie023 said...
salam sha..
where have u been?
so miss u..

I have been busy, my dear ashie. I miss you too. Minho, Toma and others!:)

Blogger Yunus Badawi said...
Rumah yg baru dekat dgn Jusco mana? Kat AU2 ni pun ada Jusco. Kan best kalau sha duduk kat situ.
---> Jusco Seremban je. Haaaa...Sha pon tgh berfikir kat manalah Sha boleh tinggal kat Jusco yang lain. Tgh mencari tpt yang sesuai gak nieh. (serius!)

Blogger sI tEDI said...
rindu kamu
jaga diri baik-baik!
Aku rindu sayang kamu. Jaga diri baik2 k!

Blogger Erna said...
sha dah pindah rupanya..untuk keselesaan diri sendiri.kemana sha pergi pu takpe..acik doakan sha sukses walau dimana saja..sha berada
--->Terharu betul Sha baca nieh. Terima Kasih acik! Sha pon berdoa harap2 lepas nieh apa yang dirancang dapat dilaksanakan tahun ni. InsyaAllah:)

Selamat Tahun Baru utk Acik jugak:)

Blogger Cik Cookie said...
Dah lama CC xsinggah blog sha.
CC update blog CC tapi jrg sunngah blog org.
all the best dear kat tmpat baru, tahun baru dan azam baru.
--->Thanks CC. Sha pon mintak maaf tak dpt nak buat kunjungan ke blog CC. Tak dapat dengar lagu comel:(

Nywayz, all the best to CC too!!! Hoyeaaahhh!!!

Blogger iza~de~bintang said...
oooo di sinun :)
Okey, bila2 Sha ada masa kita lepak sama2 kat S2 tu yer ;)
--->Tuh rumah family. Sha pulak mungkin berganjak ke tpt lain...adehhh...

Blogger N A N I E said...
miss u dear..happy new year..:)
---> miss u too dear...happy new year and all the best!:)

Blogger zeqzeq said...
muskilll..muskhilll musqilll
---> apa yang mushkill tuh. mau kill saya ka? hehehe...

OpenID ilisaharudin said...
rindunye kak sha~
---> rindu Ili jugak:(

Blogger Arjuna Qaseh said...
---> Thank You:)

Blogger Pocket said...
lamanya dia tak post,
umph!! macam nak keja kat tpt baru tu nanti, sila online selalu yer :)
pocket rinduuuuu:D
---> Rindu Pocket jugak...!!! Bilalah Sha nak dating ngan Pocket nieh:(
Nywayz...ssshhhh....jangan kecoh2 la. Ada org kilang susu baca, kang dia santau pulak Sha. Hehehehe...

Blogger Cik Biol said...
happy new year tooo
---> Happy New Year!!!

OpenID said...
Salam Sha,
Selamat tahun baru buat Sha :)
---> Selamat Tahun baru utk Ijan sekeluarga. Sha rindu nak tgk makanan best2. Bilalah settle semua nieh!!!

I was thinking about something else. But I cancelled the intention of writing that as an article right now due to limited time.

Besides, don't you think this is a good time to appreciate your visits? What better time could it be?

Anyway, I'm going to wear jeans again tommorrow. Alhamdulillah.

What is your opinion on wearing casual clothes to work, dearest?

Friday, January 08, 2010

sha: changes

Mari and a bear
Originally uploaded by rioky_angel

I can plan my direction but I can't guarantee. That's the reason why I have been missing for a fortnight - something rare for a blogger who has been blogging almost everyday before this.

Pakcikdot, rampaslah blog Sha dan pemiliknya. Hehehe.

Iza, I'm moving to somewhere near Jusco. Hope that answers your question.

Kak Azz, banyak perkara yang Sha nak cerita tapi belum apa.

Pocket, you have gone through this journey with me and you know what is happening.

Sha is having a massive change, insya-Allah. So, blogging is something I'm going to miss at least until next month. Huwaaaaaaa!!!!

Parents house is now in the heart of Seremban.

But, Sha is going to the heart of another city.

Huuuhhh...changes. You will never expect it to happen so fast.

Happy New Year, everyone.

I'm missing you dearly.

With all my heart,