Tuesday, February 16, 2010

sha: my lesbian partner

Best friends: Enya & Ann
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I went out with him that morning. There were some hiccups in our plans and both of us were exhausted. We watched Avatar and enjoyed it but we slept for at least 15 minutes during Storm Warriors. So much for the movie marathon. We felt like an old couple;)

I coaxed him into watching Princess and the Frog with me but he fiercely declined my request. Well, what was I expecting? Princess? Frog? They were never in any man's vocabulary unless the man was a star in Queer Eye for a Straight Guy:P

"U? Frog? Habis? I princess?" his fair skin blushed like hell. Oh yeah...I liked the colour of his skin. I started to imagine how Orkid would've look like if she has him as her father.

"Tapi...tapi...Sha suka tengok kartun!" I made my not-so-cute-but-most-of-the-time-will-make-him-melt face.

"That look is not going to change my mind, honey," he chuckled and drove me home. He said he made plans to play tennis with his buddies. I said, go ahead.


Later that evening. ,my best friend came to my house to sleep over. It was 11pm and she was thinking of midnight and KFC. With my parents consent, we went out to proceed with our plans.

Princess and the Frog was fun! Yes, I hate to admit that we watched the movie with small kids who laughed heartily throughout the whole show, but it was fun gileeeeeee!!!!

But I forgot about him. Uh-uh.

So, when he called me while I was still in the car and sounded disappointed, I just tried to be reasonable about things that I just did.

"So, she is going to sleep over?" he asked me.


"In your room?"


"What...your lesbian partner ke?"

"Apasal cakap macam tu?"

"Nothing...just wondering why you guys....gals...have to sleep together..." he sounded serious.

"Have I ever asked you why you had to sleep with your mates in one room masa u kat RMC ke?"

"But that was different..." he drawled.

"She is my friend."

"Thinking that I said I didn't want to watch Princess and the Frog and this evening you're watching it with someone else."

"Is there any problem with that ke?"

"Taklah...lepas ni, if I kata tak boleh...will you go to someone else to give it to you?"

"You mean?"

"Lupakanlah...maybe we're just tired kan?"

Eh...eh...how easy it was to change topics kan?

And folks...this was where everything started.

* Boyfriend or Best friend?


Cik Biol said...

dilema kan..
hmm best friends or bf
dua2 x blh ke hehe

ashie023 said...

aihh..boyfriend jeles ke??ahha
slumber party..weee..
uh jaman skolah dolu ske buat parti makan2 sebelum tido(so not healthy)...ahahha..and a few friends sleep over...meriah!

zLa said...

hmmm..nanti bachelorette party boleh tak?

Anonymous said...

kenapa dia jelas kat kawan perempuan lak

ada feeling yang meluap2 ni


faz_e said...

lawak je ah fatt ni...

"ade feeling yg meluap2 ni~"

Anonymous said...

jelez~lain kali timbang rase sikit bile kita tgk movie pilihan kita...hehehe..hai kak sha, miss u~ hahaha..kasi bf u jeles lagi..hohohoho

ps: btol.btol.btol. keep it short and simple bile penat..kalau x>??

Quiyah & Hasrul said...

i wud prefer best fren..

kene pandai reason out..

i guess die ni jeles, n thinks that if he doesnt give it to u, u will ask from others..

u should assure him that it does not happen with other guys..

but if he cant understand it, then susahla nk ckp..

zeqzeq said...

cantik lukisan

LORD ZARA 札拉 said...


I'm a homo as well.


sis, miss u!


zino said...

tak paham.. kenapa pulak dia jeles.. hehe

Dee said...

ntah2 dia penah ada gf yg ada lesbian partner x? sbb curiga dan cemburunya teruk sgt..hehehe..

~LP Lum~ said...

salam kak sha~

hehehhe... sy tetap pilih my best buddy.. bf kalo ilang blh nak cri yg len.. but 4 me, kalo my best buddy yg ilang, xde sape yg dpt gantikannya... :)

Pocket said...

dia nakkan kawan anda maybe?
and knowing that she's a lez makes him mad... hahahahah
buleh ker kata gitu :D

anyway.. i can take lez,
i cant take homo..
wrote it here i think^^
263. He's Gay, so what?
so zara.. sorry but u'r out baby:D heheheh

manje said...

mishhhh u sis!
hehehe..sis dah busy dating yekkk
alaa sis, takkan la die nak marah..
best ape sleepover ni..lagi2 dgn best gf kite kan kan kan =)

imHepPie said...

haha cemburu syg tuh~

Cik Qemm said...

hmm keciknya pemikiran dia.

gals mmg begitu, we can sleep in each others arm without any feelings. tak tahu lah org lain, but i can :)


anyway, i watched princess and the frog with pumpkin.he loves it,so do i :D

speckurosaklagi said...

takut kehilangan kawan baik...
biasa arr tuh jelesss..

LotsOfLove-Pearls said...

Dear Sha..
Lamanya tak ke sini..

Sha sihat?
Harap semua ok k..
Take care Sha..

fa10 said...

susah eh ada boipren yg terlebih jeles ni.... ingat kita nak kena kawan ngan dia sorang je ke?

Adry said...

jeles bab sayang tu.. hehehe

Adry @ http://www.adrysabry.com

~Kak AZZ~ said...

hmmmm.....kdg2 kan cemburu kawan sejenis ni lg hebat dr cemburu kawan yg berlainan jenis...

best friend....sentiasa ada utk kita...

boyfriend....banyak kerenah dan alasan yang dicipta sendiri....huhuhu...