Saturday, March 13, 2010

sha: dear klcc

Klcc park 2
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Dear KLCC,

At 8.02pm, 12th March - I was gazing at hundreds of people around me from this spot. I sat down on the stairs and watched the water; thinking that the psychologist might be right. When you're too tense up, you're supposed to see something calm to calm yourself. Too bad I couldn't see any fish; but the thoughts of fresh air instead of being in the air-conditioned room made me better.

I was looking at the people in Starbucks - wondering how it felt like to be there as a barista. If I'm a barista in KLCC, I bet things would be more challenging. People don't drink decaf in Seremban. Few will ask for extra shots. And less will try green tea latte. But here in KLCC, things are different. There are numerous types of people and numerous types of attitudes.

Maybe I'm from a small town. I'm not used to the sparkling lights. I don't fancy glamorous stuff. Maybe I'm just fat. Sophistication is out of my grasp. Maybe I'm just unlucky. Things are not always the way I wanted it to be.

This week,
I am seeing a guy whom I think is in love. He can't stop texting. He can't stop talking through the phone. He just doesn't realise that he is not the same anymore. Some people told me that you'll lose half of your IQ when your love hormone is bursting. Sometimes I think it is true; for whatever I told him did not make any sense. I had to repeat myself several times, just to give a simple explanation on something which has been taught to me before.

I'm exhausted.

Please tell him this:
I miss the smart person I used to respect.

Being in love is not equivalent to being ignorant.

Please KLCC,

Let my tears drop today as I don't know how long can I take it anymore.

This is a challenge, Ya Allah.



~LP Lum~ said...

salam kak sha~

btl 2... bila perasaan cinta menguasai diri, iq kita akn menurun... :)
sbb cinta itu pnya kuasa yg besar...
kak, jgn ar trlalu berharap pd yg blm psti.. kelak kita jua akn sakit.. kita yg akn derita..

ashley said...

Ni kenapa ni pulok sayang???
haihh adik aku nih la..

Miss ... said...

bile cinta buat kite gelisah ingat la pada cinta yg hakiki k :)

hasni said...

kak sha sayang
kenapa ni

t.a.c.a said...

kak sha... tanak comment pasal ur entry cuz i dunno... i felt my tears running down on my cheeks cuz.. i used to stare at klcc and mengadu to klcc about my love life... huhuhu

but please tell me, best tak jadi barista starbucks? sebab i think someday i would like to be one!

zeqzeq said...

kita bangga ada KLCC...untuk membeli-belah..tapi bukan untuk berniaga

kakchik said...

sha, i hope you find peace from watching the scene.

kakpah said...

may you find what you are searching for..

N A N I E said...

Sha..maybe u need a beautiful rest..:)

Cik Qemm said...

dear sist,

hard to say this but YES, i agree with you. sometimes people in love ignore their surrounding. and as the one who beside them, we will hurt.

but as a person who are in love, i may hurt people around me with texting and on call, but sometimes i can't help that. try to reduce it now, and i felt like a mature adult. :)