Sunday, March 14, 2010

sha: the good sha

If only I am as strong as Alicia Florick!

Weekend. Here we go again. I received phone calls from my best friend since Friday but my schedule was too pact to even discuss any plan.

I thought I wanted to go to work.

However, I need to attend certain things, do the laundry, and make sure that my bed is tidy enough to sleep in. Mr. J has taken too much of my time these days. I really wish he will stop bugging me. Apparently, he doesn't. He even haunts me in my sleep!

How about today? It is too hot to be true. I sweat like hell!

But this sweaty condition is just a minor challenge in life, don't you think? While I was folding my brothers' clothes (yes, boys will always be boys!), I watched my current favourite tv series - The Good Wife.

At first, I watched this series because of Juliana Marguilies (and he parents are Jewish!). I used to adore her character in ER when I was a teenager. She was the nurse who dated Dr. Ross (George Clooney). She got pregnant and she moved on - a strong character indeed.

So when I saw the promotion for The Good Wife, I made a point to possibly reach home before 10pm on Thursday; hoping to be inspired. Yes, people. I need to be inspired these days - even my friends notice that. I hope I can write cheerful stories for you guys, reminiscing all my sweet memories and share it with you - but it seems that things are a lot harder than I think.

What is happening to Sha?

Maybe I just want things to be perfect. Perhaps I'm pushing myself too much until I had to sit and cried in the park. Commitment is my priority and things are not getting my way. Sometimes I even think whether I have made all the right decisions in my life.

The character of Alicia Florick has taught me lots of things. She has been betrayed by the husband whom she loved a lot. She worked her butt out while preserving her marriage and protecting her children. Everyone is talking about her and she didn't give a damn about it.

Yes, maybe I'm not a lawyer like her. I'm not a wife. I'm not a mother. But I have to accept that the world around me is changing. After what had happened in my life recently, I have to be more adaptable, forgiving and at the same time accepting.

No more crush. No more love life. No playing around.

I just have to work hard while preserving at the same time thanking Allah for what I have.

That is what I should do.

I am now adoring the outfits in the series. I wish I can wear what Kalinda, Diane and even Alicia are wearing. Purple and maroon are totally outrageous!

Loose some weight first;)


Pocket said...

being away do have lots and lots of its disadvantages,
1) Lost my hard worked traffic,
2) Lost in your post, WHo's MrJ!!?
3) not being able to start the comment like everyone else does.

so here are the real comment :D
being tough is not always that good sis.
we need to bleed some time so does we need to change the water in that container for tears. Yes.. the soft and weak side of us really need to be thought of occasionally.

or else how do u know u've grown tougher? stronger? more agile ?
its when u cry sometime and enjoy it while it last :D

so lets cry for a while..
watch 'my name is khan' for instance..
i surely shed some water off my eyes watching that movie :D heheheh...

miss u sis :)

hasni said...

kenapa nada sedey aja entry kak sha
apapon wat y terbaik sis
jaga diri leklok
menangis tu elok untuk tenangkan dr

Cik Qemm said...


nmpknye bukan qemmal sorg je lost,pocket pun same. sape ye mr.J?

hmm our life changes. sometimes i hate changes, tapi nak buat mcm mana, changes is part of our life.

no more crush?
no more love life?
no playing around?

so ape kak sha nk buat.

aren't crush,love and paying playing roles as salts and sugar in our life? kena lah ade perisa baru best :D

best of luck sist, in whateva!

~LP Lum~ said...

salam kak sha~

hehehe... no more crush?? checked
no more love life?? checked
no playing around?? xsetuju...
sebabnya dlm idup nie kena selalu epy.. baru ar idup kita seceria mentari pagi... :)

apa pun kak, jgn keje terlalu kuat sgt.. kesihatan kena jaga gak.. cinta kena cari gak.. crush 2 pun kena gak sumtimes tuk bg semangat... ;p

ps : sy pun ngah berdiet tuk mengurangkan berat bdn sejak 2 menjak nie... :p

lupekanje said... least your still know what to do sha... all the best... hehe

zeqzeq said...

selamat MENJADI..

N A N I E said...

Lepaskan semua Sha..biar tenang di hati :) Menangis tak salah..satu cara untuk comfortkan diri.. :)

a kl citizen said...

assalammualikum sha

quote:"Sometimes I even think whether I have made all the right decisions in my life."

tak siapa yang tahu...
bukan sha saja
bukan semasa membuat keputusan yang menentukan
tetapi selepas keputusan yang kita buat itu,
bagaimana kita hadapinya yang penting.
doa... itu senjatanya.

why wait to loose some weight baru nak pakai purple and maroon??
pastikah esok masih ada untuk kita??

~Kak AZZ~ said...

apsal semua sedih2 ehhh....

apsal semua nak diet2 ehhh....

apsal semua nak cari cinta ehh...


apsal=jangan cari pasal.... sebab dalam apapun yg kita buat/cari, pastikan semua itu tidak memakan hati dan diri kita sendiri...

come on Sha... Sha boleh buat punya laa.... sbb Sha punya semangat yg tinggi... Tapi kerja tu jgn la kuat sgt, kesian kat badan tu...

dotblogspotdotkom said...

nak komen pun x tau apa...

sbb yang tulis komen nih takat paham baca je... tidak paham akan perasaan si penulis... so macam² kata motivasi la boleh dituliskan.....

so pakcik pun x tau apa komen nak di tulis... huhuhuhuuh