Monday, March 29, 2010

sha: harap ibu kan taburkan beras kunyit

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I grinned broadly at the person who sang Khabar Buat Ibu during our karaoke session last week. The session was for the team which consists of bachelors and bachelorettes. Love songs were expected but not a wedding-kind of songs. I felt like laughing hysterically, for goodness sake! ;)

But I couldn't comment that much on the person's life scenario. I mean, I have a deep respect towards this person. So, privacy is something I am more than willing to give him. Secondly, I don't want to make assumptions; so whatever is going on with his life is definitely none of my business unless he says so.

Let's just say that I don't like to invade anyone's personal business to avoid people avoiding mine. Hehe;)

However, I have to be honest that this song is a bit disturbing. Let me tell you why...

Ke hadapan ibuku
Yang sangat ku cintai
Dengarlah khabar ini
Tentang calon menantu mu

While I was listening to this song, I couldn't help thinking about the three young men who captured my heart since my mum was pregnant with them. Who else? My brothers la! Shahmi is 24 years old, Atan is 21 and adik is 18. Sooner or later, they will be leaving the family to bear a commitment called wife. I wonder, how will they break the news to ibu...ayah...and me? Hihihi. It's unthinkable.

Will Shahmi talk non-stop with ibu?
Will Atan frown when he is talking about the girl he love?
Will Adik blush?

It's too early to predict. But yes, I can't help imagining:)

Orangnya sederhana tidak berlebihan
Tapi cergas serta pintar
Dan dia kan membantu mu
Dalam urusan seharian

Shahmi said he likes someone who knows how to cook gulai- Negri Sembilan style.
Atan told me a smart girl will attract him.
Adik likes a girl who keeps herself fit.

So? This verse is definitely for my brothers. Definitely;)

Usahlah engkau bimbang tentang cinta kami
Kami telah berjanji akan saling menghormati
Harap ibu kan taburkan beras kunyit
Di depan halaman rumah
Menyambut kepulangan kami berdua oh ibu ku

Ibu, with beras kunyit? I am laughing while I'm typing this, folks. My ibu? My oh my...ibu is no-Jaya Bachan in Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gham okay! But she is sporting enough to be adaptable to any type of girls that she will meet, insyaAllah. She might not going to be too soft-spoken because she is not. But I always believe that she only wants the best for my brothers. She always does.

We'll see. Will ibu feed the menantu like she is feeding us right now?

Aku menyintainya
Seperti ayah menyintai mu
Dan dia menyintai ku
Seperti kau cintakan ayah

This is my favourite part. For me, my parents' love is very unique and I don't think that any of my future sister-in-law will understand.(but then again, who will?) But let's see about that, shall we? Will they accept unconditional love? I hope they do, because having such additional members in the family is a must. The most important thing is, will they accept the fact that it was my ayah's sperm and my ibu's ovum plus kun fayakun created my brothers? I pray today that they won't neglect that fact. Amin.

Shahmi said the person must know how to cook like ibu.
Atan said the person must be tough like ibu.
Adik said the person must be knowledgeable like ibu.

Will the wives understand that?
I hope so. Please Ya Allah, let it be a prayer today. Let the future knows how important our parents to us.

The song is Khabar Buat Ibu, by the way. It's not Khabar Buat Kakak kan? Still, it touched my heart. One day, I will let them go. Perhaps that is going to be time when Orkid is going to tag along me in the kenduri and say, "Mama, Mak Ngah Orkid pandai masak!" or "Mama, aunty tu baca buku untuk Orkid!" or "Mama, cantik kan aunty Orkid tu!"


Orkid in my dream (sweet dream, indeed - when a child is calling me mama!) - with my great brothers and compatible companions. Amin.

As for the person who is typing this posting late at night today, she is smiling with her dreamy eyes. Sunday was marvellous - I got the time to spend it with quality with my brothers. Breakfast, lepaking in front of the tv to watch F1, went to City Park to fly kites and feed fish and ended the evening with 3 hours rock karaoke session.

I will miss this one day.

To the person who said, "Tak payah datang kerja weekend" last Friday, thanks a lot. I hope the song that you sang will bring a meaning for you soon. Insya-Allah.

I hope you know how much this weekend meant for me.

Thanks, for the karaoke session.
Thanks, for the McD.
Thanks, for not scowling after what had happened last week,
And thanks for being understanding even though I am supposed to spend this weekend at work to chase my datelines.

You're totally FABulous.


Anonymous said...

as usual
sekali sekala singgah sini, entri ko memang selalu terbaik

moga2 bapa orkid jumpa ko dalam masa terdekat. hehe

Cik Qemm said...

kak sha ni weekedn pun keje?

anyway hihi semoga kak sha dpt in laws yg best. qemmal pun ade 3 brothers mcm kak sha! and at this moment qemmal pun terfikir cemane la gadis2 idaman adik2 qemmal :P

~LP Lum~ said...

salam kak sha~

hehehe... sok orked jgn lupakan Ummi Lyn kat sbn parade nie... :)

Miss ... said...

cuma harap adik dpt pasangan yg buat dia x lupa ibu bapa dah family ;)

ashie023 said...

Aku menyintainya
Seperti ayah menyintai mu
Dan dia menyintai ku
Seperti kau cintakan ayah..

very unique song..quite a cheesy line there..whaha..rasa cam geli, tp tulah kasih sayang...why laughing ashie?

joegrimjow said...

dah lama xbaca post akak
miss it

seb bek ada org ingatkan

~Kak AZZ~ said...

hmmmm..... hanya yang ada ipar duai je tau mcm mana keadaan seorang ibu yg memegang status ibu mertua....

Mudah2an ibu Sha akan mendapat menantu yg terbaik di antara yg terbaik...

Nak cari lagu tu kt youtube japp... Lirik mcm pnh tgk, tp tak ingat lak...

Adry said...

tak pasti plak aku pernah dengar lagu ni atau tak... hehehe...

Adry @

Dee said...

anyway sha..i love that song ok..hahaha..nti comment lg..gtg..bye..bye...

zeqzeq said...

enak baca insan sedang bercinta..huhuu

Adila said...

reading this makes me realize...


dotblogspotdotkom said...

bila berchenta..... umpama dunia ini pakcik yang punya... huhuuh memang tak menahan....

Kengkawan said...

juz googled that song... veli touchy wooo har har