Tuesday, March 09, 2010

sha: me and kursus kahwin

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"Apa saja untukmu
Tak ku hiraukan waktu
Katakan saja kan ku laksana
Permaisuri kau bertahta di jiwa..."

Thanks to the person who sang this song last week. I knew it was jokingly sang by the person to lighten up the mood. Unfortunately the song stuck in my head for at least 2 days. Today, while I'm scheduling my blog, the melody just came out of my mouth.

Sha is singing...

"Untukmu kasih
Ku cuba meraih
Bintang di angkasa
Walau tak terdaya, kan ku ikhtiar..."

Pergghhh...jiwanglah pulak!!!

How I wish I am 16 years old again! I am now listening to all these old school songs - from the rusty Rock Kapak to Ziana Zain and Siti Nurhaliza. When I'm in the mood of singing English songs - I sang Alanis', Meredith, Sheryl's, Backstreet Boys, Spice Girls and B*witched. I don't realise that these songs are more than 10 years old. How fast the time flies kan?

I almost forgotten that 2010 is the year when my younger cousin sisters are planning to get married instead of the elder ones (because they are already married). Frankly, this reminds me of my age and for some reason it is freaking me out! I'm old...huwahahahaha...2 more years and I'm going to reach thirty. Adoi.

Jealousy is out of the question. Rezeki is rezeki and jodoh is jodoh. It is not that I'm feeling left out because my cousins are getting married. I should be happy that family members are getting married. At least they are. I have seen a family with only two possible brides and only one got married at the age of 36 years old. The first grandchild is 28 and she is not married either. Whose family is that? Mine;)

That's the good thing of having both sides of families - each has its own uniqueness. I have weddings from my mother's side and fishing competition from my father's side. It's kind of balance, don't you think? I'm such a LUCKY girl. Hehehe.

You might be thinking that I'm going to any Kursus Kahwin; and that is the reason on why this posting has such title today. If you think that way, you're almost right. I had this urge of going to a Kursus Perkahwinan last week. While I was going through the wedding cards and leave application forms - I felt as if I wanted to take the leave for myself.

Why was that? It was because I couldn't imagine taking leave to go to a Kursus Kahwin. I couldn't imagine datelines while sitting on a pelamin. I couldn't imagine sleeping on a satin and lacy bed while there are tons of papers on my desk.

But some people do. Some people can. I have a high level of respect towards the ones who managed to finish their task before they got married. That was certainly awesome. How about those who didn't manage to do so? Hmmm...no comment.

While my friend Q was inviting me to another type of courses, I smiled to myself. I couldn't imagine going to a Kursus Kahwin as a single - without a partner by my side. That was totally out of question. Imagine being alone in this pool of people who are in love? Wooww...I don't think the feeling is blissful at all.

But then again...why am I feeling "the bliss" even when I'm not in one of those Kursus Kahwin?

Oh yeah...right. I'm in Facebook. Where everyone is stating the word husband, wife and kids.

Errr...I think I should log off.

The feeling of being in Facebook is similar to being in Kursus Kahwin.

Walau tak terdaya, kan ku ikhtiar...

Oh...shut up, Sha:)

* Any wedding stories to tell me, folks?


Jard The Great said...

uish.. me also not married

Amieynna Amin said...

saya pun pergi kursus kawen sorang2..

ashie023 said...

pegi kursus kawen as a single..
it's ok..as long as u dapat sijil...ahahhha...

Oh yeah...right. I'm in Facebook. Where everyone is stating the word husband, wife and kids.

permainan ape ini????

puteri katak said...

just now my sis asked me bout kursus kahwin..
im still young. full stop.. :)

JMR said...

g kursus kahwen je sorg2..bersanding berdua kan..jgn sorg gk dh le..hehehe

Yunus Badawi said...

untung2 jumpa jejaka yg ensem kat kursus kawin tu hehehe

Anonymous said...

hye kak sha...lama k siggah sini..akak sihat...

nak gtau tahun depan saya kawen

kursus kawen dah selamat dah
tggu kawen je skank

zaradgreat said...

this week ade kursus kawin yang murah dekat U
tapi tanak pegi.
sebab tak ready lagi

kak sha.kte tuka url blog


Diarihatiku1976 said...

wah dah gi kursus kahwin ekk...

♥LOVE2COOK♥ said...

Hehehe, Sha! All the best! :)

iza~de~bintang said...

Betul cakap Sha,kat fB majoriti cerita pasal husben and kids masing2 di samping kerja yang bagus2 huhu..
Iza duk diam2 part tu huhu.

Iza suka jugak lagu tu

Untuk mu kasih
Gembira bersedih
Selagi ku bernyawa
Untuk mu kasih ku korban apa saja

Suka nyanyi jer, tak niat nak korban2 selain waktu aidil adha ahahaha.

N A N I E said...

Sha..ai pon gi kursus kawen sesorang masa kat Uniten dulu..anjuran ILSAS hehe..

well..betul ckp you..kat FB masing masing tunjuk happy family..but for me..setiap orang rezeki dia berbeza beza..dan ai berpegang pada yang itu :)

Cik Qemm said...

ya, facebook is one of an application where people updates every single thing.

so when people talk about hubby, wifey and the kids, i just smiled. happy to see them happy.

when the post their wedding pictures, there comes the feeling of.." i want it that way too!"

when they do a family photoshoot with the cute newborn baby, then the feeling come again.

but deep inside my heart, i believe my turn will come. still don'y know when but it will.

pray the best, and we will get the best :D

p/s:qemmal dah pegy kursus kawin, teman besties yg nk kawin pegy :D

ONE ZABA said...

boleh dah kawen lepas i!!!!

aBoi said...

aboi pun belum pergi kursus kawin..hehe

dotblogspotdotkom said...

dolu masa nak ambik kursus kawen... punya la susah nak cari tarikh... tp bila dah p kursus... idok le susah mana sgt nk cari tarikh... kita je yg teragak²...

anyway.... kita yg manage XTVT.... jgn biarkan XTVT uruskan kita... huhuhu

intanurulfateha (◡‿◡✿) said...

.kite pun x g kursus kawen lago
.kwn3 da rmai pegi under cmpus duluuu

~LP Lum~ said...

salam kak sha~
huhuhu... dlm atie dah ada taman bnga gak ke kak?? ;p

sy dah g ambik dah ngan adik sy 4 taun yg lpas.. ;)
msa 2 dah xde keje nak buek... :))

citer psl knduri kawen, last week baru aje blik dr knduri kawen teman kolej sy.. epy sgt tgk dia dah bhagia skang.. :)

ps : menanti arie2 bhagia kak sha lak pas nie... :P
xlupa kak azz gak... :)

Cik Cookie said...

cc pun g kursus kawin xde partner.
saje g sebab nak teman kawan.
tapi sedikit sedih bila time lunch.
semua mkn dgn org yg nak dikahwini.
kitorg just ber2.

Dee said...

i gi kursus kahwin ngan tunang..tp bila ustaz tya..sapa yg datang kursus dgn tunang? both of us x angkat pun tangan..hehehe..

pegi kursus kahwin pun xpe sha..sijil tu laku seumur hidup selagi x nikah..hehehe..

atty's said...

bagus ar sha..nanti senang..dah ..bior bakal laki je pegi sorg nanti ..persedian..gamaknya tu..

Erna said...

sha..kalau belum pergi elok pergi..tak de salahnya..bersedia awal..kat opis acik..yang anak dara semua dah pergi..walaupun belum bertunang...tak salah..dapat pengetahuan..yang berguna..ilmu rumah tangga.

Anonymous said...

* Any wedding stories to tell me, folks? quote from cheery ...

better me hear from you later .. InsyaAllah ...

lama tak sembang... baru jumpa semula ...