Friday, March 12, 2010

sha: mean sha

I accidentally saw this video clip in YouTube when I was actually trying to find something else;)

Mean Disney Girls. A creative method of delivering another story using animation. People always perceive Cinderella and happily ever after characters as perfect without looking at their flaws. Less people like the antagonist like I do, but that's not my point. My point is and always will be - Happily ever after is not that realistic. I always believe in fate by Allah:)

But we can't help it, kan? Most people want to have indefinite love, craving for perfection while casting aside the reality. A partner must be perfect, meet all the long list of criteria and physically adorable.

Come on. Wake up. It has never been easy for me. It happened to others, maybe. But not to everyone. A handsome partner with 6 figures salary? Not ALL of us are that lucky. Even if these people are getting that kind of partner, is there any guarantee that the person, as a person, is a sweet as the 6 figures sound? I doubt that. Everyone has flaws.

So, when people say, "Kau ni memilih..." when it comes my way of finding a partner - I don't really complain about it. I'm not looking for happily ever after - just be aware of the reality.

I don't like glass slippers, by the way. My feet are too chubby for it:)

Sha: Glass slippers, anyone?


~LP Lum~ said...

salam kak sha~

btl 2 kak.. bukan memilih sgt tp mmg kena pilih gak.. kita nak idup ngan dia seumur idup kita kan? kalo terslah pilih, mcm mna?? bukan nak yg kaya sgt atau yg ensem sgt cuma nak mncari yg blh mmbimbing kita kelak.. :)

kalo ada yg size ngan kaki kita yg chubby nie nak gak try... :p

zaradgreat said...

itu memang really fairytales
nak everything soo perfect

sangat setuju dengan LP lum

aBoi said...

tak boleh terlalu memilih..
tapi memang kene memilih juga..hehe

kakpah said...

salam sha. i dont like glass slippers either. nanti pecah luka kaki hehe..

Miss ... said...

x mo arr glass slipper kompom sakit kaki x selesa hehe

Erna said...

sha..bukan terlalu memilih..tapi pilihan perlu untuk masa depan...

Sya Annur said...

aaa.. glass slippers ey? not right now. i need reliable shoes/sandals/sneakers so it will be easy for me to run mengejar anak2, mengangkat stroller naik tangga/langkah komuter nye gap, yadda yadda... kalau pecah sape mau jwb? haaaa... remember my kasut kawen yg ala2 impossible nak panjat bukit ke rumah aku tuh? sebbaik kita tak tegolek bersama2. hahaha

ashie023 said...

aih...2 3 ari ni kenapa lah geng2 international website aku pun sibuk berchatin pasal mean girls disney i missing something??? slippers only for ke?

Yunus Badawi said...

nak cari yg 5 figure salary pun susah inikan pula 6 figure sha oiii