Tuesday, March 23, 2010

sha: p.r.e.g.n.a.n.t

My aunty said, "Hep! kawin dulu..." to my status in Facebook. I smiled at the monitor and shook my head. Yes, aunty...I knew what you mean. Sometimes when dreams is taking over the reality, you will say lots of things.

Perhaps, I'm just exhausted? I don't know. What I do know is today, besides the word W.O.R.K, I am infatuated with the word P.R.E.G.N.A.N.T. So, when my friend called me to say she is back from Bali, I had automatically asked her progress. Apparently, news about pregnancy excites me more than ever!

I saw a woman showing her pregnancy kit to everyone and cheerfully declared that she is pregnant. It happened last week; when I was dwelling with several emotions - separated with Sepet, lots of work, other commitment etc. Envy crept through my organs an squeezed like ice hands - but I knew that fate is determined by Allah. Maybe I am not that lucky as yet!

But when I did the quiz in Facebook - "When will you get pregnant?" I laughed to myself. The quiz was indicating that I will be pregnant in December 2010. Today is 23rd of March 2010. I don't even have a partner, a husband and I'll be pregnant by end of this year? The quiz became a joke;)

But what a minute. What if I am pregnant?

"Besides food and oxygen, a pregnant mother will also pass the transient emotions like sadness or happiness.to the unborn babies, says the studies. So the emotional status of the mother can change the total individuality of the child, warns the experts. "

What am I doing lately?

WORK - calculating and playing with figures.
WORK - planning schedules and designing processes
WORK - corresponding with hard headed people who can only speak Chinglishlay as they can't speak in Malay or English properly.
WORK - looking at my handsome boss and my cute and small assistant across my desk.

Work...work...work. Today I forgot to bring my work handphone to the office. I received more than 20 missed calls and 7 msgs from 3 bosses when I reaced home!

And this is my favourite comment for my status yesterday:
Me: kalau mengandung sekarang, sure anak pandai matematik. hahahaha..

Syariza-Annur Idris: haha.. sure ke? make sure speaking sekali ye. pastu sila memasak lbh kerap. n not to forget, sila jgn jd workaholic, nnti bsr jd workaholic bdk tuh kesiannnn

Hahaha. Workaholic. That's who I am right now. I don't even have the time to bloghop and I'm typing my posting with dreamy eyes everyday;)

But then again...if an expertise of child can be determined by her/his mother's activity, then...

calculating and playing with figures - my child will excel in Math
planning schedules and designing processes - my child will be systematic and well coordinate~!
corresponding with hard headed people who can only speak Chinglishlay as they can't speak in Malay or English properly - oh, no...this is not good.
looking at my handsome boss and my cute and small assistant across my desk - hehehe...can't imagine this, but they are indeed beautiful people. Kenan?!

Work is not bad after all.

I just need some good night sleep tonight.
Maybe this pregnancy thing is just temporary.

Or I'm having the andartu's baby fever again:P


Amieynna Amin said...

sha.. i really admire ur english..

nanti jemput taw masa nak kawen..

iza~de~bintang said...

Hihiiii... Work kuasa4...sangat sibuk tu Sha. Dasatnya.

Kalau dah tawen pon sempat wat baby ker kalau sibuk camtu ...alamak tet..tet...tettttt.

Kombinasi ciri2 anak dengan kerja tu mmg comel. Kalau menjadi, hebat lah baby tu nanti ;)

Cik Qemm said...

hihi tgk baby comel rase nk baby.

tp kena kwaen dulu :)

anyway kak sha, jgn keje teruk2 sgt..take care k.

aBoi said...

jangan kerja banyak sangat..kesihatan kena jaga.. rehat kena cukup..

N A N I E said...

Sha..workaholic sangat..kekadang kene rest gak dear..release tensen tuh..pasal kawen tuh, sampai masa saat dan ketikanya, kawen lah kita :))

Quiyah & Hasrul said...

yeah, n im not pregnant yet..


~LP Lum~ said...

salam kak sha~

hehehe... perancangan yg baik sekali kak... :)
apa pun, sy nie msih menantikan siapakah gerangan yg dah wat akak sy yg sorg nie angau... :)

Dee said...

salam sha...

xpelah sha berangan..doa juga ye dik..moga ditemukan jodoh yg baik dan dpt baby yg cute-miut cam sha..

don't work too hard dear..sian ur body n mind..exhausted!!

azzaliena suziantie said...

hye sis..rmember me?

Yunus Badawi said...

kalau sha kahwin masa cuti sekolah hujung tahun masih sempat nak pregnant bulan 12 kalau bunting pelamin muahaha

dotblogspotdotkom said...

i'm workaholic?.. mungkin 8 tahun dahulu ye... keje adalah segalanye... monday to monday.... 20++ hour a day... 7 day a week.... SERONOK SANGAT BEKERJA... x de mende lain di pikio kan....

kalau nak jmpa kawan2 pun... PORT nye mesti kat office... OFFICE ku RUMAH ku..

tp bila dah berusia... dan berkawen... baru le terasa betapa ruginye dolu tidak digunakan masa bujang sebaik mungkin... tidak bersosial... tidak berjmpa rakan2 lama... tidak itu.. tidak ini... sekarang?..

dah ada family.... baru terpikio... huhuhuhu

so sebelum terlambat.... keje tu keje juga.. tp diri tu macamana?.. huhuhu

Miss ... said...

aha kenan yg tu mmg best ekeke nanti baby pun jd cam yg kite kenan tu..jgn kenan mende2 x elok udah ler hehe