Thursday, March 25, 2010

sha: the red velvet cake

Happy Birthday Syahmi Afham!

Aunty Sha has forgotten that on 25th March 2005, your ibu sent me this message:

"Baby coming. aku kena ceasar la. bb in distress. ni tunggu mak aku. should be kol 2. doa utk aku, k?"
(13:45 p.m) -24th March 2005

At that time, Aunty Sha was a student in UNITEN, travelling across the border of Negeri Sembilan and Pahang; just to finish six credit hours before she was officially called a graduate! The transition between UNITEN College of Business caused her last 6 credits to be deferred to the boring campus!

Yup, Aunty Sha will always remember that day. That was the day when her International Finance's lecturer - Mr Baharudin bin Husin complimented her for her assignment. Her classmates said, "Sha...Mr Baha puji assignment awak td. Die suruh amik kertas test"

And when Aunty Sha met him, he said, "You did extremely well for your assignment. Good job." That was the day when Aunty Sha grinned from ear to ear - sighing with relief as the most difficult lecturer eventually acknowledged me. Alhamdulillah.

That was also the day when someone (a guy) was disturbing me in the computer lab. Aunty Sha was so fierce, I scolded the guy. He said he was 21 and Aunty Sha had automatically mentioned that she was 23 and not interested in younger guys. Sombong kan?

On the particular date you were born, Aunty Sha was dating my boyfriend in college, Mr. Ganu. He was not studying in the same university. We stayed together for more than a year before we separated. Perhaps dear, one day you will hear this story from ibu and ayah - about the visit we had when ibu was pregnant with you, about the time when we visited you during confinement and sadly, maybe about the time when Aunty Sha broke up with him before you and your family departed to Japan. Ibu was playing the part of Aunty Sha's big sister, as usual. I hope one day you'll be protective to Syafi as well as how ibu was taking care of Aunty Sha, okay?!

Well, yes dear...Aunty Sha's love story when you were born was not fabulous. But on the day you were born, she thought she was in love and her theme song was by Mariah Carey and Brian McKnight - Whenever You Call. I wonder in future, who will be your favourite? Definitely not Thomas?;)

2010 and you are now a 5 years old handsome boy with a younger sister to protect. Alhamdulillah. A fortnight ago, Aunty Sha and ibu were reminiscing the sweet memory of the day when your parents got married and Aunty Sha was the pengapit. It felt like yesterday when I wore the 6 inches platform, holding the umbrella when your parents were clad in purple songket. While typing this, Aunty Sha is smiling - remembering the night when ibu was picking up her wedding outfit in the evening - before Aunty Sha spent the last night of your mum being a single lady.

Yes, sweetheart. The story can go on and on....

Somehow this red velvet cake reminds me of you. Yes, if it is not because of the sms your ibu sent me yesterday - Aunty Sha might have forgotten. But dear...the images of you wearing red shirt were flashing through my eyes - you are such an adorable boy. Hope you won't be the heart breaker with that melting eyes of yours, okay!

Aunty Sha will always pray for your success. Insya-Allah, you will be loved as you're a lovable boy. May your days filled with happiness, blessings and good health. Jadi anak yang soleh dan taat. And sayang...please...please...please...don't forget the person whom we love the most - the lady who has been carrying you everywhere in her tummy when your ayah was in Japan (she was strong, you see!)

Well, even after 5 years - Aunty Sha is still grinning on your birthday. I hope there'll be compliment and appreciation. This time, it's not from the lecturer. But from my boss. Aunty Sha managed to catch her dateline today, THE UNDERSTANDING ONE. I guess your birthfday is my lucky day:) Aunty Sha feels so sleepy....til then....

My prayers will always be with you.

Aunty Sha

* Maybe I'll get married on your next birthday kot? Who knows!
* Stories based on my old blog entries;)


Sya Annur said...

tq dear... really, thank you :)

Kujie said...

Maybe I'll get married on your next birthday kot? Who knows!


ehh..apesal wishlist sha dlm wishlist birtday boy?

N A N I E said...

Dear..teringat lagik nama En baha tuh hehe :)

a.z.r.i.n.a.03.07 said...

Salam Sha !

its been few weeks tak jengok sini.. no xplanation hanya memang M melanda..

jangan lupa invite bila rumah nak pasang tangga..

psst: dah bawak tilam ngan bantal ke ofis ker ? (^_*)

~LP Lum~ said...

salam kak sha~

hehehe... akan di nantikan tarikh 25 march every year... :p

atty's said...

kalo nak berumah tangga jgn lupa jemput ye..

Lan Bingka said...

what a sweet memory..

Dee said...

so sweetlah..kalo dee still budak2..nklah jd anak buah auntie sha..hehehe..