Wednesday, March 17, 2010

sha: spongesha squarepants

Sponge Bob
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Someone told me that I'm like a sponge - ready to asbsord the good or bad. Due to my delicate condition, it is likely that I might be absorbing bad things without realising it. In other words, when someone break up with the partner, there is a chance of rebound - doing things beyond conciousness like finding a new boyfriend without realising that the option chosen might be the wrong one.

Yes, maybe I'm like a sponge. But have I made the wrong decision?

My best friend told me that it is best for a girl to keep her love life to herself - do not tell any man about it especially after you break up. She said a man will take advantage of a girl who is mending her heart - might offer to ammend it for her but did not mentioned the possibility of shredding it to pieces to her. Most men just want to have fun - a vulnerable girl will be a perfect prey.

So what did I do just now? I wanted to talk about something else and it turned out to be talking about Mr. Sepet. The person who was listening to me was a man. And after a while...I stopped talking and realised he just smiled and stared at me.

"You sayang dia lagi...." that was what he said.

I blushed.

Errr...I don't know what to say. I'm such a fool. Can I cut my tongue now?

Strangely, I felt as if a heavy burden has been lifted off my shoulders. Amin.

Now, I SpongeSha Squarepants absorbing anything bad?


Cik Qemm said...

hi kak SpongeSha :D

hmm perempuan ni mmg suke luahkan isi hati kan. itu normal. especially bile ianya baru berlaku. kadang2 dgn ntah sape2 je mengadu, even strangers on the net. huhu..

anyway, should we absorb things whether it is good or bad? why don't we act as a mirror, bounce it back so that the bad thing will go away.

okay qemmal da mule merepek. sori kak sha.

anyway, take care!

N A N I E said...

Setengah org bole luahkan kat kawan..setengah org pulak lebih suka luahkan kat stranger..for me sesapa tuh tak penting....tapi at least dah less burden kan? :)

dotblogspotdotkom said...

luahkan kat blog aje.... kurang² terkeluar dari dalam hati.... nak btau kat kawan @ org yg x kenal kan.... mau dijajanye cerita romatika ke seantero susah gak.....

huhuhu MAKLONG le ..pakcik nih kang ARTIS... huhuhuh

~LP Lum~ said...

salam kak sha~

hehehe... sy sokong ngan kenyataan pokcik dot kat atas nun.. luahkan aje kat blog cnie.. at least ianya xde sape akan menjaja... :)

apa pun kak, stay cool..
stay epy..
stay cumel... :)

zeqzeq said...

cuba cari lokasi yang tak anjal atau bergetah nanti melantun balik luahan itu.

Dee said...

it's hard to forget..yet u have to.. move on dear..

Miss ... said...

aku susah nk percaya org lain hmmm

hasni said...

comel la akak ni
erm,biasala tu kak
popuan ni kan kekdang suka crita apa ada dlm hati.
bl kt luah,otomatik kt akan rs lega
itu hasnila
xtaula akak mcm mn kn
tp hope akak bahagia n gmbra dsana
xmo nangis2 k
syg kak sha