Monday, March 22, 2010

sha: thumbelisha

Last week, while I stayed back until 12am in the office to chase dateline; someone told me about about a rumours and gossips that she heard about me. Well, it is not really a gossip, you see. It is a fact which I believe is purposedly spread to hurt me;)

The person started the conversation with...
"I have a bad news for you..."

So, I asked what was it.

And she answered,
"I was talking to a friend and he called you fat."

I laughed.

"Yeke? Sha tak pernah pun jumpa kawan awak tu..."

And she nodded, "Itulah."

Apparently, someone else described me as fat to that person and that person believed every word. My body size was included. The person then used the description to describe me to others. I had never met the person in my whole life but the person dared to just called me "Gemuk". We have never ever been introduced. That was the funny thing about it. He was describing the person he never met before!;P

So, I listened to all the description. Yes, I admit that it hurt like hell, but when I came to think about it, what has been said was totally funny, yet expected. I mean, this is not the first time. So, why bother?

Before this, I used to have a boss who made a remark, "AhPodah, ko tanya Si Gemuk tu dia nak pergi makan ke tak?" The so-called question was so loud, it hurt my eardrums.

AhPodah then asked me, "Eh Sha, ko nak makan tak?" before giggling like a cheap strumpet. AhPodah - feeling proud and satisfied that my former boss was calling me Si Gemuk, smiled smugly at me. The heaven was at her feet.

Well, somehow I found that her attitude was amazing. She was so happy that the boss was calling me Si Gemuk, she didn't realise that the boss himself weigh more than 100kg. She looked adoringly at the boss who just jeered me; as if he was her saviour. Hehehe...Ahpodah...Ahpodah...luckily I'm no longer in the same office with you. Otherwise, I'll die of being a hypocrite:P

This time, I heard that description of me has been made by another fatso who have a double chin. Don't you realise how hilarious it is? The fat ones are the betrayers in their own clans! (Perhaps these people should join The Biggest Loser; they'll certainly enjoy the politics and alliance there)

Human are like fingers. The fat ones will be described as thumbs and the skinny ones will be described as the little finger or pinky.

I picked this up from wikipedia:
Thumb, often considered not to be a finger, but is.
- do you realise how many fat girls have been discriminated from ting ting or lompat getah because of their size?

Even though people discriminate and make fun of a thumb, it is better to point using your thumb then the forefinger. You don't use the finger you used to pick your nose to point:P

Eeeeee....taik idung!

Having said all these, I have to think positively about my size. Indeed, I am a thumb. Thumbelisha!!!

Yes, I am Thumbelisha. A girl who will face lots of adventure before she fall in love with a thumb prince just her size:P

Let's fly through the flowers, darling!

Question is:
Enggang sama enggang,
Pipit sama pipit.
Thumbelisha and Thumb Prince.
What happened to the opposite attraction?

Perhaps, pinching stomachs will be fun:P

*Sha is grinning from ear to ear*


Pocket said...

then who is the left thumb?
let me tell him how lucky he is for having u as the right thumb, :)

life is hard when we are the different one in the pack, its harder if u're walking differently, talk differently,
or simply having a leg only to walk.

how can we be the same?
thumb becomes the middle finger?
or the reverse?

aBoi said...

eceh !

miEz haNeM said...

hi dear:0
MissIng u:)


Kak Tie said...

Adoi laa.......


Kelakar betul entri Sha ni. Kak tie ni pun patut diubah nama kepada Thumbelitee...... hihihi...

Sya Annur said...

wihout a thumb, ur hand will look.. well, cacat la, apa lagik! whats wrong with being a thumb? each n everyone of us has purposes, whther u r a thumb or a middle finger o pinky. n yes, mmg best mengata org, tp selalunya lupa la nak tgk diri sendiri.

~LP Lum~ said...

salam kak sha~

hehehe... selalu ar think +ve... :)
gasak ar dorg nak pnggil kita yg bersize cumel2 nie apa2 aje.. yg pngil 2 pun blm tentu segak bergaya mahupun cantik menawan ngalahkan bidadari kayangan kan?? :)

apa pun, kita epy menjadi siapa diri kita... :)
n kalo akak THUMBELISHA, sy akan jd THUMBELYNDA... :)

Super Nia Hana said...

citer sha ni wat watashi teringat kes watashi gak.*tp tabley cite rkt blog watashi sbb bahaya.ahaha

akak pejabat watashi..dulu asik kondem watashi and gelakkan watashi jek

"ko ni jgn mkn bebanyak..gemok..dah tembam..kang BF ko lari"
"ko takyah mkn la hana..ko dah gemok.."

badan dia plak nek gegila..siap marah watashi plak
"aku kawan ngan ko la aku gemok cam ko.."

ewahhhh..sedap mulut...ada ke ms dia mkn watashi siap kappe...
dia tak puas hati sbb org tegur watashi nampak kurus,,funny part.. dia siap deny "nampak kurus ke hana??korang ni rabun ke???dia gemuk la.."

cakap depan2 ok..

ehehehe..tak pasal2 watashi wat n3 kt blog sha plak..sorryyyyy

zeqzeq said...

agaknya ramai kelompok kurus..

Miss ... said...

biar je ape org ckp masuk tinge kiri kuar tinge kanan k..yg penting tau diri sendiri udah ehe

Dee said...

kurus ke gemuk ke..yg penting sha sihat..& x mtk duit dorang utk makan kan..kan..kan?

dotblogspotdotkom said...

masa sekolah dolu pun macam tu gak... org saiz xxl dgn geng depa.. yg kiut miut nih dgn geng mereka..... yg x hensem ..sama geng dgn pakcik.... huhuhu

dari kecil lagi dah kita sematkan perangai macam tu.... so tak heran la kalau dah besar nih.... x blh ubah perangai tu.....

islam tidak memilih paras rupa.... tapi yg heran nye ramai gak org islam memilih luaran aje..... ntah le...

hasni said...

hasni pon slalu kena ejek
tp opposite
the skinny gurl
panas telinga neh

Cik Qemm said...

sometimes they just want to create joke. tanpa sedar it will hurt the person.

qemmal dulu bulat jugak, tp luckily tak pernah dipanggil sebegitu. dan qemmal comfortable lg org pggl chubby :)