Wednesday, April 21, 2010

sha: i'm not scha!

"Hi Scha Al-Yahya..." my officemate acknowledged me that morning.
"Hi...errmmm...aku bukan Scha Al-Yahya laaa..." I said with a smile.
"Okay pe Scha Al-Yahya..." he challenged with a smile.
"Tak okay...takmo...nama aku lain..."
"Kau tak suka dia ke?"
"Taklah. Tak berkenan je beb..." then I left.

Michael Schumacher was racing with Lewis Hamilton for fourth place in Granprix Shanghai when I was typing this posting. It has suddenly reminded me of the morning when he called me Scha and I said that my name is Sha. Poor was not him. It was that lady who called herself Scha. She said she was inspired to choose the name because she admired Schumi (Michael Schumacher) so much, so she changed the spelling of her name to Scha.

Well, that's not new. When Fauziah Latiff was married to Johan Endot, she changed her name from Gee to Jee. Aida Rahim changed to Aida Radzwill. Even our Joyah - Norlia Ramli was Norlia Ghani before!

Never mind about the artists' mentality. Let them do what they do. Though I have to admit that I dislike the fact that my favourite F1 star was allegedly the influence of Scha's name - I have to accept the mediocre shining star is using that name as a stage name. Ohhhh...what to do kan?


I don't do things because one artist is doing it. But recently I have been seeing people who so wanted to be like an artist, they forgot that there were several more idols out there that they should follow. Take wedding planning for instant. One wanted a cake like this and that because the one shown in this artist wedding was nice.

Another example was the onw I saw in the annual dinner - one wants to wear nets on her hair instead of tudung because this artist was wearing a fishing net to cover her big bun and match it with Cinderella's stepmother's dress. I mean, fishing net is fine. Mari menjala! Luckily there was no award given. Otherwise, I might be seeing their husbands' thick moustache plastered on their cheeks too:P

At least I don't see any Lady Gaga in real life!

But, do we want to spread news about our breakups just like how the artists are doing it? Do we want to tell the whole world about the misdemeanor we have done with our partner and be cool about it?

I saw Scha in the tv - talking non-stop about her breakup with Fahrin. I mean, artists are human too. She had that freedom of speach - fine. But talking non-stop and enthusiastically did it? Well, my interest towards Dania with sweaty armpits went down the drain after that show.

Why was that?

When I was invited to join the groups - I Hate Linda Onn or I Hate Fahrin Ahmad or I Hate whatever, I was holding my breath - thinking that the relationships were overrated. I thought that the public was the one to blame.

But then again, this I Hate thing is causing the growth of I Hates this and that until my FB was full of it - and I had to throw them out. Well, that was too much for someone who rarely use FB.

When you loved someone, you said good things.
When you don't love that someone anymore, you started to say bad things.
What will happen if you ever make up?
Will you say good or bad things?

Oh...I've forgotten. The industry is developing; therefor there might be the chance of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton!

You might be thinking that Sha is pissing off over nothing. Actually, last Sunday I have watched the wrong show. I watched Melodi because I wanted to see the actual story of the death of Achik Spin. The incident happened in Seremban. Of course I cared!

Unfortunately, I had to watch this one not-so-glamour artist called Buzen who constantly cursed during his interview. What made me angry was the fact that he said,
"Check DNA. Kalau betul aku punya, aku punya. Kalau tidak macam mana aku nak cakap aku punya!"

Amboi. So, were you admitting that you slept with that girl? You were indirectly saying that sleeping around was a trend? Come on, show some good examples la! The more he said things, the more he got carried away with his words. Oh...he even forgot that his saliva was bubbling at the corner of his mouth!

That's why you need brain. Have you heard of Public Relations?

Maybe I should think of changing my name too...

Shabutton, macam Carlsberg?

Or Sharichello...hihi...this sounds really nice:P

Perhaps, I should talk about my ex too. Tell the whole world about what type of person Sepet is. Or use foul languages.

Baru macam artis beb!


Cik Qemm said...

hmm tak tgk pulak melodi that day. ade jugak org bukak pekung kt dada ek?

terlajak perahu boleh diundur, tp terlajak kata tak boleh. huhu.

tapi itu lah, artis ni somehow budak2 akan jadikan diorg as an idol. so cerita2 buruk mcm ni is not supppose to be on air.


missing ya sist! lame qemmal tak drop by :)

tunbegia said...

fewitt, sungguh jeliter uoolss,

N A N I E said... agreed with Wardina's statement : Artis Malaysia tak layak digelar ikon :)

ungu said...

well semua artis sama saje. if scha talked about her breakup, well her ex did the same too. & i think from what i've read, her ex started it 1st. apa pun, mmg tak suka FA sbb ramai girls suka kt dia & rasa dia hensem. jeles? xde maknanya since i'm a girl. cuma i'm not the type of girl yg angau dgn artis/selebriti lelaki & i couldnt understand it. well, that's me.. maybe i'm just old. ;-)

[ o k e d ] said...

rasa lucu dengan komen ungu. Kak sha, oked suka IH! dia comel~ heh, itu sahaja.

Dee said...

tiba2 teringat 1 of my classmate dulu..everybody thot her name is A***** H***l..smpilah 1 of our lecturer tya dia in front of us..what is ur father's name..dia ckp z***r..then why u put h***l? dia terdiam..rupanya bf dia..ler..baru bf dh buang nama father..ish..ish..ish..

dan2 tu juga lecturer start bebel..just because u couple or married to a guy..doesn't mean u have to delete ur father's name..we are muslim kan? pikir2kan..hehehe..

Kengkawan said...

letihla artis ni sha... abaikanlah mereka.