Monday, April 19, 2010

sha: i felt the pyar heiiii...!!!

Dulhan Si Saji Dharti Khula Yeh Aasman
Bulata Hai Humein Phir Woh Chaahat Ka Samaa
Aa Ab Laut Chalen

I could see his tongue flipping while his mouth formed the words. He smiled with his thin lips. His large hands held out to me while his tall frame casted shadows on the red tulips behind him. hero!

I didn't reach out and grasp his hands. Instead, I covered my face with my orange beaded and embroidered shawl. My face flushed with embarassment. I wish he could see it, but he was approaching me with a grace of sprinting predator. Oh, machonyeeee!!!

Anjaan Tha Maein Naadan Tha Maein
Tere Pyar Ko Jo Na Samajh Paaya
Tune Itna Bechain Kiya
Maein Tere Paas Chala Aaya...

His whispered words were as sweet as endearment - and when I felt the heat of his chest on my back, I had shyly turned my face towards his. His thumb lifted my double chin and I finally met his gaze. Gossh. I didn't realise that he had such a beautiful eyes before. Those eyelashes were long and curly - a small girl would be dying to have a couple of those. A flaming hot desire crept to my system. If only I could lift my hands and touch his cheeks...mmmmmm....I was shy!

Teri Saansein Mera Jeevan
Mere Dil Mein Tera Ghar Hai
Zara Dekhe Koi Isko
Yeh Jannat Se Bhi Sundar Hai

With my red cheeks and girly uncertainty, I ran into the field of red tulips. The wind blown on my long hair, my turqoiuse shawls flew behind me and blown by the wind.

The man captured the shawl and ran after me. I grinned at him and he grinned at me. I ran...and ran...and ran... before stumbled on the bed of red tulips. He fell on the ground too. I lifted my palm to caress the rough planes of his cheeks. Mmmmm...hairy...

Bina Tere Nahin Chaina
Nahin Chaina Yahaan
Aa Ab Laut Chalen ...

We smiled to each other before I felt his pointed nose on my cheeks...Ooohh....Pyar...Pyar...!!!

"Sha, dah...dah...kemas barang. I hantar you balik sekarang!"

Eh, his voice? Why does it sounds too familiar now?


I heard the sound of closed door. And when I lifted my face, I saw a man cleaning up his desk across my glass windows. My vision blurred. He looked different. No kurta, and I was not wearing a turqouise shawl either. Where is the man in my dream? Who is that man?

I was confused.

Ooopsss...the man was approaching again.

"Kemas ye? Balik sekarang. Sambung besok," he said.

"Okay," I said slowly. Somehow, this man has pulled me out of my sweet dreams just now! I just managed to pull the beard of my hero when he called me. Adooiii...but his face was disturbing. Why is that?

"Err...boss?" I called up slowly.


"I think you better shave la. Nampak macam Bangla. Hehe..." I looked down my files. I was too scared to look at him directly.

And the man in front of me smiled.

"Yeke...?" he grinned.


"Okaylah. Besok I shave. Eh tak...malam ni I shave, okay..." he said shyly.

I nodded shyly too. Perggghhh...pengakuan berani mati tu, Sha! Luckily he didn't scold me!

Oh Sha...what a dream!

Back to reality...

Spring. It's time to see the flowers. Guess what Sha was doing last weekend? I was checking out two Malaysian blogs which were featuring the spring pictures abroad. If only I'm in Edinburgh or Kuopio!

So,I created my own imagination - thinking about the places I wanted to be beside Seremban and Jalan Ampang. My third place has been shut down. So, no more Starbucks Seremban Parade. Besides, I need a place where I can be close to nature and things like, where?

So, my dream lingered in the field of red tulips in Holland;)

"Baik-baik jalan. Jangan jatuh," my boss said to me before I went out of his car that night.Oh yeah...I stumbled in front of KLCC few weeks ago, folks. With few bruises and cut knee, I had also torn my jeans. Adoi.

It's not like in Bollywood movies - where when you stumble, you'll stumble on bed of red tulips.

Aa Aab Laut Chalen...Let's go home...


Miss ... said...

bos itu yg mamat no komen tu ke hehe

hasni said...

apala kak sya ni
mujur boss sporting moting
st lagi
xsuka lelaki 'berbulu'
geli geli

~LP Lum~ said...

salam kak sha~

heheheh... menarik citer itu kak wlaupun dah dgr... :p

apa pun kak.. epy2 ok... :)

ps : starbuck tutup, elyna boutique still open... :)

iza~de~bintang said...

Duh lagu tu... memang layan hehe. Bila dengar muzik dia tu leh bayang golek2 kat taman munge :D

Teringin sangat nak jalan2 ke tempat yg Sha sebut tu...fulus pulak tak pernah cukup.. Kita berangan jer lah dulu buat masa ni. hehe.

Anonymous said...

Adoi laa... kebetulan masa kak tie baca ni ada lagu pesta ponggol kat tv... kira background music laa..hihi..
bukan main berangan lagi Sha ni..:

Adila said... i feel like nak pasang lagu shah rukh khan laaaa


Lan Bingka said...

siannya..sampai koyak jeans..
hati-hati ye, jangan berangan pasal bollywood semasa berjalan..;p

N A N I E said...

Dear..boss yang tak shave tuh mamat NO KOMEN ke? cemana la leh turn jadik Bangla neh? hehe :)

Dee said...

alah..baru nk berangan2 berlarian antara gunung ke gunung..hahaha..potong ar bos ni..

next time careful ye sha..sian dia jatuh..

Yunus Badawi said...

Pandai sha cakap hindi. Boleh jadi heroin hindustanlah kalau mcm ni.

Kalau kat Ampang ni boleh pergi Bukit Belacan kalau nak suasana yg nyaman sikit. Tapi taklah mcm di Holland masa spring. Kalau nak pergi Bukit Belacan rogerlah saya.

~Kak AZZ~ said...


sedap lagu tu...

Cik Qemm said...

kak sha ni suke berangan ye :)

nsb la tak terkam bos tu ingat hero akak :P