Friday, April 16, 2010

sha: marrying mat jambu

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I was sitting alone - sipping my Teh O Halia after finishing my Nasi Goreng Ayam when three macho guys were approaching me. One wore a white striped shirt, the other one was wearing purple striped black shirt and another one was wearing blue plain shirt. Their figures were humonguous!

"Makan sorang ke Cik Adik?" a deep husky voice behind me sounded too familiar.

I turned my back and saw them. Yes, they are the familiar faces I see from 9am to 5pm everyday. I smiled and they sat at my table. It was something I didn't plan because I was just inviting one of them but three of them came at the same time. Well, at least I have companion;)

I was lucky. Since I have three brothers and lived among men, having these three masculine male around me was not a problem at all. They chatted, they smoked, they talked secret codes but I couldn't be bothered.

Then they started to laugh.

"What?" I asked.

One of them smiled, "Kau amik port dia," he said.

Aaaahhhh...I smiled with satisfaction. I was forgetting the fact that I was eating at one of the famous mamak; the most strategic one; where all the hot chicks will try to lepak. Mmmmhmmmm...suddenly I realised that the spot I was seating was too good to be true. I could see lots of bums and valleys from there! Yuummmyyyyy...(if I'm a guy). But I'm not. Hehehe.

"Sori, bro. Ni port aku gak," I said while grinning.

"Laaaa....kau pon mengusha jugak ke?" he asked incredulously.

"Kau ingat pompuan tak buat ke?" I asked back. Then I ducked my head to check out the scenery in front of me. I saw a guy lit up his ciggy; his eyes were beautiful but his teeth was not. Black with cavities. Aduhhh...reject!

"Nieh...yang kat meja ni tak menarik ke?" he asked me.

"Tak," I answered simply.

"Apasal plak?" they probed.

"Kau laki orang, " I said. And they laughed with their deep voices. The girls were looking at me. Hehe. A deal of pride crept on my cheeks. The girls might be gorgeous, but they didn't have those beautiful people at their table:P

"Yang ni?" he pointed to the person beside me.

"Jambu. Taknak," I answered.

"Oiiiii...aku jambu ye!" the person retaliated. I laughed. The other two were laughing too.

"Yang ni?" they asked tactfully and showed the person in front of me.

My cheeks flushed.

"Yang ni aku taknak komen..."I said while laughing nervously.

No. I won't comment about the person who gave me my job, obviously:P

"Sha, aku nak tanya kau sikit. Dekat office kita siapa yang paling handsome kat ko?" they asked.

I looked at them. They were waiting for answer. Or most precisely, digging for answer.

"Takde." One word and they gave me unsatisfied look.


"Takde." And they smiled knowingly. Cool Sha, don't give them any clue:P

That was the end of the probing session. Me, Mat Jambu, Mat Dah Kahwin, and Mat No Komen enjoyed our meal afterward. But I guess, I was enjoying my view with the rest of them too. Oooo...there came the guy with thin lips! But he had

While sipping the last drop of my Teh O Halia, I was thinking about my own statement. Jambu. Mat Jambu. We associate this with a guy with fair skin, pink lips and boyish look. Like Dafi. Or Yusri KRU during his glory days. Or Leonardo when he was playing Jack in Titanic. Even Jimmy Lin when he was a poster boy.

Since the lips are mostly pinkish, the eyes are clear and the skin is fair, people tend to perceive Mat Jambu as less macho. I disagree with this. Most Mat Jambus I met were bad boys - they were tough and confident and they didn't say "Baik Punyeeeeee!!!"

As a woman, I don't fancy having a Mat Jambu as my boyfriend or husband. But Allah is great. Regardless how many times I said I didn't want a fair guy, I got one. Then another. That 's why people said, "You'll get what you wish you don't get"

But Mat Jambu is not bad after all. (this is in general, not the Mat Jambu who ate with me)

If marrying Mat Jambu is going to make Orkid looks like Agnes Monica, why not?:P


~LP Lum~ said...

salam kak sha~

hehhehe... agnes tu comey... mat jambu??? tak penah terpikir lak akan jtuh cinta ngan mat2 jambu nie.. :)

hasni said...

bagi kak sha
mat jambu ni mcm mana sbnrnya??
mksd saya
dari segi rupa paras tu mcm mn
cant imagine la how matjambu looks like

cHeRyNa PiReS said...

yang putih, bibir merah dan comel2...babyface macam Dafi:P

N A N I E said...

haha Mat No Komen mesti tersipu sipu malu after that :)Nick Carter old days dulu pun Mat Jambu hehe

Miss ... said...

haha mamat no komen tu dah kawen blom? ekeke

Othman Juliana said...

i love all those skinny guy. Which, i have always had one (mcm byk sgt kan? haha). Reason: am fat, so i will need a skinny one to fit the bed (haha). Damn, does this mean my future hubby will not be skinny as i always wanted it to be? (you'll get what you wish you don't get?)~ kena kurus la ni nak kasi muat katil!! *laughing with tears* :D

ps. sha, kem slm mat jambu ek~ jambu air or jambu batu? ;p