Thursday, April 29, 2010

sha: men are incredibly dull

cymbidium Bouquet
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"I'm trying, Papa, but most men are incredibly dull."
"They've been taught their manners, is all, darling."
"I'm not talking about manners. I mean their interests are," she petulantly finished. "Do you know how shallow most of their brains are, Papa? A nail scratch would touch bottom. And when I bring up some topic of conversation that might be the teeniest bit interesting, they look at me blankly and then change the subject by telling me how beautiful I am."
- Blaze Braddock from the novel Blaze by Susan Johnson

I was indulging myself yesterday as my bosses were not around. Come on, when was the last time I decided to go home early? Besides, if I went out of the office late yesterday, there won't be anyone who would accompany me in the end. Okay...okay...I don't want to talk much about this. I had a great time walking from one corner to another in Kinokuniya, bought my new book called Blaze and that was not a sin;)

Perhaps, I was thinking too much about the work.
Eh, perhaps, probably, maybe? Why am I jotting rubbish over here?! Sha...Sha...

I remember the time when I was infatuated with my ex-boyfriend, Mr. Ganu. Love captured my heart until I lost my sensibility. We first met in a shopping mall and have been formally introduced by a friend. He was...nice. I mean, he never forgot the time to pray, he smiled a lot and he was soft-spoken. He got manners.

Over the conversation of Nasi Kerabu, Manchester United and college life, I oversaw the part that he was just another human being. When our relationship was approaching a year, I found that he was not the man I wanted. Whatever he was saying did not penetrate my ears well and I got bored from one date after another. Why was that?

I have always adore men with worldly ideas and thoughts. I mean, I can't blame my ex-boyfriend for being dull and talked about the things I already knew but I had to admit that it was the way my parents brought me up. When I was small, I used to sit down and listened to my grandparents stories - about the time when British or Japanese were in the country, about the late former Prime Ministers, about the road and the changes in town. I had those stories when my parents were working and when my late grandmother was feeding me with Nasi Sup or prepared Cekodok for me during tea.

When my parents came back from school, my ayah - being a Geography and History teacher would then talked to me about all the weirdest stuff. He talked about Newfoundland as if I have been there. He mentioned things I was unaware of and eventually the things that I would never know if I was reading my own History book.

With my grandfathers' and father's stories - I eventually learned too many things and had difficulties in corresponding with men.

As a football supporter, music lover and a televisionaholic, my ibu would provide me with the latest info on all the stuff that I've been missing. Then there came my brothers who would tell me honestly about how guys are perceiving things and their preferences.

And friends...who would always amaze me with new stories and ideas.

Besides, being a blogger makes me updated too...

So, am I saying that I need someone to be like this:

Atuk + Atuk + Wan + Nenek + Ayah + Ibu + Brothers + Friends + Fellow Bloggers = Boyfriend/Husband

Hahahaha...please don't tell me that I'm too choosy. But I need someone who won't make me bored, who tells me things I don't know and who is damn smart to capture my attention. Just like a cymbidium. What is a cymbidium?

"Cymbidium (pronounced /sɪmˈbɪdiəm/),[1] or boat orchids, is a genus of 52 evergreen species in the orchid family Orchidaceae."

Boat orchids? Hehe. Just imagine how big my love boat will be if I need the guy to have the ability of being someone who can act like the important people around me;)

He is going to be someone who is hard to find. Just like a cymbidium.

"Dik, kalau kakak nak orkid cymbidium utk satu jambak, berapa adik charge?" I asked the florist yesterday.
"Cymbidium susah nak dapat, kak. Satu tangkai dah RM70," she replied.
"Ohhh...Orkid biasa?"
"Kalau rose satu bouquet dalam RM90, orkid kita charge dalam RM120,"the sweet girl informed me.

Huh. My favourite flower is costly. And RARE!!!

Same goes to my dream guy. I just need someone smart. Don't tell me that's rare too:(

Well, sometimes you found one and you just couldn't have him.
Because the good one, or in my case, the smart one - is TAKEN.


Pity me huh?:(


Kujie said...

belum bertemu orang yang tepat pada masa yang tepat tu...

N A N I E said...

Being's not about fussy kan..tapi kebebasan memilih..kawen bukan cam kapel..tak suka clash and run away :) Ai percaya you mesti nak yang terbaik dalam hidup you kan? InsyaAllah..percaya pada jodoh :) *hugs*

Dee said...

yup...belum bertemu jodoh lg tu sha..kalo 'dia' lah orgnya..xyah tertanya2 dh..hati sha sendiri akan tau..

~LP Lum~ said...

salam kak sha~

kita dlm situasi yg sma~

apa pun life must go on.. must epy2 always... :)
btl tak?? :p

a.z.r.i.n.a.03.07 said...

mah-halnye !

psst :
kRina pon lama xdtg sini.
bila update blog jengok yg kat atas jer..pastu kuar.. tak macam dulu; scroll the whole list... sowi yer..

Cik Qemm said...

haha macam2 kak sha ni.

i remember when i was back in school.i always adore someone who can lead.i adore the school captain, the class leader when i was in my tuition, captain of badminton team, and people who have achievements in their life.

but in love life, i think it is about learning and giving. we'll learn something from our partner and they will learn new things from us.

qemmal doakan akak jmpe dream guy akak. hope he is brilliant enough to entertain our smart kak sha :)

all d best sist!

~Kak AZZ~ said...

Apsal okid mahal ehh... hehehe...

Gd luck Sha... :)