Tuesday, April 20, 2010

sha: the pot and kettle clan

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Aku wanita yang punya cinta di hati
Dan dirimu dan dirinya dalam hidupku
Mengapa terlambat cintamu telah termiliki
Sedang diriku dengan dia tak begitu cinta

Woman #1
"Aku tak cintakan suami aku." The statement fell easily from her mouth. I remember hearing this few years ago from a moderately pretty lady. Moderate? Woowww...that sounds underestimating, don't you think?

But I can't help it. She IS indeed a moderate looking lady.She was tall and not so curvy. I could simply said that she was FLAT. Her body posture was too moderate for me to call her beautiful. In my opinion, since she was the one and only tall and slim Malay woman in the company, she created attention. If I put her in Petaling Street, surely no one could differentiate her with the Indonesian factory workers. None would know that she was an executive!

Folks, please don't pay attention to me. I was just being choosy in giving compliments;)

Honestly, I didn't give a damn about how she looked like. Everything was created by Allah. Kan?

But her statement was disturbing. I mean, you were saying that you don't love your husband? I mean, I saw your dating pictures! He was your boyfriend and you looked infatuated. If that was not love, how did you determined love then?

Yes, perhaps that was not love. Love was when you used the direct line the company was giving you to seduce someone else's husband. Or perhaps, when you were using the company's laptop to chat with your paramours. When you charmed them with your smile and sweet voice. Or when you couldn't have your lunches with the ladies as you liked having man as your companion. Love was when your kids were at home and you played single at work;)

Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder. Too bad I was looking at the attitude rather than physical looks;)

Woman #2
"Laki akulah satu-satunya. Aku takkan cari yang lain," she said confidently.

But everytime people searched for her during lunches, she was with a bujang terlajak; riding his Honda to eat outside the compound. Every morning she would report her conversation she had with the old bachelor - stating their joined concern for the department and company. Kononnyelah! I mean, what was the use of department meetings?

The question was, when most of the time you complained about the lack of time you had with your children, how could you explain those hours that you spent to talk to another guy beside your husband? How could you explain the complains that you made to others about your husband? The rough surface on his feet or his snoring habit in bed that you let others knew?

Of course, we weren't really interested in knowing your husband either. But since you were providing extra information...hmmmmmm...Can you at least say one good damn thing about him? Why were you praising another man, for goodness sake?

Her normal sour expression turned sweet the moment bujang terlajak had his tea with her. If she was someone who answered enquiries curtly when it came to others, she was totally a different person when it came to him. Her tone was light and cheerful, she knew how to laugh than scowl:P

Wowwww...that bujang terlajak surely keep some magical spells!

Not Menopause Yet!
"We're just friends."

A very popular statement indeed. I mean, yes, I have friends who eat lunch with their colleagues. But they were not specifying on one particular collague - having every single meal together - from breakfast to supper? Oh, I forgot. Those married women were still sharing the bowls of supper with their husband. Unless, they were going for outstation, of course:)

So, tell me folks...what do you think of Woman #1 and Woman #2 when they said...

"Sha, kau jangan kawan dengan Mimi tuh. Dia bercinta dengan suami orang! Dah sampai ke bilik tidur! Gedik...miang...mengorat laki orang!"

Look who's talking!

I smiled cynically. Yeah right, ladies. Mimi never said any word about you, old girls.

Bercinta dengan suami orang? Woman #1, kindly look at the mirror now!
Dah sampai ke bilik tidur? Women, if she was an untried virgin, science could prove it. How about you? Pillow fight accusation is serious - berdosa!
Gedik...miang....? Women, how should I address your actions then?

That particular single lady didn't have a sacred matrimony of their own to protect!

The pot is calling the kettle black, as usual.

The Taxi Driver
"Adik tau, pagi tadi ada budak dalam bangunan ni kena tangkap basah? Seorang isteri orang, seorang suami orang. Buat projek dalam office..." the traffic jam near Jalan Ampang was not that boring with the talkative taxi driver.

I chuckled.

"Saya tak faham, dik. Perempuan tu ada anak tiga...kenapa dia buat macam tu?"

Personally, I couldn't understand it either. The level of maturity for the women above 30 years old, married, and have kids might be more complicated than I thought. But my friends managed it. Why can't they?

Sha: Dah tau tak cinta, kenapa kahwin juga?

Oh, Woman #2 answered me that question once - "Sebab aku nak anak."

Should I just marry any Tom, Dick or Harry to get Orkid, folks?


Quiyah & Hasrul said...

if u do, i'll kill u

tun begia said...

sungguh complicated kannns,


Lan Bingka said...

perempuan yg berumur ramai jadi mangsa awang hitam kan.. habis hilang cinta pada suami..

atty's said...

kty ade baca kat mana ntah..dah anak 5 pun ..perempuan tu tak cintakan suami dia ..dan mintak cerai walupun laki dia baik giler..tak paham kenapa..

~LP Lum~ said...

salam kak sha~

biasa ar kak... nak wat mcm mna kan.. dorg lebih tgk org lennya sikap berbanding dri sndiri... :p

zeqzeq said...

mencari kepuasan yang tak bertepi.

memaksa cinta??boleh dipaksa ker?

zeqzeq said...

titik awalnya sang suami menyakiti hati sang isteri..samada bentuk hina atau WANG pangkat..

isteri dendam..

Dee said...

entahlah..susah nk komen..tp mmg byk terjadi sekarang ni..isk..jgnlah terjadi pd dee..

Pocket said...

pocket ada post dulu,
273. TheUglyTruth,
basically the comment to your woman #1 when it is a situation that marrying him is the next solution for her to move on with her life, its not about luv, but its more about getting somewhere.
getting something.
getting someone. (Orkid?)

so there u are sis.
the ugly truth :(

anyway.. about the mother of three who got caught doing it. Well lust would be the answer. physical attraction always win. humm humm

ijan said...

Macam-macam kerenah orang ni kan Sha. Jenuh juga nak melayan tu :)

Cik Qemm said...

haiyo mcm2 cerita org dah kerja ni ek. i have to get used to this stories :|

anyway, nice sharing sist!

hmm bile dgr mcm2 cerita ni, i would love to hear what is love from their perspective.

N A N I E said...

Dear..ntah la deep in my heart kekadang ai rasa sedih baca cerita cenggini #1 and #2..jangan terus terus buat dosa camtu..tak baik..bole tipu spouse sebab mungkin dia tak nampak..tapi ingat..Allah maha melihat..

Anonymous said...

Janganlah kahwin hanya hendakkan zuriat.. Kasih sayang pun penting gak. Takut nanti nyesal, dapat anak macam antu....

~~zAnAfAhMi~~ said...

salam Sha...
mcm2 perangai manusia skg ni, dunia nak kiamat tp masih berani membelakangkan suami...

iza~de~bintang said...

Aduh banyaknya persoalan, berangkai-rangkai pula jawapan. Fenin fenin.

Komen Kak Tie "dapat anak macam hantu" tu memang seram ehehehe.

Anonymous said...

life is unpredictable. some say true love is forever. some say love wont lasts long. marriage is complicated. most of the time kita hanya dgr & nmpk yg luaran je, tak layak utk menghakimi.