Wednesday, April 28, 2010

sha: putar, jilat, celup!

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I'm not saying jilat-celup-putar, right? Or celup-putar-jilat? Lick...lick...lick...hihi. Oi, why am I seeing blushing faces eh? Oooo...I know...I know. You guys are dirty minded! What? Are you thinking that I'm writing a porn stories over here?

As we know, we have lots of food blog these days. Women, especially mothers - wrote about their home-cooked food. Some provided the recipes, some talked about the connection between food and their daily routine. Whatever it is, food blogging is interesting. You can feast your eyes and learn about the things that you might not know before.

In this posting, I want to share some of my favourites and the reason behind it:

1. - Mr and Mrs. Faiz's stories about their lives in Kuopio, Finland made me learn more about recipes abroad. I never tried brussel sprout with ikan masin, but ever since I stumbled upon this blog, things started to change. I didn't know that food can be as good looking as the one I saw in pictures but ever since I looked into the effort made by the blog writer, I am now believing that food can be very seductive!

2. LOVE - Love has taught me about spices of life. I love the fact that she is writing about her children at the same time showing nice pictures! LOVE is providing me options when Malay cooking is somewhat conventional and common for me. With the selection of good ingredients, the method of cooking and the love in her recipes, I bet that your days will be more colourful as how this blog did to mine.

3. Watierman - I'm not a wife but if I am, I want to be like this blogger. The part which I enjoy the most when I visit this blog is when I read and see the pictures of the food her husband is bringing to work everyday. The way it is the served, the selection of menus and the quantity makes me think of how wonderful it will be if I can be like her - devoted, dedicated and sophisticated. All at the same time.

There are more food bloggers which was not stated in the list. At least, not yet;)

But what if I call these people - Kak Ijan, Love and Watierman - PORNOGRAPHERS?
What do you think?

Ehem...ehem...don't throw things at your PC yet. It's not worth it, folks! I'm calling them pornographers because they are food pornographers. Have you heard that term? Nope? you do. Food porn is very common these days, especially among the bloggers. It is when pictures of food are taken to tempt people especially the food lovers or the photography maniacs.

For example, food porn is working well for me as I tend to spend hours surfing flickr or food blogs to view the pictures of beautiful food. It's like the practice of people who are watching the real porn films or pictures. The saliva is drooling at the corner of the mouth. Sometimes, the tongue will stick out of the mouth and it will slowly lick the upper lip. The teeth will clench the lower lips to hold the expression of hugging the laptop or the PC monitor.

You can see it but you can't taste it.The sexy cherry on trifle or the bulky stuffed red peppers will tempt you. The slim red chilli is showing a waving expression;)

Food is sexy. With this posting, I declare that I'm a porn maniac. Food porn. Where the crave is safe. Jilat, putar and celup are literally serving their meanings in a good way. Recently I searched google for the word sedap, it came as other things like sedaplah abang, sedaplah nak jilat and so on. Well, sedaplah nak jilat in food porn is safe. You lick the real ice-cream and not the metaphoric ones okay;)

So, tell me..
What were you thinking when you read my first paragraph, folks?
Uisshhh...yellow brain, ek? Hehe.

To read more about food porn, click here.


zaradgreat said...

kak sha....
i'm drooling right now
terus nak makan cream puff kejap lagi

~LP Lum~ said...

salam kak sha~

huhuhu... terasa lapar lak plak.... :p
abis ar diet ku kak wei... :))

hasni said...

hasni lbh suka pergi jelajah blog pasal makanan ni

Othman Juliana said...

argh, your first paragraph = drooling for oreo biscuits! of course with fresh milk as partner. oh! mana tak gemuk nih! ;p

**learned to cook western foods from my beloved dad~

Anonymous said...

first time aku dengar term ni
ford sebagai sumber keghairahan

Entri terbaru:

manje said...

i'm clean i'm clean
kihkihkih, oreo n something else, haih~~~

zino said...

sedap di makan bagitu saja.. hehe

Sya Annur said...

try this one kawan aku masa kat nihon. dia mmg la suka n pandai n rajin memasak, hehehe

Yunus Badawi said...

I was thinking about Oreo too. My brain is still pink I guess? hehehe

♥LOVE2COOK♥ said...

Sha!!! Did I came in on right time??? hahaha! :)

Hey, thanks alot on the write-up ya! Really appreciate it...ooops food pornographers??? kihkihkih!

I'm back again today...came to say Hi to U...ended up with surprise! Thanks ya! Enjoy reading ur blog too!

intanurulfateha (◡‿◡✿) said...

.im craving for mc flurry oreo

Dee said...

tgk tajuk terus imagine oreo..hahaha..

Cik Qemm said...

haha ingat iklan oreo td :)

qemmal pun suke tengok gambar food. dan ade bloggers yg buat qemmal telan air liur depan pc. sigh~

~Kak AZZ~ said...

Hahaha... Kdg2 tgk gambar makanan buat kita teruja je.... Tp yg tak bestnya bila kita try resepi tu tak menjadi... huhuhu...

kak ijan said...

Salam Sha,
Terima kasih tulis pasal kami kat blog Sha.. terharu pulak rasanya :)

Pornographer? well.. i don't mind. hahaha :D