Tuesday, June 01, 2010

sha in love: kebahagiaan dalam perpisahan

Early Morning Dew
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Tak perlu ucapkan sepatah kata
Kerana lantang terbaca dari muka
Kau dan aku sudah tiada keserasian di jiwa
Mungkin magisnya sudah hilang

Thank You, Edry KRU. This piece of art that you created has just made me realised that I was singing my own story. Love is a type of magic and I just lost it;)

Tak perlulah kita mencuba lagi
Betulkan kesilapan perhubungan ini
Bila setiap perbincangan menjadi perbalahan
Manakah agaknya cinta kasih?

I looked at her face and smiled.
"Kesian you, babe...." I said after crying my heart out.

My new friend shrugged with a grin.

Well, she was there for me. All the time. Even when she was about to sleep and I was to restless to not think about what had happened. I was so lucky to be surrounded by caring people. And that included my boss who acted like a big brother during my time in need. He even asked to rest at home! Well let's just say that this thing about "Sha tak jadi kahwin" has been taken into consideration as something important;)

Embun pun takkan mampu menyubur sekuntum
Bunga yang layu pada musim luruh
Yang dulunya mekar disinar suria
Bila sudah kering pasti akan gugur
Seperti cinta kita yang jelas ternyata
Semakin lama semakin rekah
Menimbulkan tanya apa mungkin kita
Temu kebahagiaan dalam perpisahan

I knew that my relationship was beyond repair. Everyone said so. Even my parents agreed to it. And I was very confident that I made the right decision of not continuing everything we had for the past almost 5 years. I knew I could stand tall on my own (even though literally I'm not a tall person myself!)

Tiap titis airmata kau tangiskan
Ku dah cukup menampung selautan
Begitu lama ku pendam tapi hanya berdiam
Kerana cuba menafi realiti

Pelita Nasi Kandar, Jalan Ampang, May 2010, 6pm.

Me: Sepet wanted to marry me.
She: Really?! Wooowww...that's cool! Bila....tell me the plans!
Me: It was supposed to be a fortnight ago. I was supposed to meet his family officially.
She: Then? You went there? Met them?
Me: Nope. I couldn't.
She: Don't tell me your work is getting in the way.
Me: Nope. My boss approved my leave.
She: Then?!
Me: We broke up.
She: WHAT?!!! Sha, are you out of your mind?
Me: What the hell is wrong with break up? This is not the first time, She...
She: Sha, you cannot be like this...
Me: Like what...
She: Too choosy. He wanted to marry you. That's good enough.
Me: And ignored the point that he needed to ask my parents' permission? Kedah tu jauh, tau tak!
She: Alaaaa...that's a small matter.
Me: Not to me...no. I have given him a week to either call or meet my parents to tell them that he wanted to bring me with him.
She: Itupon nak break up?
Me: You should hear other things he said. I weighed everything and it was not worth it.
She: Sha...at your age, at this point of time, especially after you grew fat, you shouldn't do that.
Me: This is about my pride and my family's, okay!
She: But then Sha...you need to accept a jerk in order to find happiness. Otherwise kalau continue macam ni sampai bila pun you won't find love.

Accept a jerk?
No way.

And there I was...thinking how could my best friend gave a different point of view.
We knew each other more than 10 years ago...


Shahir, thanks for singing the song with emotions;)


Miss ... said...

sha lagu ni mmg best :)

zino said...

semuga di pertemukan jodoh .. amin..

ungu said...

no... do not marry a jerk.
u can find ur own happiness. being single doesn't mean being unhappy.

Anonymous said...

im lost~kak sha, please buzz me when u online> seribu satu soalan nak ty.hehe thanz

~LP Lum~ said...

salam kak sha~

biar ar apa org len nak ckp kak.. kalo setakat nak kawen ngan org yg mcm hantu, bek xyah.. kita kawen bukan takat 1 atau 2 arie tapi sepjg hayat... :)

Quiyah & Hasrul said...

that is so damn prejudice..
u deserves much better than that sha..

kucai said...

tell me the 'other thing' he said..if u dont mind lah.hehe

Dee said...

oh no sha..don't ever accept people/man in ur life just becoz u're getting older..n to shut other people's mouth..nti if that jerk buat u x happy..u akan menyesal sha..

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

tapi betul gak kata kak sha, nak bawak kak sha g jauh-jauh, mintak lah izin ur parents. then, the way u cerita amy rasa amy pun akan buat the same thing as yours.

alah kak sha, chubby tak semestinya tak comel. dan tak semestinya tak dek orang nak!! ur fren tak patut kot cakap macam tuh, too much kot. jodoh semua nih kat tangan Allah. mana tahu jodoh kak sha dengan jejaka tampan macam fahrin ke? kan? kita tak tau... ;)