Tuesday, May 04, 2010

sha: the temptation of will gardner

When I watched the repeat show of The Good Wife last Sunday, my heart was pounding fast. Will Gardner. I saw the advert but I couldn't guess much. However, my prediction was correct, Will and Alicia kissed each other in that episode.


Call me a tv maniac. Indeed I am! When it comes to my favourite show, I tend to be very detail about it. Especially when Will was not wearing his tie in that episode and he looked hell better than the episodes before. Hehe. Please sense the interest, folks. Jack Bass is in danger!

Besides, Adamaya has no repeat show, okay? (and I'm not watching it either)

Okay. I'm not talking about Adamaya or my obsession on The Good Wife. I want to talk about something else. This is it...

Lately, the only thing which reached my mind was this question:

How can one fall for his/her boss?

or in Will Gardner's position:

How can one fall for his/her subordinate?

I know I am not the right person to talk about this. I mean, my mentor fell for me and vice versa. But then again, my situation was different. I was in the Operations where politics were not my game. And as you guys already knew, we broke up. Part of the reason? Respect. There were times when our relationship was effected just because we used to work together.

So, my love story should be eliminated from my question then. It was indeed troublesome in certain area. Then, I read somewhere in About.com Management and it said this:

"It is not surprising that romance springs up at the office. We spend a third or more of our lives in the office or other places of work."

Yes, I remember in the episodes where Will watched Alicia through the glasses of his room. I also remember the part where they worked until late night and Alicia was always on call because Will needed her. They spent too much time together - and eventually we could see the scandalous part of the story.

Well, this might be the reason. But what if I give you the other reason? A strand of survival, perhaps?

Before I worked here, I had encountered a problem where infatuation effected quality of work. Where I had to do certain things because of a person's infatuation towards another person.

"Sha...aku nak kau buat ni dulu..."
"Sha...aku tak suka betul ni. Aku dengar si **** cakap pasal kau semalam..."
"Sha...malam tadi **** call aku, dia cakap macam tu...macam ni...boleh kau tolong buat report..."

Aahhh...guess what? I got so fed-up until I nearly threw up. When my days were getting bored because of the infatuation, I just gave up. When you used the influence of your scandalous partner for you to get promoted. What? You left me with tonnes of work because you wanted to be near him when he had his tea? Or lunch? You wanted to go home early because you were car pooling with him? Him...him...and him. You condemned one girl who was not involved with you because you had the expression that she was tackling your interest?

Come on. Grow up.

Since then, I have the tendency of disliking any budding interest towards working peers especially when it is involving superior and subordinate. Maybe I am a little bit old fashion. Besides, jodoh itu ketentuan Allah, kan?

And furthermore, if you put me under Will Gardner (not literally, of course)...if you ask me to work under Will Gardner, I might fall under the spell as well.

Just ask him to remove his tie and wear jeans instead of business suit.

I don't know whether I can resist the temptation either. Haha! Especially when he calmly said, "I know..."

The question is:
How about ethics? Boredom?

* skip the kissing part if you're uncomfortable, k...


~LP Lum~ said...

salam kak sha~
wah2... citer nie mcm lebih kurang ngan kehidupan reality akak... :)
adakah ianya secara kebetulan ataupun apa eik?? :p

Pocket said...

macam dalam citer the proposal yang sandra bullock blakon tu, samo jgak,
cuma diorang ada trigger point.
which was her having to be deported
to canada.

Well that was hers..
what about u?
humm hummmm

like u say, we spent most of our awake time in the office and i can say that it is unethical for us not to fall for people in the office.
(Buleh ker ayat cenggini?)
Ethically i dont think there's an issue there, but both of u cant work in the same area anymore after the akad nikah of course :D heheh...

that is the ethics.

Adila said...

won't u get bored looking at the same person every single day?
muak kot lama2 haha xD

Tie said...

Kak tie tak boleh nak komen kelmarin...huhu...

Err... mana kereta honda tu ek?

Betul kata Adilla... tak boring ke ?

aBoi said...

haha...apa salah jatuh cinta dengan boss and vice versa..bagus apa satu ofis..

atty's said...

kty mmg suka tgk citer good wife nie..