Wednesday, June 30, 2010

wc2010: andai aku pasha ungu

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Bachelor of Accounting (Hons), Universiti Tenaga Nasional.


Apparently, my brain was not functioning properly. My report was not tally, therefore I had to sit and sing and relax. Arrgghhh....I hate accounts! Why do I have to do it?

My mind was blaming my mum. Ooo...that was not good, folks.

Then, I remembered the picture I posted on my FB wall. Hehehe. I saw people talking in front of me:

"Nak tgk boyfriend Sha?" I asked him.

"Mana...mana...mana?" he asked and went to my place. Then he grumbled,

"Entah gambar pelakon manalah nak tunjuk ni...."

I viewed the wall and showed him the picture. He was silent.

"Pasha Ungu," I grinned at him.

He shook his head.

Then I heard, "Andai aku...Pasha Ungu..."

And I laughed. Some people are just good in relating the songs with the mood. Good...good...good...

It cheered me up and the moment I heard him singing again, I got an idea. And that idea gave me the source of where should I found the missing amount.

"Yes!" I yelled. He continued singing while smiling.

There must be reasons why my mum said that I'm better with numbers than facts. Hehe.

Today, I got 4 songs plastered on my FB wall - four videos of Ungu which showed the nice features and voice of Pasha. Thanks to the caring people who knew my interest in his music. And him. Huhu.

Ku mencintaimu lebih dari apa pun...meskipun tiada satu orang pun yang tahu....

Uh-huh. Something is telling me that LP Lum purposely dedicated this song to me.

Menatap indahnya senyuman di wajahmu membuatku terdiam dan terpaku...

Definitely. I'm having that problem when I'm seeing Pasha lately. I mean, on my FB wall:P

Mungkin benar ini jalan takdirku...mengagumi tanpa dicintai....

Errr...can I not talk about this?

Pasha...tell me why people are not choosing Ungu for the World Cup jerseys?

Is she not pretty enough? ungu an awful colour for you?

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

wc2010: beckham beans

baked beans, originally uploaded by olgucz.

"Am I that bad?" I asked him sadly.

He smiled gloomily and said.

"It's like this. When you have too many things to do, sometimes you lost."

I looked at him with a speculative gaze, wondering what he was thinking. I mean, his opinion mattered much for me to improve myself.

"Sebulan, dua's okay to go home late. Tapi...takkan tiap-tiap hari balik lambat?" he showed an example.

I was silent.

It was not because I didn't have anything to say, but I had too many things in mind. Will I be able to make it? I have so many things to do and I'm focusing on only one thing: WORK.

I wonder how David Beckham make it:
1. Football
2. Victoria
3. Family
4. Sponsors
5. Other things that make him rich...

...and most importantly, his girlfriends.

England lost yesterday, folks. Is it because they don't know how to prioritise between fame and work?

Oooo....I want an English breakfast. I don't care about England team yesterday. A nice bowl of hot baked beans will be nice in this condition.

A condition where I have to choose...
Between work and love:)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

wc2010: ada apa dengan shah alam?

Sungai Renggam. Sungai Renggam. Sungai Renggam.

I knew that I have been there few times when I was small. But, my mind could only remember the sight of the mosque, the stadium when I was watching football and the fish in the pond.

Shah Alam was never my favourite. When I was in school, students from Shah Alam used to brag about the name Shah Alam itself. I mean, I knew the name of Shah Alam itself might be nice to hear...but, ada apa dengan Shah Alam?

We used to answer that question nastily,
"Podah...panggung wayang pun takde!"

and they would answer sarcastically about how the Shah Alam is clean from all the unnecessary entertainment.

But the rave continued with...
" kilang beer ada pulak!"
(the company which sponsored Liverpool)

And we started to have word fight with people from Shah Alam. (either we were from Seremban or Segambut, our heart towards people in Shah Alam remained the same. We just hated the people from that place!)

Someone from Shah Alam said stupid things to me about football and brought his Shah Alam friends along. Since then, it has been hard. Shah Alam with hard headed people - maybe I was too judgmental.

But it is not fair, don't you think? That place hasn't done anything worst to me. Maybe the bunches I met were bad, but they were not supposed to be the sample of the whole population in Shah Alam.

However, that doesn't mean Sha is willing to find her jodoh in Shah Alam, okay? That is unimaginable. Hehe. Honestly. Unless I find someone who looks like Pasha:P

Or perhaps...someone who can be passionate about football.
Someone who won't compare Christiano Ronaldo and Fernando Torres.
Someone who won't compare Zaqwan Adha and Amri Yahyah.
Some one who knows the difference between Red Devils in England and Red Giants in Malaysia.
That's important!!!
Someone who can tell me, there is a nice traditional food in Shah Alam.
(Shah Alam ada traditional food ke?)

Because after Googling, Flickring, and Wikipediaing....

I can't find anything nice to eat in Shah Alam at all.
I just found comments on football.

I'm going to Shah Alam today!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

wc2010: the land of asam pedas

Originally uploaded by mat_gebu
How many siblings do you have?
I have three. All brothers - I'm proud to say.

How many siblings do you have at home?

Not anymore. Today, I'm sending one to the Land of Asam Pedas. Tomorrow I'm sending the other one to the Land of Red Giants. Next month, another one will be sent to the Land of Asam Pedas.

My late grandfather used to say, "Kalau nak kahwin, kahwin orang Melaka." It might be the culture in both Negri Sembilan and Malacca is almost similar - we are straight forward people who just spit our heart out when it comes to the art of talking;)

All three brothers were/are studying in Malacca - I have seen no glimpse of Malacca girls in our home so far. I'm wondering if there is any.

The first and second brother were begging for other food when they came back from Malacca. "Ibu...jangan masak asam!" they said.

I'm yet to find whether the third brother will be the same.

Haaiii...maybe asam pedas is easy to find on that land. But it's my favourite if my brothers hate it. Maybe I'm the one whose supposed to marry person from Malacca. Hehehe;)

Now, I long is the history of asam pedas?
Was it there when the anchestor of Christiano Ronaldo conquered Malacca?
Or was it there when during Dirk Kuyt's ancestors' time?
Or was it started during Steven Gerrard's ancestor's time?
Perhaps later, during Honda's ancestor's time?

Gossshhh...we had times of the conquerors, Malaysians.

I'm going to be one today.

Malacca, here comes Sha Bonaparte!
(or Sha Bond 007 from Orkid's Cafe)

*thanks to Mat Gebu. It is because of him, this picture is available in Flickr.

Friday, June 25, 2010

wc2010: lelaki crocs darat

lila crocs
Originally uploaded by loop_oh
Infatuated. That word again. I thought that I would never feel this way but I do. Thinking about the same person for at least a quarter of 24 hours in my life has made me realised that there are people that you don't want to be in your life but they already stay in your life. For all you know, they entered your life earlier than the farthest you mind could recall.

That is how I feel about the bus that I missed. Gosshhh...I'm talking about that bus again, am I? You must be sick and tired to read about him but recently I can't stop talking about this one particular bus.

He is the one that I don't want.
But ended up the be the most wanted.

Abaikanlah. Taken is the word I should remember right now. Like Magda's advice to Lucy in the latest novel I bought in Kinokuniya, You're the One that I don't Want.

These are things you should look in a man when you want to consider him as a partner:

1. Credit Card. No Visa or MasterCard. Only American Express.
2. Watch. Rolex or Cartier and no Swatch.
3. Shoes. Leather. Italian. And no Crocs:)
4. No wedding ring on his fingers.

No Crocs. Hahaha. American Express is too much to ask. Rolex and Cartier are available in Petaling Street. No Crocs? Well, some guys look nice in Crocs. Especially the bright coloured Crocs. I like Timberland, of course...but towards some extend, don't you think a guy needs to be casual? An uptight image is not always approachable, right?

The last part made me laugh though. These guidelines are certainly not applicable to football players. Regardless whether they are single or married, they will still have people who are going to drool over them (mind you, people - gays are included!).

Just look at the way Cannavaro cried last night. Look at his six packs. One might forget that he will miss the next World Cup due to his antique age:P

He is an Italian. But he was not wearing leather shoes when he earned his living last night.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

wc2010: menyesal...regret...

I went to meet some bank people today. It was about work. Then, I went for a breakfast with an office mate.

I ordered the egg toast.

But then when I came back from breakfast and went for a lunch, I regretted my decision. I was supposed to eat this one. I don't know the name because I never ordered this. But I wanted this more than I wanted the egg toast.

So how?

Regret is not good, right?

* Menyesal sokong France and

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

wc2010: aaaaaaaaahhhhh....

It was one of several games in World Cup 2002 and I had enough. Spain vs. France. I was favouring France since I was crazy about French football at that time. Talk about Robert Pires. Even though he was not playing that year, I dreamed of his goatie all the time;)

I was crazy about him. Only him. I was too loyal to be true at that time. I didn't know how to cheat and I was too naive to recognise a sexual appeal.I used to be innocent, you see. Okay, stop reading with that puke in your mouth:P

My lady friends were screaming when they saw Vicente - the mediocre player who didn't know how to cross the ball. They laughed at me when I cheered for France. Yup, I admit...Patrick Viera was as dark as buntut kuali. Makelele's lips were not as pink as Raul Gonzalez'. But they were good football players with great skills!

So, the next day I went to my best friend's apartment. She was staying with the seniors. Since I was crazy about football, they invited me to watch the game with them. They picked me up from my apartment and went to the newly opened Tesco Puchong. We packed a bucket of KFC before one of my seniors stole bottles of ketchup and put them in her big handbag.

"Kita ramai. Nak harapkan yang diorang bagi tu memang tak cukup. Malam nanti nak buat spaghetti lagi," she said.

I smiled nervously at their actions. It was not because I haven't done it but I didn't realise that I had eventually met my match!

Later,we sat near the TV while munching the chicken.

"Paraguay. Ada tak pakwe handsome dalam team nie?" she asked me.

"Hmmm...yang Sha kenal Chilavert, keeper dia tu je..." I said innocently.

"Tulah kau. Kena baca lebih sikit. Diorang ada Santa Cruz tau!" she smiled.

"Tengok nie...perrrgghhhh..." she nudged my elbow.

Roque Santa Cruz was licking his lips as he missed the attempt to score. His eyes were deep set, his thick eyebrows were making it deeper. He looked gorgeous and...aaaahhhhh...

" like hell, kan?" she laughed when I was gaping at the man.

I nodded innocently. I learned about the term sexy that day. At the same time, I learned about the word...GEDIK.

World Cup 2002 was held in Korea and Japan whereby the spectators were mostly women. They screamed, they moaned, they sighed the moment they saw handsome, sexy men on the big screen. The best thing was when the camera was only focusing on the handsome sexy men's reaction when they missed a goal or made any sexy gestures like licking their lips or changing their jerseys!

The sepet women went wild.

"Kau tengok tu. Semuanya gedik. Mesti kau tak tahan tengok semua ni semalam kan?"

I said yes. The Vicente freaks were making me crazy last night.

"Dengan aku ni...aku pon suka tengok. Tp tak sampai tahap menjerit macam tulah. Look, learn. Kita perempuan je kat sini. Kalau kau suka, kau cakap. Tapi jangan menjerit,kay?" said the 1978 borned girl in front of me.

"Okay," and I saw Santa Cruz rolled on the field.

"Nesta lagi tonggek dari dialah, Sha..." she said.

"Nesta lagi tanned, "I said agreeably.

"Lepas ni kita tengok Nesta," she smiled cheekily.

"Macam muffin," I said nastily.

"Hehe," and we licked the mashed potato.

I learned something from her when I watched football:
Regardless how enthusiastic you are when you see a good looking guy, act like normal. Don't scream like Korean and Japanese women in the tv!

"Yang tu...boleh tahan gak," my friend pointed at the guy in front of me.

"Hmmmm...baju biru. Boleh tahan," I said.

"Boleh tahan je?"

"Okaylah babe...but kena tgk dia berdiri dulu," I said softly.


"Nampak gaya macam pendek je," I sucked the straw.

We dealt with the situation coolly. He didn't realised that we were watching him. Surely, my senior has taught me how to react well.The lesson learned when I was watching football with her.

I practiced what she taught me when I encountered a handsome men. But there was one thing which I did not practice:
Finding for options.

I had always been loyal to Pires, it was hard to say another footballer was much better looking than him.
Then, I was too in love with Sepet, I didn't realise how many good options I have missed.

Someone told me, "jodoh itu umpama bas yang berhenti di perhentian."

Haiiiii...I know I have been missing several busses in my life. Maybe it was my own fault. But I didn't feel anything about it. However,the one that I missed recently was causing heartache. For some reason, he is much special than the others.

I missed that one special bus. He is taken.
I hope there'll be more to come.

But surely, I won't scream if I see the good one! I will just...aaaahhh...


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

wc2010: memeluk blue bulan

Jewels of the Blue Moon
Originally uploaded by **Mary**
Blue Moon, you saw me standing alone,
Without a dream in my heart,
Without a love of my own,
Blue moon, you knew just what I was there for,
You heard me saying a prayer for,
Someone I could care for...

I hugged my bolster. How I wish that I was hugging Zainal Arief. Then I looked at the soft toy sitting beside my head. A teddy bear clad in a royal purple robe with a mortar board on his head.

Orkid Zainal Arief.

Nope. Not Orkid. Stop thinking that, Sha. It's a bear, not Orkid. Blue Bear- from Celcom.

"Suzuki Swift kecik la..." he said.

"Sesuai dengan orang bujang. Sha pun silap2 bujang sampai bila2..." I answered.

"Be careful what you wish for," he replied.

For some reason, that statement reminded me of my story book by Alexandra Potter.Interesting book, I learned a lot from it. I remember the day when he looked at that book and I said,

"Be careful what you wish for."

"I always get what I wish, "he said.

"I don't," I said sadly.

Yup. I don't get what I wish. I have to work hard for everything I want. Which makes me tougher, actually. But that is in the area where I wanted it the most; where I could work things out. How about in the area where I am helpless and need luck?

It's like Memeluk Bulan.

Then, I hugged my bolster tighter to my chest. My eardrum was working on the song by Rossa called Memeluk Bulan. And it reminded me of the old days.

I came back from my classes. My housemates were packing their swimsuits.

"Gi swimming ke babe?" I asked.

"Yup, kitorang ada swimming class. Rugi kau tak join, Sha. Next sem join la,"she said.

I smiled bitterly. I couldn't afford a swimsuit at the time. The money I received should only be used for assignments and meal!

So, I walked to another friend's apartment:

"Babe...aku nak keluar. Ada kelas golf,"she said.

Then I turned to another friend.

"Aku ada equastrian," she said.

I was all alone.

So, I left with this hole in my heart. I couldn't even afford to buy that stick to hit that damn ball! I couldn't get myself on the horse. Well, I felt left out.

The next day, friends were talking about the games and I was silent. My roommate was looking at me intently.

"Relaxlah babe...kita takleh nak buat macam tu. Tapi kita boleh try cara lain, kan. Jom jumpa dean?" she suggested.

The solution for us to replace that expensive curricular subject was by taking another core subject.

My roommate who minored in Finance took International Finance.
I, for some reason, took Human Resource Planning.

We held our hearts in our chests when we heard friends talking about their activities. Well, I was lucky. I had her. We were in the same boat.

* * *
"Relaxlah babe...kita sama boat," I smiled through the phone.

"Kau lain, Sha..." she said miserably.

"Apa lainnye? Same je kau dengan aku, geng tak jadi kawen...hehehe..."

"Tapi kau, kau pilih macam tuh. Aku ditinggalkan,"she said.

"Tapi cerita kita ending sama je, babe. Simpan harapan yang tak jadi. Kan?" I replied.

"Kau dah jumpa org lain, Sha?" she asked.


"See...cerita kau ending dah lain!" she exclaimed.

"Lagi teruk, ada. He is taken. Dah lah tu, aku sorang je suka dia. Dia tak minat aku," I said.

"Okay...itu tak best..." she said silently.

"Aku nampak bantal peluk ni macam dia. Tp dia org punya. Memanglah tak best..." I said sadly.

"Macam masa kau tak dapat amik kelas swimming, kelas golf dulu. Itu perasaannya, kau tau..." I continued.

She was silent.

"Relaxlah babe...mesti kita jumpa cara lain," I said the same sentence she said to me last time.

Both of us were discussing silently. Thinking about our wishes which did not come true.

Memeluk bantal's like Memeluk Bulan!

Dear Hati,
Sabarlah. Don't cry. France is losing tonight.

* Get your World Cup blue bear now!!! I'm getting Esbearanyol from Celcom:P

Monday, June 21, 2010

wc2010: kote main...kote main!!!

Ahu Kote Riku
Originally uploaded by Marvin!
"Jom tengok wayang!" she said enthusiastically.

"Cerita apa?" we asked lazily.

"Koyot Ugly!" she said confidently.

"Apa dia, babe?" We thought we didn't hear it right.

"Koyot Ugly!" she repeated with more confidence.

"Kooo..kooo...Yott?" one of us asked back.

She nodded happily.

Hahahahahaha...we rolled on the floor. She was frowning. Clearly, she was unaware of the real situation. She didn't know what she was saying.

"Ka-Yo-Ti Ugly," my smartest friend corrected her.

"Tapi kenapa dia eja..." she was confused.

"Eja je macam tuh. Sebut dia macam aku ajar kau tadi. Dah...dah..siap. Buat malu je kalau org lain dengar..."

And we sang LeAnn Rhymes song - Can't Fight The Moonlight on the way home that night.

* * *

"Apa diorg minum tu ek?"

"Apa dia?"

"Tuuuuuuuu...." she showed with her lips.

"Hmmm...minuman dioranglah," I said.

"Tiger. Henneiken. Carlsberg. Aaaann Chooooorrrr..." she said slowly.

I barked a laugh.

"Apasal kau gelak?" she asked innocently.

"Anchor la pandai. Engggkeeeerrrrr..." I smiled when I pronounced that.

"Ooooo...gua bajet Annnn Chooorrr...."

"Bukan Hancur!" I laughed. My cheeks were warm.

"Malu...malu..." she put her face beneath the table.

"Dahlah...lainkali belajar sebut dulu, kay?"

* * *

My team's name was Ivory Coast. But our T-shirt was printed with something else:

Cote D' Ivoire

"Camne nak sebut nieh, Sha?" my friend asked me.

"Kote," I said while laughing.

"Ko...teee...wooiii...mencarut!!!" my friend blushed fiercely.

"Yelah, ejaan macam kote. Aku mana reti sebut. Takde sape ajar, babe. Serious yang ni aku tak tau," I said.

Indeed, I didn't know how to pronounce it. I was laughing at myself when I was trying to pronounce it. It was way too hilarous and diverting - all at the same time!

So, we just pretended we knew and refer the team as Ivory Coast.

* * *

"Kote main! Kote main malam ni!" she said enthusiastically.

"Sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssshhh!!!" All of us looked at her fiercely while giving a hard stare.

"Uik...apasal?" she asked dumbly.

"Apa kote-kote? Kau tak nampak semua org pandang kita ke babe?"

We blushed.

The whole restaurant were looking at us.

Kote main.


Pls teach me how to pronounce the name of the country.
I can't afford to hear obscene stuff:P

Sunday, June 20, 2010

wc2010: the saab story

RED SAAB 93 (1960)
Originally uploaded by dutchsaabduo
Red Saab 1960. I was smiling while I am looking at this picture. It reminds me of a man who used to own the car.

I only saw him driving once in my life. That was the first and the last time. The distant? Well, few yards from his house was the farthest that I could see. As an eight year old girl, I perceived him as a bad driver, thinking that he was not as competent as his sons.

And that might be the reason why he was ordering his sons around. Especially the eldest one. When he wanted to go to a kenduri, his daughter in-law and his small grandchild would sit at the back, while his son drove him to his destination. When he wanted to see a friend, his young son played his duty again - and that duty would include his wife and the daughter. He had several places to go - and I wondered why I have never seen his son sighed; regardless of the time that he had to sacrifice with his own budding family at that time.

But he would never drove his own car. There were times when he took the bus or the cab to visit his special barber called Mokhtar in town; and his car would be left at home. That Red Saab was for his children's use and not his.

I wondered why. There were several occasion when I was furious because having him in the car would definitely made me sit at the back in my father's new car. I was only spared the front seat in that old Saab. Old..old...old...Saab.


The Red Saab was gone eventually. It means, my means of transportation to his house (whenever he wanted to see me) was gone too. I didn't realise how much I missed the red antique. No more vrooom...vroooommm sound. And I cannot sit at the front seat ever.

Red Saab was replaced by several sophisticated car from that day onwards. The departure of Saab would be the lesser time spent with him, considering that his eldest son was no longer his only driver. I grew up - went to boarding school and university and had lesser time to spend on kenduri. I didn't realise that, folks.

Then, I became more busy just to earn some money to buy a car. I told him, "One day I will drive you around, just like ayah did." He smiled when he entered the cab after he ate Beehoon Goreng - a treat that I could afford with my small salary.

But that was the last time I ate with him. A month later, I received a phone call from ayah, saying that he was in comma due to a stroke attack. He was silent forever.

It was not easy. Two years of talking to him without a respond made me realised how much I missed being teased by the man who once owned the Red Saab. The man whom I accused of being lazy to drive. The man whom I accused of robbing my childhood when all he wanted to do was for me to know the people in kampung so that I would appreciate kampung life.

He was rest in peace in year 2008.


I was on the way back from work when my father had asked me to drive his car. I was feeling uncomfortable. I hate driving. Especially when ayah is my tester. I even hated my JPJ tester when I was taking my license last time.

When we were about to reach home, suddenly I saw this strange looking bump in front of me. The car slowed down.

"Bukan itu....."

"Ular sawa..." ayah said.

So I swiveled the car to the right....and the big phaeton survived.

Today, a stupid monkey sat on the road.

"Ayah...macam mana nak buat dengan monyet ni?" I asked my dad as I pushed the brake paddle.

"Slow aje...nanti dia lari la tu...." ayah gave me the instruction.

Then the monkey went away.

When we were about to reach home, a ripe mango fell from the tree and dropped on the road.

"Jangan langgar mangga!" ayah said.

I turned the steering to the right.

The phaeton, monkey and even the mango survived!

They were small achievements that I could be proud of. But a thought came through my head just now:

"His father didn't say anything when he was driving last time. How did he managed to do it? Especially with that old Red Saab."

I don't know. The only thing I know is that his father was not driving ever since he almost hit a person with that Red Saab. Since then, my father has been his driver. My father did not managed to have guidance like me when he was driving.

I almost hit a monkey and I was freaked out. Luckily I had a father by my side. I wonder my own father's feeling now - he doesn't have his father at his side. Not anymore.

How I wish I could drive like my father.
So that I would be more confident, even when he is no longer by my side one day.

A Red Saab will be replaced by a Red Suzuki Swift soon, insyaAllah.
Al-Fatihah...he won't even see it.
But my father will. I promise!!!

Today is my late grandfather's birthday. If he is still alive, he is 76 years old and celebrates Father's Day today.

* Saab - a Swedish car. No blue and yellow for this WC, though...

Saturday, June 19, 2010

wc2010: sha bond 007 - ugly name, aye?

Big Ben and Red Umbrella, originally uploaded by roguesgallery17.

Someone told me that the British understand the proverb, "Sediakan payung sebelum hujan" better than the Malays. That was because the weather in London is unpredictable - rain falls at any time.Anyone who does not brings umbrella on the street will be perceive as someone stupid.

I thought the person was just joking. I mean, working with a British financial institution has taught me about overdraft and overspending, tax on savings and dependency on Job Seekers Allowance and other public benefits. So, my perspective was not really broad at that time.

I don't know. That might be because in KL, I am that stupid person who frequently forgets to bring the umbrella:P

I haven't been updating this blog for 3 days - which means that I have been really busy. With work. With life. But not with football. Arrghh...something really...really different, aye? That part of me was really colourful in the past. These days, I'm dreaming of figures...and I can't even drag myself out of the bed to watch Steven Gerard. Darn! Sha is changing...huwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....!!!

Yup, I'm changing. I am now...a Bond. Nope...nope...not a Bond Girl, folks. My thick waistline and oversize boobs are disqualifying me for that. A Bond. So, Sha Bond 007. (Tak rasa macam Abon ke? Hihihi).

I remember my sms recently which ended with,

".....Sha 007 is reporting to Mr. Boss."

It was meant to be a joke to my boss. It's not a joke anymore now. It's a task. A very special one, where I need to use my special talent and skills along with a dazzling charm and vigour. Ceeehhhhh....macam ayat Mills & Boons tak?

The task?

To check out a very cheeky guy whose status is "SINGLE" in one of the friend's friends list in FB. I keep on imagining his face when I'm doing my work recently.

Too bad, the name is not Zainal Arief (well, don't really like the name Zainal, by the way). The name starts with F (Sha is cursing silently because she is tired of the letter F in her love life)

But, never mind laaaa...F pon F laaa...Sha 007 is ready to work! She needs to bring her umbrella. Because in London, as a Bond, she needs to predict the weather.

Sha Bond!

Sabun....(cursed) and England broke my heart again last night.

p/s: What do you think of my new name?:P

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

wc2010: handsome..tapi pendek!

The room was too small for us. There were two 3 stories building. Each level has four rooms. Each room has eighteen girls. So let's do the calculation shall we?

18 girls x 4 rooms = 72 girls
72 girls x 3 levels = 216 girls

So it there were at least 216 girls in our hostel. The room was just the size of normal ladies toilet in KLCC. Wowwwwwiiieeeee...the government had surely allocated a small space for us in that not so glamorous boarding school! Hmmm....

The show started at 9.00am. But all the attendance to musolla was compulsory, so the ones who were holding the Japanese flags were the one we were relying on. First we brought our small pillows to the room. Then, we checked on the que and made sure at least one of our friends were there. If they were, then they need to put us in the que. The ones with no friends? gotta be independent in this, gal:P

After that, we went to musolla. What happened to the ones who did not? They had to wait in the room and took care of our bantal busuks. They must not make any noise, otherwise the warden will know and she will prohibit us from doing what we want to do. That should not be happening as well. One girl screw up, the whole hostel will be banned and you know what is going to happen to you if you're still a junior. Watch out for all that rich seniors, they have their rich fathers to back them up. And of course, the school management too - because their fathers contributed a lot to the school.

If your father is just a teacher like me, you better watch your back:P

9.00 a.m and most of the girls would go straight to the room. Most seniors were too nice to be true, they looked for the que. The others, especially the great ones who won't eat much of dining hall food - might throw your bantal busuks somewhere else. That's the reason why your friends must be tough, otherwise they won't be able to tell those seniors that the bantal busuks were yours.

ONLY THE STRONG - starred Mark Dacascos.

Perily's Action Movie has just started. Copeira was the medium to show Dacascos' machoness. His muscles twitching and the girls (including me) were drooling.




"itu boyfriend aku!"

"taklah, aku punya!"

"aku punya dulu!"

"takpe, kita share!"

You will definitely hear this statement. Mark Dacascos was the man of the night for at least 80 girls in the small tv room in one hostel. That happened in year 1995.

Sha has met lots of guys before and she has her own taste. Name it - Gianluca Pagliuca was her first crush followed by Robert Pires. And at the age of 28, she is yearning for a combination of Jack Bass, Will Gardner and Mr. Zainal Arief.

Arrrrghh....mentioning Zainal Arief makes her drool. The office is flooded with saliva!

She knew that tonight is the night for football. She knew for a fact, that everyone went back early for the sake of the game. But she was not intimidated. She got lots of things to do.

So, she stayed quietly in the office - thinking that how nice it would be to have some day off just to watch football. The way she used to be. The way she should be.

But Sha, the workaholic now, is sitting still, thinking of unrequited love.

Suddenly, she recalled the days when she was one of the girls who went head over heels towards Marck Dacascos. Brazil is playing tonight. She needs to go home! But how about some Capoeira first?

Mark Dacascos. An Old Flame. Cinta Lamaku.

Now, I just realised how short he is. Hahahahaa....nice looking, but short.

Orkid, my daughter - short, takpelah. Jebat, my son. Short. Cannot be!

Tapi orang kata dengan lelaki rendah ni murah rezeki?
Jack Bass' looks with short feet.
Will Gardner's brilliantness but unable to reach for the upper level of the fridge.
Zainal Arief's coolness but a difficult spot to search in a crowd.
Boleh ke Sha?

How short can a man be if I'm already 153cm?


wc2010: s for suzuki, s for swift, s for sha...s for....

Suzuki Swift Car, originally uploaded by Suzuki Cars.

I am not in the mood to write tonight as I just came back from shopping. Nope...nope...not my stuff. I was buying stuff for Adik who needs formal attire when he registers for college next week.

He was in awe when I chose the shirts for him. G2000 was offering great prices for normal attire and it came with packages - shirts, ties, and pants. I don't know how do you perceive a good taste but I prefer odd colours for a change.

Yesterday, I made my brother wear a turquoise, purple and pink shirt. We bought a black shirt which will be complimented with a red tie. I love all this brave colours with a bot of Japanese style. Besides, my brother is still young, so why do I have to make him a boring person, right?

Speaking of the Japanese style, I am having this problem recently:

I am seeing at least 10-12 Suzuki Swifts in different colous passing in front of me everyday!

From home to the town of Seremban.
During the journey to Central Market.
In the LRT to KLCC.
From KLCC to Jalan Ampang.
From my window in the office....

And the other way around.

I am seeing an interest which are wandering in front of my eyes.

Should I get it?

S for Suzuki.
S for Swift.
S for Sha.
S for....survival.

Aiyaiyai....the more I say no is the more I see it. Even when I'm walking in the rain to catch an LRT.

Adoi. Sometimes a dream needs lots of consideration. Even when it is affordable.

* Watching Japan vs. Cameroon while typing this. Honda scored:)

Monday, June 14, 2010

wc2010: i'm not your pretzel salter!

Jom main cikgu-cikgu! Remember when we were small, one friend will be standing in front and play the teacher while others are sitting in front of that person and play the students?

Let's do it!

I'm the teacher and I'm the student in this posting. But you can participate too:)

Make a story based on this word as a figure of speech: P.R.E.T.Z.E.L

It is quite common in German to say, "Today the sun is really pretzling down (the sun is really stinging)."

Today, the sun is not pretzling down at all. Even though I am sweating as the temperature in my room is as hot as a newly baked pretzel, the rain outside made it impossible for me to go out and enjoy myself. Luckily, it did not disturb my Astro connection. I still managed to watch one of my sweethearts by the name of Mr. Bastian Schweinsteiger;P

Bavarians have a number of expressions related to the pretzel. A Brezensoizer (pretzel salter), perhaps originally a baker's term, is a person doing lowly work. Saying "I’m not your pretzel salter!" would mean, "I’m not your servant".

I am your superior and you are my staff. So, if I'm giving you an instruction and dateline, please follow. I'm not your pretzel salter! Please remind yourself that I'm not receiving any instruction from you.It's the other way around.

* Waaaaa....bunyi bossy tak?

Another saying is "he got pretzeled" (gebrezelt), meaning "he crashed", for example, skiing down the mountain or falling off a bike.

My friend got pretzeled near the eating place recently. She was wearing high heels that day, The next time she wanted to go to the eating place, she changed to slippers. She didn't want to get pretzeled again!

One can also say "I pretzeled him one", meaning, "I gave him a punch in the nose or face"

My anger has not yet been subsided and I'm feeling like pretzling a bimbo!

... "he pretzeled down the road at 100 km/h", meaning, he "really stepped on it"

I have to stop being angry, otherwise I won't realise that I was pretzeling down the road at 100km/h. It's not good. I'm not up to that standard yet.

On the other hand, a "pretzeled appearance" means "very stylishly dressed or combed".

The reason why I liked Zainal Arief, Jack Bass and Will Garner is because of their pretzel appearance. Hehehe.

An electrician might say, "The wire pretzeled me one", meaning "I got sizzled or shocked".

Green pretzeled me when he missed the ball in England's game yesterday.

So, folks, what do you think about the word pretzel?
It's not just food;)

Quoted from: Wikipedia

Sunday, June 13, 2010

wc2010: don't salib my face, okay?

It was 2006. Our World Cup campaign was on and the company was doing all they could to make sure that we were motivated to work late night. They put a large plasma on the floor, allowing us to watch the game and made sure that we knew more and more about football.

The reason was simple: We were a UK-based company and all our customers were from UK.

So, what better time would it be to ask our customers to get more into the connection? England was playing for the cup and we knew that they are in such a jubilant mood - so, we built the rapport by asking them football questions while we were dealing with them;)

To ensure that the mood was there for us to deal with our fussy customers, our superiors offered a service: FACE PAINTING for the staff. A special paint in red and white were used to paint our face while we were doing our work. My boss told me that they bought the paint from England. Indeed. I checked the paint while they were using it- it was imported from England. They were at least 7 European languages instruction written on the lid:P

Why red and white?
They are the colours of England's flag.

So, I watched my seniors waiting for their face to be painted. The angry red cross flashed on their cheeks as well as the four white boxes surrounded the cross. Everyone smiled happily after the simple makeover and started to take pictures.

It was my turn and I was so enthusiastic. My chubby cheeks were cleaned from the treatment. But something triggered in my head. Wait...wait...

Our company consisted more non-Muslims than Muslims. My colleagues who painted their faces were not facing any problems having a cross on their faces. Of course! And if I had this cross on my face, don't you think it would contradict to the scarf that I was wearing on my head.

I looked at the amateurs who were drawing the crosses on my colleagues' faces. There was no way that they could paint England's floral national emblem - the tudor rose.

Alamak. So how?

"Sha, do you want some face painting?" My English manager was asking me. I smiled weakly.

"May I have something different?"

"Sure. What do you want?"

"A Japanes flag. I'm on my menses," I tried to crack a joke.

She laughed,"Sure thing, love."

"Thanks," I said while allowing her to pain my face. A white square with a hot red circle in the middle. Then I grinned with my sepet eyes.

"Asia for Asia, huh?"


While I am waiting for England's game tonight, I touched my cheeks.
My infatuation towards Gerard should not changed me personally:P

Face painting, folks?

Saturday, June 12, 2010

sha: boobs don't lie!

Someone lied to me. It started with simple lie. Then excuses. Next, more lies and more excuses. After that, the person was tangled up between lies and excuses.

I became exhausted and annoyed, I clipped my words when I was saying it and went into a deep discussion with the people I respect. Since first impression and emotional decision were the things I wanted to avoid, it was better to get a second opinion.

We discussed until I realised that the time was 11 p.m and I needed to catch the last train. I forgot that yesterday was the opening ceremony of World Cup! Congratulations, Sha. Football is your passion and you missed one of the most important things you wanted to watch in life because you were discussing a bimbo.

"Bimbo is a term that emerged in popular English language usage in the early 20th century to describe a physically attractive but unintelligent woman."

Yup, a bimbo boob's will lie. She can put silicon to make it real. But yours don't.

So, lesson that I learned yesterday was:
"A bimbo discussion is not worth your passion"

I am too good to concern about that liar, betrayer and yup...a bimbo.

Because my boobs don't lie and my brain is worth it.

Welcome World Cup. Thank You, Shakira.

Shahida...Shahida...No fighting!

Friday, June 11, 2010

sha: the blogger who influenced me

Day 31/365 - Bakeh
Originally uploaded by
The early morning meeting and another meeting with the government body were making me a lazy person. I kept thinking about Zainal Arief, wishing that he would put his arms around me and said, "Sexy, I suka you gemuk macam ni..."

Hahahaha. That is the statement he said to Kamilia Najwa. Not to me. No man in a right sense will say Sha is sexy when she is "seksa". My tummy is accumulating more fat than I could've imagine and my chin is adding another one layer!

Yet, I'm still craving for my ibu's asam pedas which she cooked yesterday. favourite dish. I told my ibu several times that I wanted to marry a man from Malacca. But I haven't found one. Why Malacca? It's because I love Malacca and can't get enough of that place;)

"Asam pedas tu lagi sedap dari I ya?" Zainal Arief asked me. Oh, I couldn't focus. My mind was exhausted so I packed my stuff at 6pm and went to KLCC. My babe has got some plans so she couldn't hang out with me. Consequently, I planned to go home early.

But the heavy traffic in Jalan Ampang stopped me midway. I changed my direction to KLCC and took the elevator straight to the high level. Signature...Chilly's and...there you go. Kinokuniya.

Recently, I bought the first book Bride Quartet sequels by Nora Roberts called the Vision of White. I was planning to check on the second book called Bed of Roses when I realised that the publisher of the book sold was Piatkus and not Berkley. I liked Berkley's version more though the content is the same. Who says you cannot judge a book by its cover?

I did. I love the "rough cover" version better than the ordinary version of Piatkus.

Okay, I'll stop talking jargons with you. When I couldn't find the version I liked, I had instinctively asked the blue shirt and blue black apron girl this question,

"Excuse me, dear....where do you keep the Malay novels?"

The girl showed me a signboard stated, MALAY. I blushed. It was just in front of me.

And when I looked at the section, I didn't know what I was searching for. It has been a while. The only book I read with concentration was the book about Zainal Arief!

So, I browsed. And I saw a purple book. Uik, this book looked familiar? So I read the synopsis and I saw a name: BADRUL. It suddenly reminded me a synopsis I read in my cute sister's blog:

"Badrul...... panas baran..tapi romantik... auww... cair nyah,.... menganggap peristiwa yang terjadi adalah perangkap... perangkap yang dirancang oleh sabrina untuk memungut hartanya... sabrina dilayan tanpa belas... ditengking...diherdik wanita itu.... dia benci pada wanita yang menyebabkan terjadinya peristiwa memalukan itu... "

Oh, this is the Badrul you were talking about, right sis?

I brought the book to the info counter so that they could unwrapped the book. Then I sat on the wooden floor and started to read for an hour. Then I returned to to info girl and asked her about Bed of Roses.

"I'm sorry ma'am. That version is sold out. I know you like the rough cover better, but you have to wait for the order."

That statement made me looked at the purple book again. Badrul. Sabrina. Malay novel.


My Kinokuniya receipt is stating "Pergilah Air Mata" today. That's good for tax purposes. Huhuhu...

After Maghrib, the purple book was on the counter of Bisou Bakery Shop. Sha was eating Dementia Cup Cake with a can of Coke.

I finished five chapters of it before I headed to the Putra LRT this evening.

Nie semua miera punya pasal!

Have you got any bloggers who is influencing you like she did to me?

Thursday, June 10, 2010

sha: zainal arief, my bantal peluk

Originally uploaded by scrapnchick
I love him. I just realised that after seven years of relationship, I can't forget him at all. Our reunion last weekend has proved it all;)

It was not so surprising that I loved a guy who liked to smile. As much as I hate to remember my past (especially my exes!), I have to admit that all of them have the same quality: they have wonderful smiles. When the face redden with blush because of the smile, I'll be delighted to watch and stare. When the eyes are becoming smaller because the cheeks are lifted to crack the smile, I'll be the one whose going to drool.

We met in London. My heart fluttered on the day I saw him talking to his friend. He was tall, fair and had a pony tail at the back of his head. My eyes just couldn't stop staring at him. He was so cute! When our gazes met, I saw him walking towards me and my heart beat faster. But my friend was calling me so I had to stop staring at him. The moment I was searching for him again, he was gone.

The next time I was searching for him, I was waiting for croissant and coffee. We were staring at each other before someone blocked my view of him. He dissappeared the moment my vision was cleared. I missed him for the second time.

The third time was a success. He approached me and told me that he wanted to get to know me. But he came with a request - he asked me to stop wearing what I usually wore and wanted me to wear a baju kurung. I declined. The next time we met, he gave me his sandwiches to share. And since then...things were simple and easy. He became my daily companion who made my heart melt. I thought he was just a friend...

But I fell in love...

"Shaaaaa...aku jatuh cinta!" My roommate, Wa, yelled at me. She rolled her body on her bed and put her pillows on her face.

"Dengan Zainal Arief?" I asked. She nodded.

"Kau pun jatuh hati dengan dia kan?" she asked me. I grinned dreamily.

"Apa specialnya Zainal kat kau?" she asked me again.

"Kenapa kita mesti panggil dia Zainal?" I replied with a question.


"Aku panggil dia Arief...hehehe..." I hugged my bolster. My cheeks felt warm from my smile.

"Okay...okay...Arief. Tiba-tiba jatuh hati. Kenapa? Aku dahlah ada hati dengan dia. Kau pun nak," Azwa smiled.

"Itulah pasal. Kita jatuh hati pada lelaki yang sama!" I laughed.

"Okay...okay...sekarang kau cakap dengan aku, kenapa kau suka Arief?" She was a good at pushing for answers.

"Dia cool. Tak over romantic. Lelaki normal yang ada temper and ada kesabaran. Paling best, dia ada style bijak-bijak yang aku suka!" I layed on the bed, trying to hide my blushing face.

"Kau dah angau ni, Sha..." Azwa shook her head.

"Waaaaa...aku nak Arief!" my voice muffled on the pillow.

"Nak berapa banyak?" she teased me.

"Nak simpan senyum dia, suara gentle dia...adehhh...sah aku angau!" My teeth showed their existence in my mouth.

"Kalau kau jumpa Arief, apa kau nak cakap?" Wa asked me with a challenging grin.

"Aku akan cubit pipi dia. Lepas tu, aku akan cakap...Arief, awaklah yang Sha cari selama ni. Cinta hati, Sha, "I smiled dreamily.

"Sha...sha...macam Arief betul-betul wujud je," Wa laughed at my facial expression.

"Aku yakin dia akan wujud, Wa...serius!"

Yes, Zainal Arief is a fictional character in a novel entitled 'Sehangat Asmara' by Aisya Sofea. This is the one and only book from Alaf 21 which managed to catch my attention until today. I bought the book in 2003. Yesterday, I found the book in one of my boxes?

Have I met my Arief in real life?
Yup...but he is taken.
Alaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...I guess hugging my bolster will help tonight.

I guess this might be the reason why I'm avoiding Alaf 21 novels. Hehe. Are you reading those, floks?