Monday, June 07, 2010

commander in chief: hole-in-one on my butt

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Joe Birkman
It was just a simple scratch as a result of slipping on a road. I never expected the result to be very severe in the end. The small scratch from falling down eventually formed a small lump.

A lump on my bum near my spine was nothing that I dreamed of.

The lump was just a size of a pimple in the beginning. I thought I might be having a boil but there was no center point to suggest it was a big pimple or a boil. I mean, whomever has this habit of cracking a pimple will know that the center point is where you have to press to burst the larva from the volcano, right?

But the volcano near my butt had no hint of a center point. It was just a red lump which was getting bigger and bigger.In the beginning when I thought that it was a boil, I could still wear a jeans. Then I changed into a normal pants.

One bad day, I changed into a soft cotton skirt. The size of the lump was as big as my fist and it hurt as hell.

I was organising and managing a charity event when it happened. Since I was not an MC taker and I have worked like a dog for the year, I had approximately 6 days leave to ulitise. It was December and I thought of forgetting it as I need to focus on my goals that year. I desperately wanted to get promoted!

But the pain was unbearable. While I was doing my work on 26th December 2007, I cringed with pain and could not position myself properly on the chair. My boss rushed me to the nearest clinic.The doctor injected me with pain killer and prescribed me tablets of them. She could not even tell me what was the big lump all about. I asked her,

"Is that a boil? A pimple? Is there anything I could do with it?" She shook her head and said to go to the nearest hospital if the pain did not subside in three days.

That happened on Friday. The third day was Sunday. My pain killer tablets have finished but the pain did not subside. Ibu brought me to the nearest clinic which eventually provided me this result:
"Go to the hospital. You need to go on surgery."

My eyes went blurry and I never thought that things could get any worse. Half an hour later, I found myself on the hospital bed, readying myself for the surgery. Apparently, the big lump was a cyst and it contaminated my flesh. A day after, I woke up and felt a bandage on my back. Two days after, I felt the pain of my first dressing. The surgeon had scoop out most of the effected flesh to remove the cyst. Talk about tears, folks. My pillows were drenched with tears each time I had my dressing:(

Hole-in-one for the best golfer. A golf ball would certainly fit in the hole on my back!

A month later, I was in the operation theater again for a minor surgery. This time, the doctor decided to stitch my skin to cover the hole. I was absent from work for two months which caused me to relax and be worried at the same time. I left my job at the time when I signed for appraisal and promotion. My absentism would definitely effected what I was working for previously.

Eventually, my biggest nightmare came true. When I came back to work, I found out that the economic crisis has taken over my dreams of promotion (because the company froze it!) and even though my appraisal was good - my bonus didn't reflect it. The only thing I was happy with was that the company agreed to cover RM10,000 of my health benefits.

When I watched the McKenzie Allen, the lady president in Commander in Chief went through the apendix surgery just now, I asked myself whether I will ever going to be on MC this year. I hope not. The lady president in the drama was having a tough time when she was sick and absent from work.

First, I pray that I won't have any difficulties in paying my doctor. This is because medical insurance will work very...very...slowly and I have to be very careful about this. I wouldn't want to cry in a hospital because of the bills.

Secondly, this year has been a very hardworking year for me. I mean, I have been in hell before and I am currently trying to search paradise. Definitely, I would want an excellent appraisal for myself. Absolutely, I would want to have a perfect attendance record!

Thirdly, trust will always be the issue. When Mckenzie Allen was off-work, she had been betrayed, back-stabbed and all work procedures broke the hell loose. Am I worried that this will happen to me? Of course. When there is a glimpse of lack of independence, self-centered infatuation and greediness flashes through my eyes, I won't want to be absent from work. Not at all:)

Besides, is there anyone you can trust these days?

Oh, not to forget that my best friend, Mr. Ketupat got married last week.
I doubt there will be anyone who will provide me with sacks of grapes if I'm hospitalise again. Hehe.

Ya Allah, kurniakanlah aku kesihatan yang baik tahun ini.

p/s: How many days of MCs do you have this year, folks?


Lan Bingka said...

belum MC lagi..alhamdulillah

~LP Lum~ said...

salam kak sha~

mc blm laie... tp cuti dah ar... :)
sma je eik?? :p

Dee said...

kesian sha..k dee doakan agar sha diberi kesihatan yg baik..amin..

setakat ni baru 1 hari mc..itu pun mmg sbb demam..

dotblogspotdotkom said...

pacek dah MC 1 bulan... ari tu masuk spital 4 hari... lps tu doktor bagi rehat kat rumah.... 2 april hingga 26 april....

hargailah kesihatan.....

LotsOfLove-Pearls said...

hi sayang..

lamanya kita tak berkunjungan..?

cmner sayang i nie..?

sihat dear?

pas ni i berkunjung lagi k.
mcm dulu2.

rindu you..
happy day k..

N A N I E said...

Dearrrr..tahun ni takde MC lagik..alhamdulillah

Tahun lepas taburan MC ai bersepah..graf tertinggi ari Isnin ngan Jumaat ekekeke caner tuh..tahun nih timbul kesedaran sivik sket..ala ala pulang ke pangkal jalan :)

Anonymous said...

paling tak suka ambil MC....
skrg ambil cuti tanpa gji... hilang seniority, hukhukhuk

Adila said...

ehhh!!! how are you now?