Friday, June 11, 2010

sha: the blogger who influenced me

Day 31/365 - Bakeh
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The early morning meeting and another meeting with the government body were making me a lazy person. I kept thinking about Zainal Arief, wishing that he would put his arms around me and said, "Sexy, I suka you gemuk macam ni..."

Hahahaha. That is the statement he said to Kamilia Najwa. Not to me. No man in a right sense will say Sha is sexy when she is "seksa". My tummy is accumulating more fat than I could've imagine and my chin is adding another one layer!

Yet, I'm still craving for my ibu's asam pedas which she cooked yesterday. favourite dish. I told my ibu several times that I wanted to marry a man from Malacca. But I haven't found one. Why Malacca? It's because I love Malacca and can't get enough of that place;)

"Asam pedas tu lagi sedap dari I ya?" Zainal Arief asked me. Oh, I couldn't focus. My mind was exhausted so I packed my stuff at 6pm and went to KLCC. My babe has got some plans so she couldn't hang out with me. Consequently, I planned to go home early.

But the heavy traffic in Jalan Ampang stopped me midway. I changed my direction to KLCC and took the elevator straight to the high level. Signature...Chilly's and...there you go. Kinokuniya.

Recently, I bought the first book Bride Quartet sequels by Nora Roberts called the Vision of White. I was planning to check on the second book called Bed of Roses when I realised that the publisher of the book sold was Piatkus and not Berkley. I liked Berkley's version more though the content is the same. Who says you cannot judge a book by its cover?

I did. I love the "rough cover" version better than the ordinary version of Piatkus.

Okay, I'll stop talking jargons with you. When I couldn't find the version I liked, I had instinctively asked the blue shirt and blue black apron girl this question,

"Excuse me, dear....where do you keep the Malay novels?"

The girl showed me a signboard stated, MALAY. I blushed. It was just in front of me.

And when I looked at the section, I didn't know what I was searching for. It has been a while. The only book I read with concentration was the book about Zainal Arief!

So, I browsed. And I saw a purple book. Uik, this book looked familiar? So I read the synopsis and I saw a name: BADRUL. It suddenly reminded me a synopsis I read in my cute sister's blog:

"Badrul...... panas baran..tapi romantik... auww... cair nyah,.... menganggap peristiwa yang terjadi adalah perangkap... perangkap yang dirancang oleh sabrina untuk memungut hartanya... sabrina dilayan tanpa belas... ditengking...diherdik wanita itu.... dia benci pada wanita yang menyebabkan terjadinya peristiwa memalukan itu... "

Oh, this is the Badrul you were talking about, right sis?

I brought the book to the info counter so that they could unwrapped the book. Then I sat on the wooden floor and started to read for an hour. Then I returned to to info girl and asked her about Bed of Roses.

"I'm sorry ma'am. That version is sold out. I know you like the rough cover better, but you have to wait for the order."

That statement made me looked at the purple book again. Badrul. Sabrina. Malay novel.


My Kinokuniya receipt is stating "Pergilah Air Mata" today. That's good for tax purposes. Huhuhu...

After Maghrib, the purple book was on the counter of Bisou Bakery Shop. Sha was eating Dementia Cup Cake with a can of Coke.

I finished five chapters of it before I headed to the Putra LRT this evening.

Nie semua miera punya pasal!

Have you got any bloggers who is influencing you like she did to me?


mier@merr said...

hahahaha...apesal ai pulak yang kena...??
si badrul punya pasal la..

erk..tapi kak sha jgn ngada2 nak angaukan si badrul yer.. suda ada zainal arief kan....

unsangkarable akak akan beli novel tu..

Dee said...

yup..ada gak..bloggers mempengaruhi dari segi food, books, movies..byk gak..hehehe..

Dee said...

eh..manisnya cinta best novel lama..alaf 21 pya...

mier@merr said...

~manisnya cinta saya suda hancur..tak tau da brapa kali ulang baca....

cinta puding karamel.. :)

N A N I E said...

ai dulu pun macam terbawa bawa watak Zainal Arief tuh :)

~LP Lum~ said...

salam kak sha~

hehehe... blogger yg mempengaruhi sy hanya kak sha sorg aje... :))

apa pun, terasa gak nak baca buku itu.. akan di cari nanti bila ada kelapangan... :)

dotblogspotdotkom said...

dah lama x baca novel nih..... x de mood agaknye... huhuhu

ashie023 said...

me??i have one..
sumber inspirasi ble nak nengok drama korea, mesti aku pegi blog dier, waiem blogspot..huhu..kalu bab reading plak, aku ske sgt blog yang buat novel atau cerpen..manyak my fren yang masuk bidang ni, buat novel berkenaan ngan artis dan sebagainya..fanfiction is always the best..layan jelah ..hahhaha..tu sumber inspirasi jugak tu nak mencari novel2 di kedai plak..

Othman Juliana said...

i've been collecting malay novels since highschool (oh, skang dah retire~). still can remember this novel: Donia. perghhhh~ sehari dah khatam! slept almost at 4am & the next day sekolah~ yeah!

English novels? haha~ bodek ayahanda sbb cost tinggi sgt. pandai kan~ ngueh3x ;p

pssstttt, after reading your entry ni-mcm kena cari Pergilah Air Mata. oh sha, you have influenced me right!!