Sunday, June 13, 2010

wc2010: don't salib my face, okay?

It was 2006. Our World Cup campaign was on and the company was doing all they could to make sure that we were motivated to work late night. They put a large plasma on the floor, allowing us to watch the game and made sure that we knew more and more about football.

The reason was simple: We were a UK-based company and all our customers were from UK.

So, what better time would it be to ask our customers to get more into the connection? England was playing for the cup and we knew that they are in such a jubilant mood - so, we built the rapport by asking them football questions while we were dealing with them;)

To ensure that the mood was there for us to deal with our fussy customers, our superiors offered a service: FACE PAINTING for the staff. A special paint in red and white were used to paint our face while we were doing our work. My boss told me that they bought the paint from England. Indeed. I checked the paint while they were using it- it was imported from England. They were at least 7 European languages instruction written on the lid:P

Why red and white?
They are the colours of England's flag.

So, I watched my seniors waiting for their face to be painted. The angry red cross flashed on their cheeks as well as the four white boxes surrounded the cross. Everyone smiled happily after the simple makeover and started to take pictures.

It was my turn and I was so enthusiastic. My chubby cheeks were cleaned from the treatment. But something triggered in my head. Wait...wait...

Our company consisted more non-Muslims than Muslims. My colleagues who painted their faces were not facing any problems having a cross on their faces. Of course! And if I had this cross on my face, don't you think it would contradict to the scarf that I was wearing on my head.

I looked at the amateurs who were drawing the crosses on my colleagues' faces. There was no way that they could paint England's floral national emblem - the tudor rose.

Alamak. So how?

"Sha, do you want some face painting?" My English manager was asking me. I smiled weakly.

"May I have something different?"

"Sure. What do you want?"

"A Japanes flag. I'm on my menses," I tried to crack a joke.

She laughed,"Sure thing, love."

"Thanks," I said while allowing her to pain my face. A white square with a hot red circle in the middle. Then I grinned with my sepet eyes.

"Asia for Asia, huh?"


While I am waiting for England's game tonight, I touched my cheeks.
My infatuation towards Gerard should not changed me personally:P

Face painting, folks?


hasni said...

xpernah lagi
mgkn sbb xminat bola
korea selatan menang kan
asia for asia
sokong korea selatan

Lan Bingka said...

and gerrard scored! hehe..

ashley said...

macamana pun sokongan jangan pangkah muka tau!

ashie023 said...

aku x nengok lah england ngan Usa td eh?? tp sedihnye 1-1 ngan my ...xpelah game pertama..

..ambe sokong spain, korea, ...

~LP Lum~ said...

salam kak sha~

huhuh... sy dah xblh nak tgk bola... dah kena warning ngan en big boss... :(

apa pun, sy xpenah nak conteng2 muka nie, tp terasa gak nak wat.. :)

a kl citizen said...

quick thinking... bagus... akak suka dengan tindakan tersebut

kakpah said...

ha'ah.. kita ni takyah lah nak ikut-ikut orang. kita betindak ikut akal kita sendiri.

Amieynna Amin said...

xnak la face painting..
takut tumbuh jerawat..
setuju ngan cara sha..

kakchik said...

salam sha. congrats! you've done something wise.

zino said...

kat MC D dua hari lepas semua petugas ada bendere di tempek di muka.. adik bisik.. dia pun nak.. bila tanya dengan budak2 tu dia pun panggil manager ..a da sorang budak ni nak tempek bendera juga tapi malang nya dah habis.. hehe