Tuesday, June 15, 2010

wc2010: handsome..tapi pendek!

The room was too small for us. There were two 3 stories building. Each level has four rooms. Each room has eighteen girls. So let's do the calculation shall we?

18 girls x 4 rooms = 72 girls
72 girls x 3 levels = 216 girls

So it there were at least 216 girls in our hostel. The room was just the size of normal ladies toilet in KLCC. Wowwwwwiiieeeee...the government had surely allocated a small space for us in that not so glamorous boarding school! Hmmm....

The show started at 9.00am. But all the attendance to musolla was compulsory, so the ones who were holding the Japanese flags were the one we were relying on. First we brought our small pillows to the room. Then, we checked on the que and made sure at least one of our friends were there. If they were, then they need to put us in the que. The ones with no friends? Hmmm...you gotta be independent in this, gal:P

After that, we went to musolla. What happened to the ones who did not? They had to wait in the room and took care of our bantal busuks. They must not make any noise, otherwise the warden will know and she will prohibit us from doing what we want to do. That should not be happening as well. One girl screw up, the whole hostel will be banned and you know what is going to happen to you if you're still a junior. Watch out for all that rich seniors, they have their rich fathers to back them up. And of course, the school management too - because their fathers contributed a lot to the school.

If your father is just a teacher like me, you better watch your back:P

9.00 a.m and most of the girls would go straight to the room. Most seniors were too nice to be true, they looked for the que. The others, especially the great ones who won't eat much of dining hall food - might throw your bantal busuks somewhere else. That's the reason why your friends must be tough, otherwise they won't be able to tell those seniors that the bantal busuks were yours.

ONLY THE STRONG - starred Mark Dacascos.

Perily's Action Movie has just started. Copeira was the medium to show Dacascos' machoness. His muscles twitching and the girls (including me) were drooling.




"itu boyfriend aku!"

"taklah, aku punya!"

"aku punya dulu!"

"takpe, kita share!"

You will definitely hear this statement. Mark Dacascos was the man of the night for at least 80 girls in the small tv room in one hostel. That happened in year 1995.

Sha has met lots of guys before and she has her own taste. Name it - Gianluca Pagliuca was her first crush followed by Robert Pires. And at the age of 28, she is yearning for a combination of Jack Bass, Will Gardner and Mr. Zainal Arief.

Arrrrghh....mentioning Zainal Arief makes her drool. The office is flooded with saliva!

She knew that tonight is the night for football. She knew for a fact, that everyone went back early for the sake of the game. But she was not intimidated. She got lots of things to do.

So, she stayed quietly in the office - thinking that how nice it would be to have some day off just to watch football. The way she used to be. The way she should be.

But Sha, the workaholic now, is sitting still, thinking of unrequited love.

Suddenly, she recalled the days when she was one of the girls who went head over heels towards Marck Dacascos. Brazil is playing tonight. She needs to go home! But how about some Capoeira first?

Mark Dacascos. An Old Flame. Cinta Lamaku.

Now, I just realised how short he is. Hahahahaa....nice looking, but short.

Orkid, my daughter - short, takpelah. Jebat, my son. Short. Cannot be!

Tapi orang kata dengan lelaki rendah ni murah rezeki?
Jack Bass' looks with short feet.
Will Gardner's brilliantness but unable to reach for the upper level of the fridge.
Zainal Arief's coolness but a difficult spot to search in a crowd.
Boleh ke Sha?

How short can a man be if I'm already 153cm?



mier@merr said...

uiks..sy tinggi dr kak sha la ek? ehhe...

byknya cinta lama kamu....

hasni said...

kt lbh kurang kot
xpon kak sha lagi tinggi

kakpah said...

teringat pulak cerita lama akak curi2 masuk tv room sebab nak tengok miss universe haha.. dan kena tangkap dengan warden.

lelaki pendek? pendek pun pendek lah kalau itu dah jodoh. hiiii....

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

my encik king kong sangat short!! tapi pendek2 dia pun, ku tetap sayang. hehehehe.....

dotblogspotdotkom said...

alahaii lelaki pendek.... ok la tu... nak main go kart senang .....huhuhuh

Dee said...

lelaki pendek murah rezeki sha..tp kan..153cm tu rasa k dee xlah tinggi sgt..lebih kurang k dee je..

Ries Lee said...

manusia sekarang semakin ramai yg pendek..
ia dpt dilihat dgn jelas di asia..
adakah ini salah satu evolusi kejadian manusia? hehe..

ijan said...

Kak Ijan tak sampai 153 cm pun. hehe :)

Baru sempat jalan2 kat blog Sha. Kak Ijan masih di kampung. :)

Cik Qemm said...

qemmal tak tgk bola. tak knal sape2 pun yg kak sha mention :P

anyway 153?
same la kite!!

Othman Juliana said...

lelaki rendah murah rezeki?
oh, adakah ini bermakna Jue kena cari yang lebih rendah dari Jue???? But, i love tall and slim river punye!! haha~

Miss ... said...

sy 157 hoyeee sy lg tinggi hehe nk cari boyfren over 180 cm boleh x? keh3