Friday, June 04, 2010

sha: purplelicious...ungulicious...

Have a great Sunday or Monday depending on where you live in the world.....
Going out for the day , will be back to visit and comment later !!

This picture was taken by Maureen F., one of the members in flickr. I was searching for something under purplelicious and I found this picture. It seems that it's not just about the picture that I like, it is also about the quotes for the picture. It is so appropriate - considering that today is Friday!

Thanks Maureen F., wherever you are!

And thanks ungu...wherever you are. Whoever you are. Recently I have been noticing your presence in my blog. Considering that I am not receiving that much comments like I used to be, your comment is noticeable!

I used to receive comments from bloggers, where I will have the link to their blogs. But I don't have your link. Consequently, I'm taking the opportunity to say thanks for reading my posting carefully as you are the type of person who read my postings line by line. If not, you won't catch the meaning of each postings.

Thanks for that. I appreciate it too much, this posting is for you then.

You might be one of my aunties.
You might be my uncle.
You might be one of my cousins.
You might also be one of my brothers.
Or friends.
Or schoolmate.
Or college-mate.

It doesn't matter to me as long as you are a reader.

My spirits restored. I'm feeling better today.
(my posting was too sad yesterday, wasn't it?)

And thanks everyone for still coming even though I don't have the time to drop messages in your blogs anymore (only once in a while). I love y'all!! Trust me, Sha is damn exhausted these days, she barely goes online. I'm sorry:(

"Dilema Cinta - Ungu..." -Thanks to that person who suggested to me to download the song. The song is nice...I'm going to sleep with it;P

It reminded me of ungu - she/he made my day with the comments.


* Why ungu? My favourite colour or my favourite band?


Pocket said...


kenapa pocket jelesh?

but if someone making u happy in your own way,we thank him or her for doing so, so that u keep on posting.
so that u wont keep on being sad.
so that u smile again..
(yes we can see u smiling)

so thanks ungu... whoever u are..
But i say definitely him lah sha...
definitely him:D

Lan Bingka said...

rasanya 'him'..;)

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

wah... siapakah itu??? nak kena gossip2 nih. ;)

Dee said...

thx to 'ungu' coz u make my lil sister feels better and lively again..

i wore purple blouse today sha..wanna a big hug? hahaha..

~LP Lum~ said...

salam kak sha~

hehehe... ur fav kaler then secara kebetulan pasha dlm kumpulan ungu.. :p
apa pun semoga cepat2 kembali mcm kak sha yg lama.. rindu kat akak... :)

intanurulfateha (◡‿◡✿) said...

.ungu itu sexy sis!

mier@merr said...

ish..sape la yg gne nama ungu tu..wat ai jelesh jek... oppss.... bkn pocket je taw yg jelesshh...