Saturday, June 19, 2010

wc2010: sha bond 007 - ugly name, aye?

Big Ben and Red Umbrella, originally uploaded by roguesgallery17.

Someone told me that the British understand the proverb, "Sediakan payung sebelum hujan" better than the Malays. That was because the weather in London is unpredictable - rain falls at any time.Anyone who does not brings umbrella on the street will be perceive as someone stupid.

I thought the person was just joking. I mean, working with a British financial institution has taught me about overdraft and overspending, tax on savings and dependency on Job Seekers Allowance and other public benefits. So, my perspective was not really broad at that time.

I don't know. That might be because in KL, I am that stupid person who frequently forgets to bring the umbrella:P

I haven't been updating this blog for 3 days - which means that I have been really busy. With work. With life. But not with football. Arrghh...something really...really different, aye? That part of me was really colourful in the past. These days, I'm dreaming of figures...and I can't even drag myself out of the bed to watch Steven Gerard. Darn! Sha is changing...huwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....!!!

Yup, I'm changing. I am now...a Bond. Nope...nope...not a Bond Girl, folks. My thick waistline and oversize boobs are disqualifying me for that. A Bond. So, Sha Bond 007. (Tak rasa macam Abon ke? Hihihi).

I remember my sms recently which ended with,

".....Sha 007 is reporting to Mr. Boss."

It was meant to be a joke to my boss. It's not a joke anymore now. It's a task. A very special one, where I need to use my special talent and skills along with a dazzling charm and vigour. Ceeehhhhh....macam ayat Mills & Boons tak?

The task?

To check out a very cheeky guy whose status is "SINGLE" in one of the friend's friends list in FB. I keep on imagining his face when I'm doing my work recently.

Too bad, the name is not Zainal Arief (well, don't really like the name Zainal, by the way). The name starts with F (Sha is cursing silently because she is tired of the letter F in her love life)

But, never mind laaaa...F pon F laaa...Sha 007 is ready to work! She needs to bring her umbrella. Because in London, as a Bond, she needs to predict the weather.

Sha Bond!

Sabun....(cursed) and England broke my heart again last night.

p/s: What do you think of my new name?:P


mier@merr said...

sabun d blk mandi..sabun .....

~ sy plg mls bw pyung...

t.a.c.a said...

ade payung merah yg ade seseorang bagi..tapi selalu lupe bawak.. adeh!! tak bersyukur betul!

LiNda said...

Hai Sha Bond !


~LP Lum~ said...

salam kak sha (Bond)~

hehehe... tak semestinya sediakan payung sebelum ujan hnya tuk cuaca aje.. dlm kehidupan kita seharian nie pun, kita perlu sediakan payung sebelum ujan... :)
takut nnti tetba trus bnjir lak... :p

intanurulfateha ❤ said...

best ape name kak sha tuhh ;p

Miss ... said...

paling malas bwk payung stupid pun stupid la ekeke

hasni said...

sebut pasal payung
memang sntiasa ada dlm beg hasni
cuaca kat malaysia pon mcm londn gak
kak sha
nama tu xcun la
tukar la
cr lain
n jgn lp bw payung tau
payung lipat paling snang
tp kalu angin kuat
boleh terbalik payung tu