Thursday, June 10, 2010

sha: zainal arief, my bantal peluk

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I love him. I just realised that after seven years of relationship, I can't forget him at all. Our reunion last weekend has proved it all;)

It was not so surprising that I loved a guy who liked to smile. As much as I hate to remember my past (especially my exes!), I have to admit that all of them have the same quality: they have wonderful smiles. When the face redden with blush because of the smile, I'll be delighted to watch and stare. When the eyes are becoming smaller because the cheeks are lifted to crack the smile, I'll be the one whose going to drool.

We met in London. My heart fluttered on the day I saw him talking to his friend. He was tall, fair and had a pony tail at the back of his head. My eyes just couldn't stop staring at him. He was so cute! When our gazes met, I saw him walking towards me and my heart beat faster. But my friend was calling me so I had to stop staring at him. The moment I was searching for him again, he was gone.

The next time I was searching for him, I was waiting for croissant and coffee. We were staring at each other before someone blocked my view of him. He dissappeared the moment my vision was cleared. I missed him for the second time.

The third time was a success. He approached me and told me that he wanted to get to know me. But he came with a request - he asked me to stop wearing what I usually wore and wanted me to wear a baju kurung. I declined. The next time we met, he gave me his sandwiches to share. And since then...things were simple and easy. He became my daily companion who made my heart melt. I thought he was just a friend...

But I fell in love...

"Shaaaaa...aku jatuh cinta!" My roommate, Wa, yelled at me. She rolled her body on her bed and put her pillows on her face.

"Dengan Zainal Arief?" I asked. She nodded.

"Kau pun jatuh hati dengan dia kan?" she asked me. I grinned dreamily.

"Apa specialnya Zainal kat kau?" she asked me again.

"Kenapa kita mesti panggil dia Zainal?" I replied with a question.


"Aku panggil dia Arief...hehehe..." I hugged my bolster. My cheeks felt warm from my smile.

"Okay...okay...Arief. Tiba-tiba jatuh hati. Kenapa? Aku dahlah ada hati dengan dia. Kau pun nak," Azwa smiled.

"Itulah pasal. Kita jatuh hati pada lelaki yang sama!" I laughed.

"Okay...okay...sekarang kau cakap dengan aku, kenapa kau suka Arief?" She was a good at pushing for answers.

"Dia cool. Tak over romantic. Lelaki normal yang ada temper and ada kesabaran. Paling best, dia ada style bijak-bijak yang aku suka!" I layed on the bed, trying to hide my blushing face.

"Kau dah angau ni, Sha..." Azwa shook her head.

"Waaaaa...aku nak Arief!" my voice muffled on the pillow.

"Nak berapa banyak?" she teased me.

"Nak simpan senyum dia, suara gentle dia...adehhh...sah aku angau!" My teeth showed their existence in my mouth.

"Kalau kau jumpa Arief, apa kau nak cakap?" Wa asked me with a challenging grin.

"Aku akan cubit pipi dia. Lepas tu, aku akan cakap...Arief, awaklah yang Sha cari selama ni. Cinta hati, Sha, "I smiled dreamily.

"Sha...sha...macam Arief betul-betul wujud je," Wa laughed at my facial expression.

"Aku yakin dia akan wujud, Wa...serius!"

Yes, Zainal Arief is a fictional character in a novel entitled 'Sehangat Asmara' by Aisya Sofea. This is the one and only book from Alaf 21 which managed to catch my attention until today. I bought the book in 2003. Yesterday, I found the book in one of my boxes?

Have I met my Arief in real life?
Yup...but he is taken.
Alaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...I guess hugging my bolster will help tonight.

I guess this might be the reason why I'm avoiding Alaf 21 novels. Hehe. Are you reading those, floks?


lupekanje said...

not at this moment...and dont want to get addicted with those type of novels....hahaha...

mier@merr said... penah jatuh centa sama itu jejaka juga... tp da lme....da jd sejarah...byk sgt centa2 baru yang datang dan pergi...(wah..da mcm wanita kasanova)

n the latest 1.. of coz la badrul....auwww....

Othman Juliana said...

for me, i will call him Nal. Not Arief. Why not Arief-ok, Jue pelat R-hahaha..

"azmi, i know you love me & i do love you too. But, we know how 'this' will end..."

and yes, he is taken too. in real life. weird sha, this one is still with me. yes, now. bencinya aku!!

zino said...

dalam novel ke? hehe

sya said...

dulu2, masa muda remaja selalu lah baca. lepas tu, siap bad mood, nangis2 over feeling. hehehe...
jadi, lepas kahwin dah tak nak baca lagi. sebab tak kuasa nak nangis2 baca novel.. hahaha

Adila said...

I love Aisya Sofea!
her novels are awesome!

it has been a while since I last read one~

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

ya ampun... baca novel sampai terbawa-bawa ke real life ke? amy tak sure pulak dah pernah baca ke belum buku tuh.

Yunus Badawi said...

Saya dulu pun selalu baca novel Alaf 21 layan emak Adam. Mungkin itu sbbnya kami dapat Adam hehehe

Quiyah & Hasrul said...

my bantal peluk nama die bucuk masham..

~LP Lum~ said...

salam kak sha~

hehehe... xpenah serasi ngan Alaf 21.. aisya sofea, novel dia hanya JAUH aje yg penah sy baca.. :)

sy lebih gemar akan creative tapi skang creative pun dah kurang.... :(

ps : kak, ada pameran book kat mines 13hb nie mula... :)

Dee said...

hahaha..i still read n buy coz i got special nephew works at karangkraf..sbb lately susah nk abiskan satu novel..bz2..hahaha..

kak Erna said...

sha..itu belum baca "kau untuk ku"..aesya sofea lagi tu..tak tau la camana pulak sha berangan ..he he..

mier@merr said...

kak Erna >> rahsia di hati tak siapa yang tahu :)