Wednesday, June 23, 2010

wc2010: aaaaaaaaahhhhh....

It was one of several games in World Cup 2002 and I had enough. Spain vs. France. I was favouring France since I was crazy about French football at that time. Talk about Robert Pires. Even though he was not playing that year, I dreamed of his goatie all the time;)

I was crazy about him. Only him. I was too loyal to be true at that time. I didn't know how to cheat and I was too naive to recognise a sexual appeal.I used to be innocent, you see. Okay, stop reading with that puke in your mouth:P

My lady friends were screaming when they saw Vicente - the mediocre player who didn't know how to cross the ball. They laughed at me when I cheered for France. Yup, I admit...Patrick Viera was as dark as buntut kuali. Makelele's lips were not as pink as Raul Gonzalez'. But they were good football players with great skills!

So, the next day I went to my best friend's apartment. She was staying with the seniors. Since I was crazy about football, they invited me to watch the game with them. They picked me up from my apartment and went to the newly opened Tesco Puchong. We packed a bucket of KFC before one of my seniors stole bottles of ketchup and put them in her big handbag.

"Kita ramai. Nak harapkan yang diorang bagi tu memang tak cukup. Malam nanti nak buat spaghetti lagi," she said.

I smiled nervously at their actions. It was not because I haven't done it but I didn't realise that I had eventually met my match!

Later,we sat near the TV while munching the chicken.

"Paraguay. Ada tak pakwe handsome dalam team nie?" she asked me.

"Hmmm...yang Sha kenal Chilavert, keeper dia tu je..." I said innocently.

"Tulah kau. Kena baca lebih sikit. Diorang ada Santa Cruz tau!" she smiled.

"Tengok nie...perrrgghhhh..." she nudged my elbow.

Roque Santa Cruz was licking his lips as he missed the attempt to score. His eyes were deep set, his thick eyebrows were making it deeper. He looked gorgeous and...aaaahhhhh...

" like hell, kan?" she laughed when I was gaping at the man.

I nodded innocently. I learned about the term sexy that day. At the same time, I learned about the word...GEDIK.

World Cup 2002 was held in Korea and Japan whereby the spectators were mostly women. They screamed, they moaned, they sighed the moment they saw handsome, sexy men on the big screen. The best thing was when the camera was only focusing on the handsome sexy men's reaction when they missed a goal or made any sexy gestures like licking their lips or changing their jerseys!

The sepet women went wild.

"Kau tengok tu. Semuanya gedik. Mesti kau tak tahan tengok semua ni semalam kan?"

I said yes. The Vicente freaks were making me crazy last night.

"Dengan aku ni...aku pon suka tengok. Tp tak sampai tahap menjerit macam tulah. Look, learn. Kita perempuan je kat sini. Kalau kau suka, kau cakap. Tapi jangan menjerit,kay?" said the 1978 borned girl in front of me.

"Okay," and I saw Santa Cruz rolled on the field.

"Nesta lagi tonggek dari dialah, Sha..." she said.

"Nesta lagi tanned, "I said agreeably.

"Lepas ni kita tengok Nesta," she smiled cheekily.

"Macam muffin," I said nastily.

"Hehe," and we licked the mashed potato.

I learned something from her when I watched football:
Regardless how enthusiastic you are when you see a good looking guy, act like normal. Don't scream like Korean and Japanese women in the tv!

"Yang tu...boleh tahan gak," my friend pointed at the guy in front of me.

"Hmmmm...baju biru. Boleh tahan," I said.

"Boleh tahan je?"

"Okaylah babe...but kena tgk dia berdiri dulu," I said softly.


"Nampak gaya macam pendek je," I sucked the straw.

We dealt with the situation coolly. He didn't realised that we were watching him. Surely, my senior has taught me how to react well.The lesson learned when I was watching football with her.

I practiced what she taught me when I encountered a handsome men. But there was one thing which I did not practice:
Finding for options.

I had always been loyal to Pires, it was hard to say another footballer was much better looking than him.
Then, I was too in love with Sepet, I didn't realise how many good options I have missed.

Someone told me, "jodoh itu umpama bas yang berhenti di perhentian."

Haiiiii...I know I have been missing several busses in my life. Maybe it was my own fault. But I didn't feel anything about it. However,the one that I missed recently was causing heartache. For some reason, he is much special than the others.

I missed that one special bus. He is taken.
I hope there'll be more to come.

But surely, I won't scream if I see the good one! I will just...aaaahhh...



a kl citizen said...

ya... memerhati dan melihat dengan penuh keayuan, kan , sha

takpa ..bas yang dah pergi jangan dipikir lagi
bas yang baru keluar kilang lagi banyak..

mier@merr said...

bas yang berlalu tu mungkin bukan bas yang tepat...bukan yang akan membawa destinasi yang ingin dituju

insyaAllah akan ada bas yang akan berhenti dan membawa anda terus ke destinasi :)

zeqzeq said...


iza~de~bintang said...

Tak tahu hujung pangkal pasal bola. Kalau tumpang tengok, sokong jer yang tengah leading tuh hehe. Atau nama2 negara yang agak gah.

Kita tunggu bas, atau kita bas yang melintasi beberapa perhentian dan tidak menumpangkan sesiapa atas sebab-sebab tidak sesuai, tak sejiwa misalnya? Atau kita dah tumpangkan, tapi si penumpang tekan loceng sebab nak pi kat bas lain, sebab nak lalu jalan lain.. hehe ;)

Sha jom tengok wayang hujung minggu ni... kat Sonban pun ok gak tu :)

hasni said...

kak sha sbr ya tunggu bus kak sha

dotblogspotdotkom said...

nnt pakcik datang bawak bas...

emm kamu nak bus ke?.. @ drebar bas?...

Zayani said...

well..prmpuan tgok bola sbb ada guy hnsem saja.
agree??? ;p

Dee said...

pakcikdot pya komen x menahan..hahaha..

yelah sha..u oll tgk bola sbb handsome guys je ke? not becoz of the game? erkkk...

Cik Qemm said...

hihi great lesson. tgk bola pun sambil belajar :D