Sunday, June 27, 2010

wc2010: ada apa dengan shah alam?

Sungai Renggam. Sungai Renggam. Sungai Renggam.

I knew that I have been there few times when I was small. But, my mind could only remember the sight of the mosque, the stadium when I was watching football and the fish in the pond.

Shah Alam was never my favourite. When I was in school, students from Shah Alam used to brag about the name Shah Alam itself. I mean, I knew the name of Shah Alam itself might be nice to hear...but, ada apa dengan Shah Alam?

We used to answer that question nastily,
"Podah...panggung wayang pun takde!"

and they would answer sarcastically about how the Shah Alam is clean from all the unnecessary entertainment.

But the rave continued with...
" kilang beer ada pulak!"
(the company which sponsored Liverpool)

And we started to have word fight with people from Shah Alam. (either we were from Seremban or Segambut, our heart towards people in Shah Alam remained the same. We just hated the people from that place!)

Someone from Shah Alam said stupid things to me about football and brought his Shah Alam friends along. Since then, it has been hard. Shah Alam with hard headed people - maybe I was too judgmental.

But it is not fair, don't you think? That place hasn't done anything worst to me. Maybe the bunches I met were bad, but they were not supposed to be the sample of the whole population in Shah Alam.

However, that doesn't mean Sha is willing to find her jodoh in Shah Alam, okay? That is unimaginable. Hehe. Honestly. Unless I find someone who looks like Pasha:P

Or perhaps...someone who can be passionate about football.
Someone who won't compare Christiano Ronaldo and Fernando Torres.
Someone who won't compare Zaqwan Adha and Amri Yahyah.
Some one who knows the difference between Red Devils in England and Red Giants in Malaysia.
That's important!!!
Someone who can tell me, there is a nice traditional food in Shah Alam.
(Shah Alam ada traditional food ke?)

Because after Googling, Flickring, and Wikipediaing....

I can't find anything nice to eat in Shah Alam at all.
I just found comments on football.

I'm going to Shah Alam today!


Amieynna Amin said...

spanjang 4 thun duk bangsar,
br 2 kali ke shah alam...
sangat tak pandai nak g jalan2..

[ o k e d ] said...

ok shah alam ada UiTM yang di katakan Universiti yang miliki pelajar dan bekas pelajar paling banyak dalam dunia.

lupekanje said...

I just came back from shah Alam....arrghh...not really in good mood,to tell how disappointed am I. Not bcoz of the place,or the people, or the facilities...

Anonymous said...

orang JB sama seperti orang SHAH ALAM.

cheqna said...

lamanya tak masuk sini..miss u lah.... =)

Anonymous said...

Kak tie dulu study di Shah Alam.. dan bertemu jodoh di sana. Bagi kak tie shah alam adalah tempat yang paling bererti... rindukan shah alam dan uitm...

Uncle Lee said...

Hello Cheryna, love your callsign. Noticed it at Adila's place and busybody over.
I once stayed at Shah Alam, wayyyyyy back in the '70s....not many homes, and I sure had one regret, land was quite cheap then, and the new homes too.

Never thought of investing few ringgit then, or else today boleh gonchang kaki instead of having title 'KSM'....kerjah sampai mati', ha ha ha.
Have a nice day and keep a song in your heart, lee.

Othman Juliana said...

shah alam.
i have those 'bastard' staying there. well, at least not during sem break! haha~

anwyay, i adore muzium shah alam. best ok.

me: si gila zoo, muzium, library. oho!

dotblogspotdotkom said...

cuba tanya orang dok kat shah alam @ orang shah alam...

dimanakah seksyen 1?.... pakcik rasa.. ramai yg tak tau tu..... huhuhuhu..

Adila said...

ada apa dgn *insert nama tpt*

i use that a lot!
and my friends too

and we always answer stuffs like..
"ade aku psl tu la super bes!" haha


anyway, i hv no idea about shah alam :|
can't help with this xD

Ries Lee said...

shah alam...
lebih seronok dok damansara..

Cik Qemm said...

hmm beberapa kali ke shah alam, tak jmpa tmpt makan menarik lagi. fast food ado la.


since adik di UITM, slalu jugak la pegy shah slam.

skang ni maybe ramai suke ke I city kot?

N A N I E said...

meh datang umah ai sha :)