Sunday, July 25, 2010

orkid's cafe: balthazar blake's blue nasi kerabu

"Tak macam orang demam pun?" he asked.

"Memang tak demam...batuk dengan selsema jelah," I replied. My runny nose and my itchy throat were showing its proof. But I could understand why he said that. I was controlling the itchiness well.

Sha control ayu. As simple as that:)

Then I coughed. He chuckled.

"Batuk jelah. I tak kisah. But are you sure you want to watch the movie?" he asked nicely. I nodded. A plan was still a plan.

"Nak pop corn?" he asked when we reached the hallway to the cinema theaters, I shook my head. In normal circumstances, I would want to eat those nice stuff. In this itchy throat situation,honewever, none of my favourite food tasted nice.

Oh, that was a lie. I loved the nice nasi kerabu for breakfast I ate in Ampang this morning;)

He gave me an understanding smile. Then he said, "Tak pernah terfikir nak dok Ampang ke? Boleh makan nasi kerabu best hari-hari."

"Kat Ampang je ada nasi kerabu best? Kat Bangi lagi best laaaa..." I protested.
"Then apasal tak dok Bangi?" he teased.
"Sebab kat Seremban pun ada nasi kerabu. Best jugak," I said.

"Apa je yang ada kat Seremban tu tak best untuk you," he teased me more. I looked at him sharply. He laughed while we sat down in the dark cinema.

Two hour plus of watching Sorcerer's Apprentice. Suddenly he whispered,
"Tell me what you want to hear
Something that'll like those ears
Sick of all the act sincere
So I'm gonna give all my secrets away..."

I grinned. He smiled. Apparently we liked the same thing in the movie: the soundtrack.

"Macam One Republic?" I asked him. He nodded.
"You knew this song?" he nodded again. Well, how do you expect us to communicate during a movie show right? Whispering was not just sexy, it was a must.

Nicholas Cage was a macho man.His hair in Sorcerer's Apprentice reminded me of Con Air. I gaped when I looked at him. The magic was still there. He was still one of my favourite actors.

"Ish...ish...tutup sikit mulut tu, Cik Sha, Kang masuk lalat," he whispered again.

I blushed.

Then he asked, "Kalau I buat rambut macam Balthazar, amacam?"
I gave him a disgusted look.
"Buruk," I said simply. He grinned.
"Then, kenapa bila Balthazar buat macam tu you nganga?"
"Mana ada I nganga...." I protested. He was such a tease.
"Jealous macam ni," he said.
"Jealouslah," I challenge him.
"Betul tak kisah?"
"Kenapa nak kisah?"

Then we were both silent.

Few minutes later, I felt the vibration of my phone. 1 message received.

"I need another story
Something to get off my chest
My life gets kind of boring
Need something that i can confess..."

It was from him.

I replied, "Confess lah." Send.

Vibration. Again. 1 message received.

"Will you be my Veronica?"

Danggg....there I was. Looking at the Veronica's kissing scene. By the way, you might want to know who was Veronica right? Well, please watch Sorcerer's Apprentice. You'll understand Arief's question. Trust me;)

***to be continued***


t.a.c.a said...

i watched sorcerer's apperantice dua kali~!! dua hari berturut2 at the same place!

Adila said...

..i xpnah watch
u promote the cerita now! hehe~

Dee said...

so, jwb apa? yes..yeslah..hahaha..

Lan Bingka said...

1 jam 50 min je kan?

Othman Juliana said...

watched this last sunday@wangsa walk~ part best time dalam sangkar dan dok dgr lagu tu dengan getaran elektrik~ romantik doh!

sha, i'm in bangi now. jum ngeteh!
*yeah, blog lama x update-kalut busy!