Thursday, July 15, 2010

orkid's cafe: nasi arab kuat nafsu

"Muffin?!" I nearly jumped with surprise. He was there at the lobby. And...he was waiting for me. Yeay!

"Hai Cekodok..." he greeted with a grin. We called each other Muffin and Cekodok ever since he said he noticed that I was checking out his muffin during my cousin's wedding. I preferred not to be called Apam. Cekodok was much better as I knew for a fact that I was not as dainty as a cupcake.

"What are you doing here, Muffin?" I teased him.

"Waiting for Cekodok. She has a lunch date with me today," he said lightly.

"Cekodok is not here. Sha is," I said defensively.

"Cekodok is here," he said sweetly.
"Where is she?"
" the apple green blouse."
"Mana...? Mana....? Tak nampak pun?!" I pretended to look around.
"Ni...yang pipi macam cekodok nieh. Depan I nieh..." his grin was getting wider.

" tuh Muffin! Buntut tonggek!" I exclaimed.
"But you liked it," he replied.
"Bila masa I cakap I suka?"
" and white. It was all written up," we were walking towards the parking space.
" were my blog reader, right? How do you know about my blog?" my face was hot. Darn, no wonder he knew everything about me!

"Don't ask, " his answer was simple.

"Tell me. Please?"
"Definitely not."


"Taknak kawan you..." I said softly.

"Taknak kawan sudah...nama kau Dolah..."
"Weeii...nama I bukan Dolah!" I was like a kid who was trying to get in a car when I got annoyed. I sat quietly while focusing on the dashboard.

"Makan mana?" he asked.
"Tak tau!"
"Cepatlah...kita nak makan mana?"
"Drive jelah!"
"Amboi...garangnya...Cekodok, comellah you macam ni. You merajuk-merajuk, pipi you makin kembung," his shoulders shook with mirth.

"You jahat!"
"Jom...Nasi Arab?"
"Pergghhh...portion banyak.Makan kambing. Lagi Cekodok la I," I said.
"You kata you suka Nasi Arab?"
"Memanglah....tapi jauh lagi...."
"Kan I janji hantar you balik Seremban and lunch sana hari ni?" he said.
"Cekodok, patutlah you suka tengok muffin orang. Suka makan Nasi Arab rupanya...hehehe..." he teased and teased and teased.

" nearly called me Apam. Patutlah you suka Nasi Arab, "I smiled nastily.

"We're a match in heaven, then, "he said while he drove away.

A lunch date? We'll see. I'll tell you more about that tomorrow folks.

***to be continued***


mier@merr said...

adakah ia cerita benar??

Miss ... said...

a'ah btol ke nih??

Yunus Badawi said...

Lain kali nak makan nasi Arab kalau malam Jumaat hehehe

atty's said...

nie yang buat nak makan nasi arab ..

~LP Lum~ said...

salam kak sha~

very real ar kak.. kat sbn mna ada jual nasi arab eik?? mau try gak... ^_^

ps : nnti blh kita luch date sma x, muffin?? :p

Dee said...

mkn nasi arab kt mana tuh cekodok? hihihi..

kak Erna said...

sha..nasi arab damsyik..sedap...

Adila said...

terkedu when he is a blog reader hehe
maunye kena watch out what to write :P

continueeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! :D