Tuesday, July 13, 2010

orkid's cafe: nasi lemak besar punya!

Nasi Lemak
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Okay. So, I guess you guys would be busy asking me what did I answer Arief when he asked me about "ambil hati". Hehe. I stammered, of course. But the stuttering was not because what he asked but how he asked me. Well, let's just say I'm the type of girl who loved to be treated with respect. One way of doing it? Of course with a smooth and nice tone. Well, he could sound like Kermit, for all I care. But he must not raise his voice or otherwise the magic would suddenly lost its power:P

"You nak amik hati I ke Arief?" I answered in the most flirtatious voice my voice box could ever produced. Well, I liked the game that he was playing with me up to the extend that I wanted to play along.

That was also, up to the extend that I have forgotten that I needed to be the girl in Big Girls Don't Cry by Fergie. If anything...well, we don't want to talk about bad stuff, don't we?

"Takkan you tak perasan-perasan lagi, Sha?" he answered back. F.L.I.R.T.A.T.I.O.U.S.L.Y.

"I'm not the perasan type," Dussshhh...one punch!
" Not that I'm aware of too, but I always knew that you're the alert type," he said.
"Alert and cautious are almost too similar, Arief," Duuuusshh...second punch! Hehe.
"Cautious if you knew you're in a great danger, Sha..." he killed me softly with his tone.
"Am I not in a great danger right now?" Dusssshhh...third punch! Hihi.
"Danger is when your body and soul are going to be bruised be the rough treatment, Sha. As far as this is concerned, you're handled with care."
"Are you saying that I'm as fragile as a glass?" Sup...sappp...suuuppp...saapppp...Cobra talk!
"I'm saying that you're as delicate as the precious orchid, dear..." Toiiinggg!!! A knock on my head.

"Arief..." G.A.T.A.L.I.C.I.O.U.L..Y called his name.
"Yes, Sha," Ooohh...this guy is a nice pain...
"You takde hati ke?"
"Mestilah ada..."
"Kalau dah ada, kenapa you nak hati I? Eeeee..tamaknya!" I said. Strike!!!
"You mean..."
"Hati, Tuhan bagi sorang satu. Kenapa nak amik hati orang pulak? Lebih baik bagi dekat mereka yang memerlukan," K.E.R.E.K.L.Y avoiding the topic.

"I bukan orang yang memerlukan ke Sha?" he asked.
"Taklah, kan you dah ada hati you?" I asked back.
"But then, Sha...bukan ke masa I nyanyi lagu Selimut Putih aritu I cakap nak barter trade? Nothing comes for free. It's time to trade now."

I could sense his smile.
I felt full and contented. The feeling when I was talking to him was like the feeling after eating a full content of Nasi Lemak Besar Punya which I bought near CM when I was about to go to work.

H.E.L.P! Do you think I can win, folks?


~LP Lum~ said...

salam kak sha~

ahaks~.. fight fight kak.. sure u can... :p

t.a.c.a said...

hahaha.. kak sha and her flirtatious mind!! rawks!

zeqzeq said...

jika biji2nya besar lagi umphh

mier@merr said...

akak... nasi lemak besar membawa dua makna..heee~~

aja aja fightin!

ashie023 said...

nasik lemak satu..
sori aku dah diawang awagan x tau lah ape cite ni...ahaha..

but i enjoyed reading the conversation between u and arief..huhuhu...

Dee said...

eh..fight sis..i know u will win!

Quiyah & Hasrul said...

dah lame aku tak jenguk sini, bile baca satu-satu.. i dont think you can win.
my confidence is with this one..