Wednesday, July 14, 2010

orkid's cafe: nasi steak rusuk mata

Tough day. I couldn't sleep a night before that - thinking about the meeting that I was going to have with the big bosses from the principal company. My hands clenched at my sides, my forehead drenched with sweat, and my fists were as cool as ice.

Darn. I was nervous.

Then it happened. I suddenly found myself shaking hands with the bosses. Four hours later, I found myself shaking their hands again. The discussion was not bad - I was supposed to be happy with the outcome. But I felt drained. I was thinking about the black coffee on my desk when my phone rang.

"Waalaikumussalam..." I couldn't change my tone. I was mentally exhausted. That particular discussion that I had would determine my future; my mind was still digesting my decision on the Red Suzuki Swift.

"Dah habis meeting?" he asked.
"Dah..." One word.
"Sorry...I know I'm not supposed to call you at this time but..."
"But?" One word. Again.
"But....I have the feeling that you might want to talk to someone after a big meeting like that," he said carefully. He was well aware with my T&C.
"Yup," And again. Just one word.

"How was it?" he asked.
"Nice. Full of surprises," I answered. Four words this time.
"So...anything you want to spit out?"
"Hmmm...let's talk about something else, shall we? I don't want to talk about work," I quickly suggested. I could feel my own pulse when I was thinking about work. Sakit jantung!!!

"Arief..." I called him sofly. I am in love with his name. Hmmm...I have always wished for a smart guy. And the meaning of his name is Wise. Mr. Wise, said my assistant. She used to have a boyfriend named Arif before. Can I call him Mr. Wise?

"Tadi...I dapat tau something," I started shakily.
"I....orang masuk meminang I...."
"Baru tau ni..."
"Won't give his name, but the name starts with N."
"Alright. So, you terima tak?"


"I'm listening," Two words now.
"I terima pinangan tuh."
"Merisik, meminang, dah bertunang?"
"Eh, you nieh kenapa?"
"Nothing...just terkejut. You terima?"
"Thanks. Taknak congratulate?"
"Hmmm...I'm speechless. Maybe you boleh jemput I datang majlis tuh nanti?"
"Tak boleh."
"Eh, apasal tak boleh?"
"Tak boleh. You're not invited."
"Takkan....Sha, you're not serious right?"
"Yes, I am."
"I nak datang...please?" he said softly.
"Please...I taknak you datang..."
"Don't do this to me, okay..." my tone was low.

He drew his breath sharply.

"Arief....why do you want to come? Why can't you just stay away?"
"I'm...." he drew a deep breath again.
"I'm jealous with him. Whoever he is," he said.

There was silence for several minutes.

"Why are you jealous?"
"I just can't explain."
"Fine..." then I was silent again. He was silent too.

"How can you feel that way...when the rombongan just left few minutes ago," I said softly.
"But he got you, right?"
"He got me but he just left few minutes ago..." I used my amused tone.

"Few minutes..."
"Yup...they left few minutes ago selepas sessi peminangan tuh..." I smiled when I said that.
"You mean..." he started to laugh softly.
"Yup..." I laughed too.
"Congratulations!" he said cheerfully. I could sense his relief.

"You ingat...pinangan apa?" I teased him.
"I thought you said you didn't want to talk about work," he grumbled.
"Pinangan kerja, Encik Arief," I laughed heartily.
"You got me."

"I got you?"
"Good...." I said with pride.
"I wish I got you," he said softly.
"That was the jealousy was all about?"
"Woooooooo...please...that confession!"

"You were jealous? Admit," I teased.
"I was. Puas hati?"
"Puas....sangat puas..."
"Gloat with it."

"I don't want to get you, Cik Sha. I want to have you," he smiled in his words.
"'re so confident..."
"Of course."
"Don't press your luck," I said with defiance.

"You makan apa lunch tadi?" he changed the topic.
"Apa entah...ribe eye steak dengan nasi goreng. Set kat Kopitiam," I said.
"Tak. Tapi I lapar. Habislah."
"You should not delay your lunch."
"I had a meeting."
"Nanti lain kali I cook for you, Sha? Makan sedap sikit..."
"Rib eye steak?"
"Boleh je....tapi I masak something else,"he sounded mischievous.

"Apa dia?"
"Muffin...I tau you suka muffin..." he chuckled.
I gasped.

"You ingat I tak tau you tengok muffin I malam kita jumpa kat wedding tuh?" he asked challengingly.

"I got you...." he laughed.

Adoi. Fooooooollllkssssss????


t.a.c.a said...

hahahhahahaa.... sweet~

Adila said...

now i yg cair with this arief :P

~LP Lum~ said...

salam kak sha~

heheheh.... nice2... very sweettttt g 2... :)

hasni said...

gentle jer conversation btween sis n arief ni
hope akak baik-baik aja
n epi always:-)

Cik Qemm said...

new guy? suke tgk akak happy :)