Thursday, July 08, 2010

orkid's cafe: what's your favourite rice dish?

When I looked at the Singapore Laksa I ordered just now, I was wondering whether I made the wrong choice. Kak Dee's Thai Fried Rice looked heavenly delicious from the corner of the table I was sitting at that time. Geeeshhh....I suddenly hated bean sprout!

Kak Dee? Yup, I met a blogger. Honestly, this meeting was the first one after several years of denying request from others who might want to see me in person. The reason was because of bad experience that I had last time. But Kak Dee was exceptional.

Of course, this picture was not taken by me or Kak Dee. If you want to see the picture of the fried rice she ordered and ate, you might have to go to her blog. Naturally, bloggers took pictures of the food they ate and Kak Dee was one of them. Well, I personally wished that there was something I could do to capture the moment like she did;)

She was remarkably fun person to hang out with. I could never run out of ideas with her as both of us have a mole at the corner of our mouths. Believe me, when two chatterboxes are meeting each other in one occasion, there would be no other circumstances you could find: NOISE. Hehehe.

Recently, I have been talking about Zainal Arief a lot. About how my love life has been effected due to my current interest in someone I couldn't have and things like that. I was pathetic in certain ways (or perhaps every ways) but I couldn't help it, trust me.

Therefore, I'm thinking of changing my direction. I feel like writing about rice. I want to re-open Orkid's Cafe so that I'll focus more on my writing while slowing down at writing about Zainal Arief. I'm not saying that I will stop writing about him though. Don't get any illusions yet, but I'll try to make things more interesting this time;)

So, I need help from you, folks.
What is your favourite rice dish?
Nasi Goreng?
Nasi Beriyani?

Anything will do.

Just don't tell me it's Nasi Goreng Sotong. I'll be happy to eat Paul. Hehehe.


Sya Annur said...

sotong goreng tepung la beb. hehe.. suddenly i miss nihon, ada kedai jual octo grg tepung yg sedap! nway, my fav nasik would be ayah aku nye nasik beriani. gila sedap!

Pocket said...

my favourite rice dish will be any kind of dish if u put some sambal on the side.
Ayam goreng!! nice with sambal,
ikan masak lomak!! nice with sambal,
jeruk kemaman!! nice with sambal,

the only thing that is not that nice with sambal maybe a telur goreng masak sos lah kot...

so sha, if we ever meet,
please bring with you your hand made sambal :)
i'll have it with anything even with a sirloin steak :D heheh

Adila said...

i eat everything!
susah nak pilih!!!! haha

if tanya my fav... errrr kena tgk kedai mana haha

dotblogspotdotkom said...

janji halal... sedap.... murah... dan boleh dimakan.... ok la tu....

ashie023 said...

ambe ske makan nasik lauk budu..lauk2 kampung..kalu lauk2 bandar ni, ambe makan nasik mesti x abis...ataupun sikit je..haahhaha

mier@merr said...

nasi ..ikan goreng..sambal belacan.. enuff...da sgt sedap begitu..haha..

saya suka char kuew teow!!

Cik Qemm said...

1st of all,
qemmal lapa dan bukak2 blog kak sha trus nmpk makanan. perut bunyi2.

2,hmm nti bil2 insya-allah kite date same2 plak eh :)

3, nasi goreng sotong is one of my fav nasi goreng. sebab qemmal mmg suka sotong.

betul ni tade kena mengena dgn kisah paul. lol.

and i love mama's nasi kerabu :)

~LP Lum~ said...

salam kak sha~

sy paling minat nasi kerabu... :)
best dan sihat... :))

Dee said...

hahaha..thx for the dinner n thx for meeting me..kehkehkeh..kalo kak dee ikut balik seremban..kita leh sembang smpi lebam..

my fav sebenarnya..nasi goreng cili api..pedas2..baru haw liau!! salah eja ek..duliks!!