Sunday, July 18, 2010

orkid's cafe: nasi goreng kampung lentik

Nasi goreng kampung
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"Kenapa bising sangat ni?" he asked.

"Sorry...I tak bagitau you. I kat stadium bola," I said regretfully.

"It's alright. I tak patut kacau you. I pun busy, sebenarnya," he explained.
"Reception tu macam mana?"
"Bolehlah. Semua dah hidang pun. Tengah tengok orang makan," he said.
"Mmm...we'll talk later?" I suggested.
"Sure. Tapi you faham kan...benda-benda macam ni habis lambat," he said apologetically.
"It's alright...I faham. Your work."
"You're welcome."
"Bye, Cekodok."
"Bye, Muffin..."

Then I concentrated on the game. Negri Sembilan vs. Perak for the next 90 minutes. My feminine side was gone. I went back around 11pm and my phone remained silent. "He is busy," I told myself. For some reason I was feeling more occupied when he was around. It was as if something telling me there was a strange feeling inside me when he was not with me. Did I miss him? some ego, Sha. You just got to know this guy.

I watched this movie called First Daughter in TV3 but my mind drifted to things which happened on the day we went for Nasi Arab on Thursday.

"Kambing?" he grinned. I nodded.
"Kambing dua," he told the waitress.

Then we ordered two mango lassies and a pot of mint tea.

"I lapar. You lapar?" he asked.
I grinned. He got the answer.

We chose the right place. The service was quick. I saw him washed his hand before he dug his fingers into the warm rice. He looked so nice with his shirt folded at the cuffs. The hair on his arms showed the masculinity. Shhh....Sha!!! Don't show your interest too much.

"You memang lapar, " I noted.
He smiled.

We didn't talk because we were too hungry. After washing our hands and helped ourselves with the mint tea, he started to ask:

"You suka purple?"
" do you know? Oohh...I'm not supposed to ask you," I said sarcastically. I was annoyed with the fact that he knew about my blog. Actually, I felt embarrassed. How much did he know?
"You marah ni. Laaa...jangan marah sangat. I don't know everything. It was so happened that my sister was the one who read your blog," he smiled.

"I mana ada masa, Sha. And I was not into blogging. My sister is a blogger. She told me she stumbled into your blog. And she FORCED me to read it," he gave me a matter of fact.
I remained silent.
"Tak percaya? Maybe you should meet her. She'll be thrilled," he smiled.
"Talk about liberations, dear. You're her icon."
"Hell. No," I laughed nervously.
"You became a barista when you left your job, travelling across states to work - even at night. My baby sister loved the stuff that you were doing, " the corner of his mouth formed a smile.
"And you loved purple and football. A perfect figure for a sister in-law," he continued. For next fifteen minutes, I got to know that his sister was an architecture student in Australia, her favourite colour is purple and she loved Liverpool F.C. From the looks in his eyes, I could see the fondness and the gentility he felt towards her.

I blushed. He gazed into my eyes and I was speechless.

Then I heard a ringtone. Flashback was over.

"Hello, Cekodok," I heard his voice on the other line.
"Hello, Muffin..." I replied sleepily.

"How's your day?"
"I terasa nak makan nasi goreng kampung, tapi dah tak selera. Banyak kerja hari ni. Jealous, sebab you dapat tengok bola. The wedding was nice. Mak pengantin tak boleh stop menangis. And...Ina was telling me about me. She told me you wrote things in your blog about a man named Arief." I could here a laughter in his voice.

"Ina tau?"
"Tak, kita secret dulu?"
"Okay," I replied.

"Best game tadi?" he asked.
"Mmmmm...ada sorang player Perak tuh muffin dia tonggek."
He laughed throatily.

"You suka?"
"Tak suka. Dia tak best."
"Semua orang gelakkan dia. Orang panggil dia lentik!Dia pakai seluar putih, lepas tu ketat. Then dia rajin menonggek..."
He laughed again.

"Muffin siapa best?" he asked softly.
"I ke dia?"
"Errr...tak nak cakap!"
"You like me...kan?"
"Muffin misses you today, Cekodok..." that was the nicest tone a man has ever used to me. Mmmmhmmm...

My feeling? Like the runny egg yolk I had with the Nasi Goreng Kampung I had just now!

***to be continued***


t.a.c.a said...

heh mengata player pasukan negeri i ....

hahahha muffin mana yg best??


♥LOVE2COOK♥ said...

I hopped in immediately seeing ur title! NGK!!! My fav...yumm yumm! :D

atty's said...

nasi goreng kg..feveret fir.kty lak suka muffin.heheehe

~LP Lum~ said...

salam kak sha~

hehehe.... makin baca, makin nice n enjoy ar kak citer nie... :)

Adila said...

AHAHAAHAHAH!!! continueeee!!!
i pun rs nak nasi goreng kampung now
makan sambil baca this entry mmg syiok!

mier@merr said...

erk..hatiku pula macam di taman bunga.

Dee said...

muffin..arief..hmm...xpe2..kak dee keep on reading..hehehe..

Anonymous said...

wah,wah... ada orang buat idola la, bestnya.
muffin pun best...
nasi goreng kampung pun best tapi ganti bilis dengan ayam...