Saturday, July 03, 2010

wc2010: b for babe...b for bro...b for boss...ooopsss...

The girls cried when I broke the news. Me? I didn't. But my hopes were a bit down; thinking that there will be more people clinging on me after this and I'm not sure how strong I will be in future. These days I'm avoiding talking so much about what lies ahead of me. I plan stuff, I get it done, I'll look at the consequences. Talk about it? No. As much as I love talking, future is not my favourite subject;)

I totally understand their feelings. Sometimes, girls love a softer approach. But not all girls. Perhaps, I'm one of them - I prefer an open minded and transparent approach. You like me, you tell me. You hate me, you should tell me too!

For the cute and gentleman, he is always their favourite. Who can blame them? Nobody. He just knew how to handle things. I, on the other hand, is the miserable and unapproachable one - I won't be the favourite.I know and I'm not blaming anyone.

Otai. Yeke? You can't call me that, actually. I might be an old timer for you but I have weaknesses. What is it? Yes, sometimes I need people to notice that despite my hard hotheadedness, I'm still a girl who longed for a word called respect.

"Sha ni anak tiri ke?" I asked him 2 days ago.

He smile.

"Selalu kena marah. Buli Sha aje. Orang lain tak kena macam tu pun. Apa salah Sha? Sha anak tiri ye?" I pushed the questions in one breath.

"You kena pandai berdikari," that was all he said.

I smiled sadly. Really? Am I not independent enough for him?

* * *

Who could have blamed him for that? Months ago, I made a mistake. We were in the midst of discussion when I objected his idea like this,
"Tak bolehla, bro...mana boleh macam tuh," his head jerked up and he looked at me fiercely.

I just realised that something wrong was blurted from my mouth.

"Siapa bro?" he asked challengingly.

"Bro...err...boss!" I staggered.

Then he looked at me from the corner of his eyes. Amboi menjeling!
I couldn't help it if my intonation and my words were not feminine enough for you.

And that was it. The day I had a slip of tongue.

* * *

Reading miera@merr's blog just now made me laugh. B sometimes stands for Baby or Hubby.

I was damn lucky I didn't call him B! Shoooottt...otherwise I won't be able to avoid his murderous gaze again.

And today...
B is a sensitive alphabet because it stands for Brazil. Any frustrated fans? This song is for you. I heard it in my AIMP when I reached home just now. It helped. Charice's voice is superb. And the lyrics? Nice.

Definitely nice.
For a person who is pushing away this inner voice in her heart, this song is just nice to boost her up again.

What is B for you, folks?


Ara Amnan said...

B is for my bb. ahha!

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

hahaha... i just want to state b for my bb too.

kak sha, how are you? lama tak berborak. ;)

~LP Lum~ said...

salam kak sha~

huhuhu... xkuasa dek nak panggil him bb or wat so ever... terlalu jiwang n manja wat insan mcm sy nie.. :)

for me B alwayz 4 BRASIL walaupun dah out semlm... sedey lor.....

mier@merr said...

waaaaaa..... i xpggil bos b ok..hohoho...xkuase nyah~

Ili Saharudin said...

b for blurring> could i? just a moment maybe. how long? i dont know> let it be> hehehe

Dee said...

b stands for b*b*..i don't know why..geli je bila dgr org panggil bee..lebah? hahaha..hati2..nti kena sengat..

Cik Qemm said...

best lagu ni. thanks for sharing kak sha.

for me, B is for my pumpkin. :)

kak sha plak? b for boss?