Wednesday, August 04, 2010

orkid's cafe: muffin berbulu

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"Apasal muka tension nieh?" he asked.
"Takde mood."
"Takde mood? What happened?"
"Kerja...." I sighed.

"U kalau bad mood sure jadi penyenyap," he commented.
"Yup." One word.
"And I pulak tak biasa you senyap, "he smiled.
"So, it means I tak biasa you bad mood..." he said.
"Sori." One word. Again.

"Apasal? Maybe I can help? Cuba cerita," he offered.
"Taknaklah...pasal kerja tak payah la. Bukan ada apa sangat..." I protested.
"Try me."
"Don't want to try anyone. Just rasa nak chill....relax...take a deep breath dan kurangkan rasa nak nangis...."

"Jom...Coffee Bean?"
"For what?"
"Get some muffin...since my "muffin" is insufficient to make you happy..." he grinned.
"Taknaklaaa...baru tadi someone comment pasal kegemukan I..."
"So that is all about laaaaa..."
"No. I bad mood pasal kerja...."
"Your work is your love. Frust dengan kerja macam frust bercintalah nampaknya..." he concluded.

Then he took out a brown paper bag from the backseats.

"Nah...." he gave me.
"Ye sayang..." he grinned broadly.
"I tak cakap muffin tu. I cakap..." I was blushing.
"I beli tadi. Panas lagi ni. I rasa macam you suka je..."

"'re so tense up. You tau tak?"
" for me?"
"Apa you rasa kalau orang taknak dengar presentation you?" I asked.
"Same goes here."
" I assume your hard work the other night went into the drain?"
"Kind of."
"Arief, I mintak maaf. I betul-betul takde mood."
"And this has got something to do with meeting me today as well..." he predicted.

I nodded.

"Someone told me, lelaki ada dua sebab untuk spend for you - tak kisahlah spend duit ataupun spend masa..."
"And the reasons are?"
"First, if the guy likes you...Second, if the guy wants something from you..." I explained.

He was silent.

"Who are you, Arief? The one who is using a girl because he wants something from her, being nice because you know she'll do things for you...."
"Or the person who genuinely likes you...?" he interrupted.

I nodded.

"And a guy will answer a question with question to avoid the options. Kan?"

He looked at me.

"That was what happened to me. Understand? Please. I just don't want things to happen twice. Bring it on...tell me what you want. You tak payah berbudi..." my voice shook in the end. The tears were almost there.

"I nak balik?"
"Let me give my answer first?"

Dup Dap Dup Dap...

What do you think, folks?'

***to be continued***


kiddo2music said...

sangat complicated..

and what the answer, pls?

( cheers!! my fes comment here )

zaradgreat said...

dup dap dup dap jugak kak sha!

Kujie said...

dup dap dup dap juga.....

t.a.c.a said...

dag dig dugg.... di dalam dada~~

mier@merr said...

misteri nusantara la pulak kan!!!

Adila said...

tumpang dup dap dup dap jgak
i'm hoping it's the 1st but.. well byk org yg it's 2nd :(

Dee said...

sha tgh sedih ye..sian suma org pun tgh tgu jawapankan..huh..nak dupdap samalah..hehehe..

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

chop..... apakah kaitan muffin berbulu itu? hahahaha... rasanya entri kat atas tuh bukan continue dia kan?

Cik Qemm said...

mane jwpn ni? tak de pun lagi..

Quiyah & Hasrul said...

i need the answer sha.
u better update, from now on, im not going to abandon ur blog ever again.. i've been in the dumps for too long, i need sunshine..
and i know this sunshine can cure my depression..
me love you..