Monday, August 30, 2010

ramadhan diary: blog berspider web

Spider web dew drops
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Mmmmhmm. I got a message from Taca Yunus, telling me that my blog is now in "bersawang" mode.

Honestly, I am suddenly having a hard time to write. For some reason, the ideas just dried off, my fingers are not graciously molded to type anymore, and my senses are numb.

This is the first time it happens this year and I'm extremely hating this condition. Writing has always been my passion but right now I'm spending time playing imvu and talking to strangers rather than write.

I'm not the chatting type. Now I am.

Maybe...there are things which you just want to tell a stranger and you would rather keep it private to those who know you. Maybe...there are grey skies hovering over you and you just want to keep everything to yourself. Maybe...these are things that are happening to me.

Someone told me that I can use this blog to express my feelings. To share and tell someone what my life is all about. But I have long ago objected that option as the purpose of this blog. Well, maybe...just maybe..I should try to change.

"He knows about your blog?" he asked me. I shook my head.

" can use that blog of yours. Let him know through your blog. If he understands...then he'll respond," he suggested.

The thing is, have you ever been in a situation when you're speechless? For someone who is as talkative as I am, this is new. me. Bring me back to life. Where writing was easy.

I need your help.


Dee said...

hmm..just be yourself sha..if u're comfortable of doing so, just do it..if not..just keep it to yourself..after raya kita jumpa ye..

Quiyah & Hasrul said...

im also closing down my blog..
there's a whole BIG reason for it. i can't take it. if you're here sha, i can "show" it to u.

t.a.c.a said...

kak sha ... tee he he... dah clean dah blog nie... jgn marah aa.. cume rindu nk baca story kak sha tu je :X

mier@merr said...

erm,...miss ur story.. miss jokes...miss ur arief...uppsss...

take your time sis...

kiddo2music said...

speechless.. bukan sesuatu yang baik bagi seorang yang talkative, bukan?

am sure there are plan B, plan C, plan D.. mungkin belum masanya lagi?

Pocket said...

just like sis Dee was saying,
be yourself.

write creatively but dont go too far away from your own self.
People would sense it that u'r faking it.
(If not all your blog readers, atleast the one who edit your blog.. she knows)

and that sis.. is painful.

so pour in a little bit of those feelings here sis.
let us drown in your tears sometime,
but dont kill us will ya :D
cause i wanna live till the day i see u in your wedding dress^^

a kl citizen said...

tulis lah sha...
apa-apa pun , saya akan baca punya

Cik Qemm said...

come on kak sha :)