Friday, September 17, 2010

orkid's cafe: gulai nangka ikan sushi

Gulai Nangka Daun Salam
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A day before my aunts and uncles were coming to our house, one of my aunties called me and asked about the menu. Ibu and I were planning on Gulai Pisang Muda and other traditional dishes. In our opinion, people will eat more meat than ever during festive season, so cooking some "almost vegetarian" dishes will make some difference.

But my aunt was asking if we could prepare some Gulai Nangka. I told ibu and she was ecstatic. When I reached home that evening, we went to the market to find some jack fruit/nangka muda. But we couldn't find any. So we went there the next morning.

The market was quite a mysterious place. Whenever we wanted to cook that particular ingredient, it was hard to find it. Out of more than 10 vegetable stalls I found in the Pasar Besar, only one stall sold nangka muda and we had to fight for it as there were several buyers for such limited stock~!

We were lucky. Not only we won the battle over the purchase of the nangka muda, we also managed to cook it well. In the afternoon, when my relatives were coming over to our house, they ate the food with delight. Even though we couldn't stop cursing the authorities for no water supply in Seremban on Malaysia Day, the day was consider a success.

The most important thing that day was "rezeki murah". I love to have guests in our house especially family:)

The traditional menu that we cooked that day reminded me of a conversation that I had a day before the visit.

Milah: Sha....tau tak satu benda pasal Salmah?
Me: Haaa...kenapa?
Milah: Salmah, kalau makan jaga standard sikit.
Me: Yeke? Jaga standard macam mana?
Milah: Dia tak suka makan kat tempat sebarangan. Rasanya kat mamak pun dia tak makan.
Me: Eh...yeke?
Milah: Yup.
Me: Kenapa?
Milah: Entahlah. Dia tak suka makanan tak sedap. Kalau tak sedap, dia takkan makan langsung. Macam kita, cuba jugak untuk makan. Tapi dia particular...

I smiled.

Remembering the typical Javanese name of Salmah's father made me laughed in my heart. Milah had once told me that sushi was Salmah's favourite dish and how particular she was if we were bringing her to a disfavoured place. Gulai Nangka Ikan Sushi?

Should I invite Salmah for raya, then?

My relatives who were eating Gulai Nangka Ikan Masin, Sambal Tumis Udang Dengan Petai, Ulam Daun Selom dengan Kacang Botor, Terung Telunjuk dengan Ikan Bilis Goreng Cili Api and Lala Goreng Cili yesterday were studying abroad. They were successful people with kampong as their root.

But they didn't care.

Salmah, will certainly care.


~LP Lum~ said...

salam kak sha~

tu namanya MENGADA2.. mcm ar apa kononnya.. xsuka org yg mcm tu... :)

Amieynna Amin said...

some people memang cam tu..
tapi kadang2 bile dah lapar, die sebat jugak..
tapi kalau dah melayu. tetap melayu..
Salam Aidilfri...

Miss ... said...

lama x singgah sini
slmt hari raya :)

Kujie said...

Salam Sha

Kak Jie tak mkn kt kedai mamak! geli dgn bulu.....

tapi gulai nangka muda, tulis darat sgt harummmm

Quiyah said...

salmah mempunyai tekak jepun..

kita punya tekak melayu sejati!

Kengkawan said...

akak pun x g makan kat kedai mamak sha. i dont eat shushi too... dulu2, ms study i dont eat at a roadside stall.

its not a matter of jaga standard ke hapa. kedai mamak n shushi sbb x kena ngan selera. roadside stall dulu2 ala2 kotor gitu..(in early 90s)

but now most roadside stall siap ada peti ais n paip air n bekalan electrik so akak dah x kisah pun..

mungkin salmah pun mcm tu kot (bersangka baik)