Sunday, September 19, 2010

if only: head of kepala taugeh

Someone used to tell me how awful her Indonesian maid was. The first time the maid cooked for the family, she cooked fried anchovies with mung beans (Goreng Ikan Bilis dengan Kacang Hijau). The boss complained to me about how stupid the maid was; how weird it felt to have mung beans served with rice for dinner and how less delightful her dinner has been.

Guess what?

I thought the person who was supposed to be called stupid was that person who called her maid stupid. In the first place, having a maid in a house was not that easy. Cross-cultures differences would certainly make things a little bit awkward in the beginning. Secondly, I had always thought that the people who didn't know how to be thankful were idiots. And lastly, a woman who refused to cook for her husband and left everything to a maid might as well born as a man. Why complained when you could do it yourself, right?

Well, on the other hand, I couldn't blame that stupid woman. The person was just trying to be a someone important called...


We have to admit that not all bosses are smart and kind. Some might be kind but stupid. Some might be stupid but kind. Some might be mean hearted and stupid at the same time. I have been working for five years - I could count the smart and kind bosses with my two fingers so far. Who are they? Aaaaa....let that be a secret, okay!

And it is no surprise that I might be in the portrait of a stupid and mean hearted boss to my staff. I mean, everyone wants to think that they are great - pretty, powerful and powderful at the same time. As a head of kepala taugeh, I might be too crunchy to bite!;)

Alaaaaa...head of kepala taugeh je! Not the Head of Big Conglomerates! Imagine the taugeh kasar that few people like. Big head, yellow, crunchy and salty. That might be me.

But, at least I'm nutritious. Just like the mung beans cooked by the Indonesian maid.

At least, in my opinion, I'm not at the standard of Head of Kepala Udang:)
Where you just talk and talk, being the empty vessels, carry your files everywhere, claiming that you're good, staring at your laptop as if you have the most important case to settle. But it ended up that you were fishing for girls in Facebook or Tagged. Hehe.

Another day to go before Sha is going to meet her boss after 2 weeks. I wish that I'm still on leave! Or let my boss be on leave forever? Hehe. But my banker needs the payment for the Suzuki Swift. So, I have to work. And....being my friends might have taught you that my work is all I have.

Head of Kepala Taugeh....or Head of Kepala Udang...
"U get what you put in...and people get what they deserve,"said Kid Rock.

Selamat bekerja, folks!


Quiyah said...

yeuch! I hate working..

Othman Juliana said...

kepala udang :)

i want to share this one story mory: ada sorang kawan ni-asyik dok cakap,"heran betui orang kelantan ni, apa ntah yang sedap kaki ayam tu pun entah lah. Macam takde mende lain yang boleh makan,.."

And i replied,"elo miss, yang hang dok makan durian tuh-orang mat saleh pun dok heran apa ntah yang sedapnya. Dah le bau mencengkam. Macam tu jugak dengan depa. Depa dah biasa dari kecik. Lagipun, takde mende yang pelik bab makan ni kalau takat kat Malaysia. Hang nak betui pelik-hang pi kat China. Sana betui hang dok nganga,..."

And its human nature-everyone want to think that they are great+right and not weird, though they are! Well, its no longer head of kepala udang-but head of otak udang! oho!

ps. as u said, lets meet! yeah!

mier@merr said...

uwaaa...tamo g keje itu suzuki sapa maw bayar??~

Pocket said...

always want to be the good boss who actually works. but cant help it.
I am always the unkind one.

am meeting up a boss in a couple of days too... how i hope its still january..
then i have another 8 months till September... adehlaaaa...

t.a.c.a said...

errrr... u noe what.. udang and taugeh kasar~ a perfect combination in a pot of gulai tempoyak ala perak~ yummeh~!