Tuesday, September 14, 2010

if only: the hot and spicy lawyeroni

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"Tak boleh!" my mum shook her head. I still remember her disgruntled face. She hated the idea. There was no way she would agree to my proposal.

"Tapi..." I tried to show her my reasons.

"Takde tapi!" she said.

And I was just gulping the lump in my throat. It tasted like tears. My ambitions went to ashes. I was a justice lover; and there was no way I could find justice!

Gone was the hope to be like the character in my favourite series and films.
Dark Justice.
LA Law.
Reasonable Doubt.
Liar Liar.

The hot and spicy Demi Moore in Few Good Men!

Luckily the Good Wife was not in the air yet back then. AAhhhhhh....
*sighed like I just drank Eno Halia*

One fine day, I sat beside a simple looking lady in the bus. We were fighting the urge to sleep in the bus, so we had a chat. I found out that she was a lawyer - dealing with debt recovery; dealing with banks as clients. Co-incidentally, I was facing difficulties in dealing with staffs who were having financial problems. So, she was a good partner in the bus.

She was giving me advices when she asked,
"Sha, you tak minat jadi lawyer?"

I laughed.

"I tengok cepat je you faham Act. Tak pernah minat ke?" she asked again.

I answered, "Alaaa...setakat Employment Act yang memang kena baca sebab nak kerja tu bolehlah. Benda lain I tak pandai..."

And she smiled.

"Janganlah merendah diri. Look, kalau minat...teruskan. Mana tau boleh jadi profession you?"

And I laughed heartily. I shook the topic off my head. In my mind, I was imagining myself as the slim, hot and spicy Alicia Florick and the caring Will Gardner as my boss. Perrrgghhh....no more Betty Suarez.

That happened in Ramadhan. While I was munching ibu's Fried Macaroni in Syawal, I smiled to myself. I had always believe that I could find justice if I was a lawyer.

But these days, even lawyers killed people.

Not all lawyers are as charming as Will Gardner. So....
Stop dreaming, Sha. At least, my ambition burst into ashes. Not my body.


~LP Lum~ said...

salam kak sha~

hehhe.. xsuka ngan keje lawyer nie.. mcm xkena aje ngan diri sy... :)

apa pun, kalo kak sha jd lawyer, sure lawyer yg peramah.. n paling penting paling cumel... :)

Cik Qemm said...

kak sha,

qemmal dulu pun nk jadi lawyer. tp bile besar ni ramai kate susah jadi lawyer ni. huhu..

anyway slmt hari raya kak sha!