Thursday, September 16, 2010

if only: the innocent mizzorchid

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Guest_mizzorchid: hmm...lawa baju ian nieh
Guest_mizzorchid: beli kat mana?
Guest_IanMess: kt sogo
Guest_IanMess: ada sale tadi
Guest_mizzorchid: oohhh...sogo...
Guest_mizzorchid: turun kl tak cakap orkid yeee...
Guest_mizzorchid: bagus...bagus...
Guest_IanMess: hahaha
Guest_IanMess: mane leh
Guest_IanMess: kang jmpe kang.. oked xnk balik umah nnt
Guest_mizzorchid: cett...
Guest_mizzorchid: ian bukan asal dari lombok kan?
Guest_mizzorchid: hehehehe...
Guest_IanMess: -.-
Guest_IanMess: asal jb le
Guest_IanMess: nape ckp lombok?
Guest_mizzorchid: org lombok ramai culik minah2 malaysia...
Guest_mizzorchid: bawak balik negeri...
Guest_mizzorchid: ian tak baca paper ke?
Guest_IanMess: baca psal sosila tu je
Guest_IanMess: hehe
Guest_mizzorchid: ooo...
Guest_mizzorchid: so what do u think....pasal sosila tuh..
Guest_IanMess: hmm
Guest_IanMess: i mmg x brape berkenan dgn dia
Guest_IanMess: psal citer dia ngn nash dulu
Guest_mizzorchid: apasal plak?
Guest_IanMess: sbb dia citer hal rumah tangga live kt tv
Guest_IanMess: psal keburukan suami
Guest_IanMess: thts not a good thing
Guest_mizzorchid: nak buat camne?
Guest_mizzorchid: kalau dah macam tu?
Guest_mizzorchid: i mean, we're not in their position, right?
Guest_IanMess: yup
Guest_IanMess: but dont need to tell private stuff on tv la
Guest_IanMess: aib tu
Guest_mizzorchid: hmmmm....
Guest_IanMess: bila suami soh pakai tudung, tutup aurat
Guest_IanMess: dia tengking balik
Guest_IanMess: haha
Guest_mizzorchid: mana ian tau dia tengking?
Guest_mizzorchid: oooo...skodeng ek?
Guest_mizzorchid: hehehe...
Guest_IanMess: nash citer
Guest_mizzorchid: hah?
Guest_IanMess: pas dia live kt tv
Guest_IanMess: wartawan kan cari nash
Guest_mizzorchid: hmmm...
Guest_IanMess: kt melody nash terangkan
Guest_IanMess: so .. sendri mau ingt
Guest_mizzorchid: tapi...kalau macam tu, diorg nieh 2 x 5 jelah kan?
Guest_mizzorchid: masing2 cerita keburukan masing2...?
Guest_IanMess: kalau takde yg nyalakan api.. tak terbakar hutan rimba
Guest_IanMess: nash sbb wartawan sme dah kejar dia.. sbb sosila citer psal dia kt whi
Guest_IanMess: so nak xnk kene defensive aa
Guest_mizzorchid: :)
Guest_mizzorchid: baru orkid tau....
Guest_mizzorchid: layan gossip jugak ian nieh?
Guest_IanMess: layan je
Guest_IanMess: haha
Guest_IanMess: eleh oked xkn xlayan
Guest_IanMess: xD
Guest_mizzorchid: orkid nieh pemalu...tak layan gossip
Guest_mizzorchid: hahaha
Guest_IanMess: lerr
Guest_IanMess: org pemalu x layan gosip ke?
Guest_IanMess: -.-
Guest_IanMess: mane ade cmtu
Guest_mizzorchid: haha
Guest_mizzorchid: takdelah...orkid cakap je...

One thing that Sha is not telling you these days - she starts to chat again. Knowing strangers in cyberworld without even wanting any real world connection. Playing dress up in nice clothes, wandering around the beaches, sitting on the moon, lying on the leaf of water lily plant.

Being Mizzorchid.

Sounds ridiculous? Well, I met ridiculous people, I tell you. I met the ones who loved cybersex a lot. I met lonely people who wanted attention, they did almost everything. I met the emos, the gothics, the punks, the lesbos and homos.

And I met human like Ian who didn't want anything - just a casual chat over simple matters.
This is what I like.

What I learned from Ian today is simple:
"Harimau mati meninggalkan belang, manusia mati meninggalkan nama." will never be forgotten.
Especially to those who love it.
Even after you're gone.



kiddo2music said...

simple ian :)
the one and only.

Quiyah said...

kan kan kan..

mier@merr said...

best klu chat cmtu..
tp mostly... da kawen ke blum? ada boifren?
nk jd boifren awk bleh?
awk cntik la... kite ske sgt dkt awk....

sekeh kang..

~LP Lum~ said...

salam kak sha~

hehehe.. memang jarang dapt jumpa chatters mcm ian tu.. selalu yg jumpa mcm dak miera sebutkan... semuanya palsu belaka... :)