Tuesday, September 21, 2010

sha: durian shape body

Pears Bowl
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At the time I'm typing this posting, my Facebook is a mess. Why? Well, that is the usual scenario of cursing and gloating after a football match. I just don't want to bother that much. The more I say things, the worse it's going to be.

But let it be the men whose doing all that routines of jeers. How about women? I mean, a slimy nose girl who might not know anything about football but pretend to be a fan is obviously a pain in the ass.

Milah was surfing the net when she asked me whether I was going to be free during the weekend. I asked her why. She said Manchester United was coming over to Malaysia. My eyebrow twitched with wonder.

Me: Are you sure, Milah?
Milah: Yes, I'm very sure.
Me: How come I didn't know about it?
Milah: Ni...keluar kat dalam internet ni. (the intonation was a bit...overbearing)
Me: Dekat mana?
Milah: One Utama.

My shoulders shook with mirth. As far as my almost damaged brain could remember, there was no way that One Utama would have a space for football field:)

Milah: I dengan bf I...kami sama. Dua-dua minat bola. Minat Manchester United.

I smirked. Yes, maybe. But you were not making sense, my dear. My heart was being schizophrenic - debating whether it should be nice or nasty. I hate wannabes and plastics!

Me: Satu team datang OU ke?
Milah: Eeeer...
Me: Siapa sponsor game kat OU tuh? Maxis?
Milah: Eh...tak...ni dia kata sini ada player MU dtg...
Me: Siapa?
Milah: Bryan.
Me: Bryan?
Milah: Alaaaa...pemain MU! (I think this is the reason why she is her bf's confidante~!)
Me: Bryan Robson? (I prompted)
Milah: Haaaa...yes...yes...dia...
Me: Itu player tua diorang....dah tak main untuk MU lagi....(I smiled)

Milah. A girl who patterns herself towards the specification of the boyfriend she is going out with. It is as if she is molding herself to become the girl the boyfriend needs. Each time she changes boyfriend will be each time she is changing her interests and topics.

Which is good. Because I think that might be the aura that guys are looking at in the girl like Milah. Even though her body is the shape of long bean, but she can mold her interest. She can look into just following all the boyfriend orders - depending on what the boyfriend likes. I can't remember when is the last time Milah says she likes Manchester United, but obviously she says that a lot after finding this new boyfriend. Because he likes MU.

Besides, long bean body shape is what guys are looking for these days:)

And that makes me smile with the disadvantages of having a pear shape body. Not only that it is less favourable - I don't even want to be someone else! And that maybe the reason of why I don't fall in love that easily - at least not six or seven boyfriends in seven months.

Or I'm just lack of aura? Hehe. I know Milah will say that is she reads this.

Because I found out that my pear shape body was the favourite topic of Milah's Facebook and her friends. Apparently, I am another hot topic besides her boyfriends and their interests.

Oh, I'm so famous!

I wonder what she will say if my body shapes like durian:P


kiddo2music said...

lol. huuu, me dont have long bean body shape (T_________T)
*tacing jap.
but i just love the way i am, every single bit of me :D

haih, ada juga org yang troublesome camni atas dunia.. huuu, tak ada kerja lain kah?

Quiyah said...

milah is a bitch.. i hate her..

Othman Juliana said...

haha~ milah, please get a life! macam dah takde topic lain eh?

don't worry dear, bdn pear macam kita ni la yang 'best' sebenarnya! haha~ si kacang panjang? kering kontang tuh!! ;p

Dee said...

i pun pear shaped..ok je..aura masih ada..itu lebih baik dari jd lembu yg dicucuk hidung..n pretending to be someone else..plastik!!

iza~de~bintang said...

Yang ni lah paling takmo buat, memalukan diri sendiri depan orang yang reti. Jawab jer tak tau dari memandai2. Btw, pear lagi mahal dari long bean. Durian lagi mahal dari dua2 tu, sampai negara ada jual durian hehehe ^_^

Kengkawan said...

sha inilah kata2 sindiran yang paling berhemah dan mulia akak pernah baca. harap2 milah pun turut membaca.

(am laughing rolling2 on d floor now)

Cik Qemm said...

hehe qemmal pun konon2 minat MU sebab bf :P

tp qemmal akan terus terang dgn semua yg i know nothing bout football.


ala ape ade pada body shape? hati lagi penting :)