Monday, September 20, 2010

sha: sharing is not caring

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Raya Holiday is over for me. How about you? Most of us are returning to work today. Pending work is stacking up - so life saving colleagues are needed, less phone calls are required. Yes, folks. I know the feeling though I'm not expecting that much from my side:)

Being a Malaysian has taught us to be kind to others. Of course, that is a general statement from me - I'm excluding the part that some of us are too kind to kill and burn their guests on zincs (Al-Fatihah to the victims). Not to mention loving mothers who threw their babies out of car window or anywhere else. Bravo~! When there's a hero, there'll always be the villain:)

And being a human on this earth has always taught us not to expect too much. Some people can sell fish...sorry, be selfish about their own beliefs; they tend to show disrespect by not thinking about the consequences. The ambitious Terry Jones, for example, has shown us that determination and spirit were the keys to success (in his own way). We were lucky that our Holy Quran were not burned during Ramadhan. Alhamdulillah.

Well, we agreed that this Syawal was the most controversial - people will still read newspapers and watch the news during a festive season, don't we?

Talking about kindness, I'm sure that most of us would want to bring some of our chicken rendang, kuah kacang, or even tart gulung to work today. With the spirit of Hari Raya, you thought that sharing is caring.

But I also told you not to expect too much. Why? Someone told me this when I asked about Raya dish last week:

"Tak payahlah bawak. Saya tak makan pun. Awak masak pedas sangatlah!"

Hahaha. I told you, folks.

This Raya is the most controversial:)


Quiyah said...

u do it with flair and flare!

Wawa~* said...

wah.. how 'generous' and 'kind' is that person huh? lol.

so many dramas during this ramadhan n syawal.. good ones r good, but mostly aren't :(

Dee said...

erk..kak dee suka pedas..bwk utk kak dee jelah..hahaha..

Cik Qemm said...

qemmal start kerja 13 sept tau!
awl gile :(