Friday, October 29, 2010

sha: rita rudaini, please shut up!

Tetek Rita Rudaini
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Dear Rita,

This is a curse of frustration from a fan who is obsessed with the game called football. Who is wishing with all her heart that Negri will win this weekend. But who am I? Just an ordinary fat girl who will not going to be missed in the stadium tomorrow.

And this girl is reading a story in a newspaper about a supposed-to-be-number-one-supporter-of-her-husband tomorrow. I hate that woman. Why? Can you just shut up, Rita? At the time when I'm supposed to reading about tactics, games, selections, trainings, fans and so on...I'm actually seeing you on the front page - talking about the captain of my favourite team. Who are you? Why can't you just be fair to us - the supporters? For goodness sake, if you really understand and love your husband, please appreciate that he has a career!!!

When you got married to him, you were the one who made so much noise about how you guys got married. Now, at the time when he is supposed to prove himself to the world (I believe you understand that a footballer's performance in the league means a lot to the selection of national squad!), you make noise about how much he has changed after meeting his parents.

Well, what do you expect old lady? That guy comes with a package: his family. Talking badly about his in-laws won't help.

Arggghhh....who cares about your marriage anyway? People gets married and divorced everyday. But you make it sound that the world revolves around you. Well, this is not so surprising. I remember the day I met you. Several years ago, you were looking at us, university students, below your nose. I can recall your white G-string underneath your transparent white linen pants you wore that day. You...with your "gloriness"; thinking that we wanted your autograph.

I didn't care about your reaction that day. I mean, come were just one stupid bimbo who thought that you were so hot, you couldn't get off your hands on Fadzley. We were not that enthusiastic to see you, honestly. And we were happy to see Fadzley because we have met him during a corporate dinner (which you couldn't attend obviously since you were not up to that standard) Who were you? Just another mediocre face on TV (come on, if you have won FFM like Erra or Lisa, we might have a bit of respect). Not only your face is ordinary, your act was so plastic and pretentious. You might have succeeded in playing Mami Jarum Jr. (because the lady who laughs like a horse really made you looked natural), but you can never look innocent. I repeat, N.E.V.E.R.

If you feel that my accusation is too personal and harsh, I'm sorry. But I tell you what, stop talking about your personal life because it is going to cause other people's professional lives. Your husband, for instant, has a important game to play tomorrow. He needs to concentrate. He might not be David Beckham, but even Beckham played poorly when he had problems with Victoria. Kindly appreciate you're not Posh Spice; but your role matters a lot and that is....FOR YOU TO SHUT UP.

You have a career as well. Yes, I did mention that you were not my favourite (and still is). This is because you do not know how to separate business over pleasure. You talk more about your personal than your newest projects and aspiration. You, think highly of yourself - you thought that a bunch of college students were "terhegeh-hegeh" over your not-so-famous profile. Get yourself a measurement tape, how successful are you as an actress?

So why should I bother talking about your talent instead of your personal life?
Clearly, you wanted everyone to know.

Come on. Wake up.

This world is not just about you. And I'm staining my blog to talk about someone so low graded (I repeat this because you do not know how to take care of your pride as a woman, wife, mother, and a career woman). You don't talk about bad things when you love that someone in your life. Not for the whole world to know. I hope this will be lesson to all woman out there; including myself - about not to be a KEPOH-CHI like you. Amin.

Don't talk about protecting your children - I've seen better mothers than you. They are actresses as well! What you're doing is so stupid and brainless.

I'm writing this to let anyone (if possible you too) know about how much the game means to us tomorrow. I saw your husband played football since he was small. And I saw him growing up - becoming good looking and had options of beautiful women before him. But he chose you - and as fans of football, we thought that what he did mattered nothing to us as long as he played good football.

And...if he is not doing well tomorrow, I personally think that you owe the fans an apology.

We'll see.

For now, just shut up, Rita.


* Because Milah can't stop talking to everyone about her relationship too. Well, at least you're better looking than her, Rita. Hahaha.

Yours insincerely,
---Football Fan---

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

sha: charm bracelet - love is material?

The shoes on my feet
I've bought it
The clothes I'm wearing
I've bought it
The rock I'm rockin'
I've bought it
'Cause I depend on me
If I wanted the watch you're wearin'
I'll buy it
The house I live in
I've bought it
The car I'm driving
I've bought it
I depend on me
(I depend on me)
- Independent Woman by Destiny's Child

I looked at the way he was fumbling with the envelopes. Something was not right. There were too many letters. Some of them consisted of pink coloured papers. No explanation required.

His expression was serious. The content of the envelopes caused severe changes to his expression. The boyish grin was nowhere in scene. There he was, looking forlorn and disturbed - the crease on his forehead was indicating that he was catching up the age ladder.

The corners of his mouth were drooping. It was as if he had this powerful gravity around him which made the solid frame of his body to drop at its corners - his broad shoulders, the one I used to challenge my height; were not out of reach. It seemed like a branch fell off a tree.

It was clear that he was not in a good mood.

So, I've decided not to cross his path.

But I couldn't.

By the time I was looking into his eyes again, he already looked worn out. "Hmmmm...if only I can do something to make you smile again," I told myself.

He kept the papers and I stared at him silently. I got another bill in hand. Shall I or shall I not give him? My heart was beating faster; but my brain made the fastest decision.

So, I gave him - and as expected, he was not happy. There you go, without he realised it (or he did realise that), he tossed the receipts to me.

"Mengarut!" he grumbled. And I left with scarred heart.

But who could've blamed him? Indeed, we were a bit overspent. And how I wished that I had the money to cover everything. That way, I would have managed to avoid seeing him in that condition. I would have managed to protect my heart from being battered up.

Few days later, someone told me that he was travelling to see the love of his heart. I heard he bought her gifts. They said he went for shopping with his girlfriend. My mind was still digesting the part when that person was telling me,

"Dia nak beli emas. Untuk yang tersayang..."

The words repeated on my eardrum. I wished it won't - but it did. Well, how do you expect me to feel? Jealousy was out of question. Anger? Why should I feel angry? To which extend? For what reason?

So, I just smiled when he made a comment,
"Perempuan ni suka shopping. Banyak belanja..."

And I answered,
"Girlfriend you je kot.I pay my own bills. Lagipun....I nie considerate. Dari boyfriend I sibuk nak bawak I shopping, baik dia sibuk bayar kereta...bayar rumah...buat trust fund for our future babies. The most he can do pun, kalau dapatkan I my favourite books or a bouquet of cymbidium orchids. Cukuplah. Tapi I tak mintak."

I obviously didn't tell him that I like charm bracelet watch by Guess.

As I mentioned, the floss on my teeth...I bought it!!!

* to those who have not given me birthday presents, I just gave you hints! Haha...just kidding:P

Monday, October 25, 2010

sha: signature dish, gelak gadis!

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This is not really a story about travelling to unique places. I mean, I'm not a person who travels across the country all the time. I wish I am, but I'm not. I envy friends who are doing it; but now I'm glad that this domestic side of me is giving the chance for me to take care of my mum in the hospital.

I was so stressed up with some problems when friends were inviting me for dinner in KLCC. Place to go? Well, as I told you, I was penniless. If I was richer, I would want to hang out somewhere more fulfilling. Like Nando's, for example. Three Bean Salad would absolutely made me happy.

But of course, I had only few options. Signature was the destination. Therefore, I settled down with Sizzling Noodle instead. Besides, I was looking for something affordable and hot. The best food is the food that you eat with the best companions; and I believed I had those that day:)

While my friends were nibbling their McDonald's set, I was wondering about the existence of Sizzling Noodle in the most of Malaysian food courts. As far as my poor memory could remember, it has been a signature dish for several food courts since I was young. The first time I ate those chicken and mushroom, it was heavenly fine. But after quite sometime, the dish became a vivid memory.

I got bored.

So, I have forgotten the dish totally. The options of eating other stuff made it easier; I became my own financier; social circles changed and the chance of going to food courts were becoming lesser. Especially when they had all these wonderful stuff like Korean and Taiwan dishes - I was suddenly having more and more options. And I was becoming forgetful about the dish that ate when I was still in school: the signature dish of a food court called Sizzling Noodles.

And I had forgetten the art of girls'laughter. Only God knows how much I have pretended to laugh. I did, and I thought that I did quite right at laughing. Sometimes, I was overreacting. I knew it sounded so stupid but I couldn't help hiding my own fears and sadness - I would almost everything to stop myself from crying.

But when friends were reminding me of the good old days - the makeups I used to wear, the skirts that I was proud of, the ex-boyfriend I used to adore, the food I used to eat and the old me who used to be strong...I started to remember how to giggle. The moment I expressed my anger over Milah's story was the moment I knew I got shoulders to cry on.

Yes, babies...she was indeed a B and I was trying too hard not to hurt her.

And that's what friends were for:
To remind you of who you are.

And of course...
To be the best companion even though the taste of Sizzling Noodle has changed over 15 year:)

I changed looks. I overgrew my outfit. I moved house. I changed jobs.
But my friends are still there.

Thanks my dearest buddies.
Can't wait for the next session of gelak-gelak gadis!

Let Milah control her "ayu" face:)

Friday, October 22, 2010

dear hati: kim kardashian's teh tarik!

Dear Hati,

I was working my butt out yesterday - and that was one of the reasons of why this blog has not been updated. Talk about exhaustion. My brain wanted to explode, my heart was broken into pieces and my self esteem nearly went down the drain. My judgment - allow me to explain, was purely on work and I hated tiny, mini, ridiculous stuff. So, femininism did not work out fine. At the time when I was doing work and catching dateline, I was G.E.N.D.E.R.L.E.S.S.

Sha was neither a man nor a woman when she was at work. I've made that decision long time ago when I realised that regardless I was a woman or a man, the degree of inconsideration was intolerable. I have been forced to work like a bull by a former employer who did not even think of my safety and health. No one ever considered the 0 value in the record of number of MCs taken. And who would have cared if I was alone in the office?

The potential of me being stab, burn and kill like the late Sosilawati was never in their mind. The probability of me being raped like the late Suzaily (and thank God that the bus driver was punished!) was not possible.

Perhaps, in certain people's mind, the meaning of being a woman means being beautiful. When you are fat, dark and ugly - that won't make you a woman at all. So, there is no way a man would be turned on by your look. In other words, man won't rape or kill a fat lady. Oh, come on! Let's be realistic that women's assets are standard. In the drama Nip and Tuck, the doctor covered a lady's head with a paper bag before they had sex so that he just looked at that particular part instead of her face.

To my amusement, I was not allowed to fall for anyone at work. My former boss used to say this, "We must be as pure and as white as cotton." And I was wondering whether falling in love was a sin. My relationship with Sepet started in the office - so was it a sin too? The moment there were gossips, I was bombarded with questions and unscruplous statements. My boss at that time started to think that I was unreliable - since I met my boyfriend at work place. "There is a chance for the history to repeat," he said.

So, there I was, putting a poker face whenever my staffs were saying, "Cik Sha cantik hari ini!"

I could never be a lady who blushed whenever someone complimented me. Perhaps, it was not that difficult at all. Being the only girl in the family has taught me to be just who I am today. I blushed, and my brothers would scowl at me. I laughed loudly - they would look at me differently. So, stop being someone that they wouldn't want me to be. Besides, being a shy girl was never me.

So, I changed my job. Wishing that I could have a gender.

But, no. I'm still the same Sha. Perhaps, that lead to the fact that NOBODY ever treat me like a woman. The long stupid history of being genderless at work caused me to act like MYSELF. Regardless..

...there were times when they forgot that the nasty jokes made me embarassed.
...there were times when physical interference made me uncomfortable.
...there were times when they forgot that I don't have that much endurance as much as they do. I need sleep, I need rest and I need a date! And I got PMS too!

Like yesterday, when I was like an idiot - running and enduring the torture of last minute decisions. I had to be brave. I had to be independent. I had to be smart. That was the requirement. And fortunately, that was who I wanted to be.

Unfortunately, others didn't have to be like that. Others could just smile shyly over their mistakes. The squid woman could just forgot about her task and linger around - disrupting the time when I was supposed to ask for referrals. One could just say that she didn't know.

And this genderless person should just resolve everything.

That hurt - and after quite sometime Sha was thinking whether what she did was worth it. Because in the end she found out that nothing was ever been taken into appreciation. AT ALL!!!

So, on the way back, when she was carrying her CLEO magazine (a woman's mag) and asked a colleague about the last minute tidbits, she was furious:

"Huiiiyooo...." was the reaction when they saw Kim Kardashian as the mag cover.

They got distracted. They got blind. They became...less smarter. Less charismatic.
And I had...

...this pissed off feelings knowing that I worked like hell just to know in the end I couldn't obtain a simple scribble on the parchment of my blood and sweat. I just wanted that damn signature!
...this unhappy feeling of disrespect. uncontrollable urge of expressing my anger. TANTRUM!

So I...

...tore up the front page of my Cleo mag and tossed it to the macho men. There..take it! Take that woman! Sha can't afford to make mistakes. Sha have to be genderless. Sha...always hide her infatuation to ANYONE! For the love of her work, Sha was burning up!

Because she just couldn't take it when someone said,
"Sha is looking at Kim Kardashian from a girl's point of view."

Really? What happened to the times when she has been treated as someone GENDERLESS?!!!

So, Sha was saying,

"Ambik muka Kim K nieh, rebus, buat minum macam teh. Mana tau kenyang pulak. I don't like a stupid woman. Tapi kalau kenyang tengok muka dia, just take this!"

...brainless beautiful woman is always forgivable.

But not the genderless Sha.

I'm in the "merajuk membawa diri" mode. Over a big-breasted woman like Kim K.

My dear hati,
Pujuklah diri sendiri.

Yours sincerely,

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

sha: it's the bra month!!!

bra on a tree
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Last year, I told you stories about bra and how much I enjoyed choosing bra with shy men in my life. This year, I almost forgot this very special month. Well, what can I say. I didn't even write on my birthday this year and my birthday fell on the bra month!

It's not really called a bra month. October is actually the month of Breast Cancer Awareness whereby bra is the main topic but health is the major concern. Talking about bras is casual and natural - and I hope most of us won't take breast cancer casually as well. The cause of having this posting is merely for fun, but it also to remind us on how much pain the breast cancer patients have to endure.

One of them was my English teacher in primary school. I was absolutely clueless about her illness but I still remember her absentism. She was frequently replaced by replacement teachers - some of them was good and most of them was definitely lazy:)

But whenever my teacher came to school, studies was so much fun! I still remember the ooohhhss...and ahhhhsss...that we had because of the pressure of our fingers to our pencils. My teacher would definitely taught us and gave us lots and lots of homework! Her small figure would stand there, in front of the blackboard, with white chalk in hand. The exercises were horrendous!

A. Fill in the blanks....
B. Fill in the blanks...
C. Fill in the blanks...

Each exercises consisted of ten questions and she would continue until M. or O. or R. There was one time she made it to Z.

And I...was the happiest among all. Despite the red fingers, I loved whatever she taught me and fell in love with the subject immediately. I had no idea that the woman was in so much pain when she was writing the exercises on the black board.

One day, I saw blood on the stairs. The class was in uproar. Our teachers said it was hers. Apparently, one of the lumps on her breasts burst and bled. She was rushed to the hospital.

Then I never see her again. I lost in the English Quiz Competition and nearly cried out my dissapointment. But my ego said that I shouldn't cry, so I held my tears. But the dam broke eventually when one of our teachers made this announcement:

"Dimaklumkan bahawa Puan M telah kembali ke rahmatullah pada ....."

She was gone. My teacher, the one who taught me the word "FISH" was gone. Gone! Gone! Gone!

I had no idea about her illness until I have these two huge watermelons on my chests. She had taught me to treasure those two because apparently, she didn't go for any treatment and by the time she knew it, it was already too late.

We'll never know what is going to be ahead of us.

Happy BRA MONTH everyone. This is a month of lessons in life.

Monday, October 18, 2010

sha: analyse your future relationship!

Horse Laugh
Originally uploaded by EncinoMan
Dear Cheryna Pires,

A kind of person you will be attracted to in a real life situation is those who are unbridled and free.

In the process of courtship, the approach that makes you feel irresistible is being patient. Never giving up on you is important.

웃 : The impression you'd like to give to your lover is stylish.

웃 : One reason that would make you break up with your partner
--- is his or her being emotional.

웃 : If they're moody, you won't know how to please them.

웃 : The kind of relationship you'd like to build with your partner
--- is one where you can talk about everything and anything.

웃 : No secrets are kept.

웃 : Would you commit adultery? Society and morality worry you.

웃 : You wouldn't do anything wrong after marriage. About marriage, you are afraid of marriage.You think it would take away your freedom.

웃 : About love, at this moment, you are quite self-centered. You think of love as something you can get and trash anytime you want.

Smirked. I couldn't express any smile. I couldn't grin when I'm still in my mourning mood.

I did this quiz when I saw one of my buddies did it. This morning, I suddenly felt alone and deprived. The great tests are just in front of me right now and yes, I'm dealing with it. So, why not diverting my focus into something else?

A relationship quiz. It was not a bad idea at all. I mean, thinking of a relationship might be a good thing to do once in a while. But this quiz relates human with animals and my answers was mostly - HORSE.

For some reason I don't agree if you similarise a human with any type of animal at all. But it might be this quiz is too metaphoric, like when it asked me this question:

If you can banish an animal from this world, what is it going to be?
I definitely answered snakes instead of shark, crocodile or lion.

I hate liars:)

But what surprised me was how true the result was. I love an open and intellectual relationship. And I definitely hate an emotional one.

Tapi yang Sha takut kahwin tu betul ke?

Because I am at the grey side - wondering whether the quiz could read my mind:p

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

sha: pocketful of sunshine

I got a pocket,
got a pocket full of sunshine
I've got a love and I know that it's all mine
Do what you want,
but you're never gonna break me,
sticks and stones are never gonna shake me

Haha! This is not about Pocket, the blogger. When I said I got a pocket, it's definitely not the person but the item.

I'm wearing baju kurung to work today - thinking about how different life in schooldays was. My baju kurung had a pocket where I put my small purse inside. From embroidered small pink purse, to colourful beaded ones. When I was an adolescent; I started to eye for boy's Quiksilver before changing it to Tropicana.

One fine day, my parents gave me a small shilling & card purse made of leather. The brand was Bonia. I was too ecstatic because I loved leather (and still is) but that particular purse was dumped into a public toilet bowl two days before SPM. Well, that was the disadvantages of having a pocket at your baju kurung. The business required me to lift them up!

The purse drowned along with my identification card, of course. Ibu was so angry - I still can remember the day I cried so hard.

At that time, losing RM1 or a coin would made me burst into tears. Yes, that was how precious things were at that time. It was not just the money, you see. It was about the gift that my parents gave me. I knew how hard it was for them to get me presents and cards.

They used to give me handmade cards when I was studying in the boarding school - cards pasted with Garfield pictures and flowers. And the t-shirts to wear in the hostel were my favourites - well, I did not come from the rich origin, you see. Anything would do. That was the reason why the purse was so important to me.

Now....well, I don't get presents that much anymore. No pocket for my baju kurung, I'm finding my own pocket money and clutching my purple Guess long lady-like purse.

But I got a pocketful of sunshine memories.

I am missing missing them now.

Any pocketful of sunshine memories, folks?

Inspiration: from the soundtrack of the film - The Ugly Truth; Pocketful of Sunshine by Natasha Badingfield.

Monday, October 11, 2010

sha the traveler: rewards...rewards...rewards!!!

Weekend. Some people love it. Some people hate it. Me? If you ask me, I'll have two answers: I love weekend because I get to sleep more (and you know how much I love pillows!) But I am certainly hating it when I have to think about the activities. It's not that I don't have any ideas, I just don't have the budget right now. Thinking about searching for tulips make me crave for more adventures, but even adventures are costly these days:(

Which makes me a less fun person, I would say. I am this type of person who takes risks. But now, I'm not even thinking about a higher reward. My Economy lecturer used to teach me about, "The higher the risk, the higher the reward." In younger days, reward was my target and risk kept my adrenalin pumping.

Human with great testostrone, good looks and brilliant smile was the rewards, level of "gedikness" from another person point of view was the risk. The satisfaction of the adventure? S.U.P.E.R.B.

Well, that is if we look at an easy example. Look into more routine example.

Like, when you had to pay for assignment's printing cost without even thinking of your dinner.
The risk was whether you would have dinner or not because you had only RM10 and binding itself made you paid RM3. And the rewards? A clean transcript without the letter "E" or "F".

Or when you changed your blog template. Risk? Losing or messing up the nice looking blog you already have. Reward? A blog makeover so that your friends could have a better view of the mole on your upper lip when you put the picture of you licking Baskin Robbins

I want to have an enojoyable weekend like I used to enjoy. But the rewards aren't that high any more and the risks are too high - they are almost unstable.

This was what I did a fortnight ago:

I was travelling to Cameron Highlands with only few notes in my purse. On the way uphill, the empty fuel symbol was blipping and a slow Mazda 3 was crawling in front of my Suzuki. In the end, the Suzuki ran with the empty tank for more than 30 kilometres (and I have no regret of purchasing you, my dear). My Suzuki managed to be fueled up only when we reached Ringlet.

We reached Tanah Rata at 11:30a.m. A relief. Then, we went through a horrible cum death-threatening journey across the tea plantation. A bunch of broad, elegant and arrogant Toyota Camrys passed the sides of my humble Suzuki on a narrow path to Boh Plantation. Talk about rememberance and the prayers. My eyes were brimming with tears each time I saw a car in front of me. Please...please...please...don't hurt my white baby!

But when I was chewing on the strawberry tarts and sipped a teapot of Palas Supreme on the cliff at the Boh Factory, I was grinning at the beautiful panorama and forgot the whole drama.I was enchanted by the looks of wild lilies and hydrangeas until I forgot that adventure of going back to the same route was just in front of me:P

And then, I went to the Strawberry Park - because I was longing to pick up the strawberries. The gardener brought me to the steep highlands; where a small river was nearby and the ripest strawberries were available. The risk of getting the nicest plump strawberries? I might fall down the hill. But the reward? Nice juicy hand-picked strawberries. And satisfaction of doing things on my own, of course.

After that, we had a hard time finding the nice Rose Garden. So, we drove everywhere through the dangerous valleys. After several attempt - I was suddenly in the midst of huge & powdery-smelled flowers and a tender look in my eyes.

I told you what the risks and rewards were. Now, I'm telling you the outcome - I'm broke! That was what you were going to get if you traveled after a festive season like Raya.

And...the biggest reward was: A great time with my parents - something which was not that easy to achieve.

Have you taken any risk recently folks? What are the rewards?

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

cheryna love story: tulip larangan 2

Tulip bouquet
Originally uploaded by occeci
Aku junjung petuamu
Cintai dia yang mencintaiku
Hati yang dulu belayar
Kini telah menepi
Bukankah hidup kita
Akhirnya harus bahagia

Now. Tell me how easy it is supposed to be? Opening up your story will bring significant impact to others. If the person can take it well, that's excellent. But what if the person can't take it and start looking bad at you?

So, we go the second part of the story. It takes a while to write this, folks. So here we go...

I looked straight into his eyes. Well, it was not that easy but I believed at that point of time he was really listening. So....why not?

"I have principles," I told him directly.

"And your principle is...?" he prompted.

"I love the person who loves me. Not like this. I don't even know whether he likes me or not!" I exclaimed.

"Tanyalah," he said simply. Then he smiled.

"Woooooooo..." and I felt the corners of my mouth were pulled by the gravity. They were dripping down!!!

"Sha, sometimes you have to bend and break. Tak boleh nak ikut principle sangat. Maybe...back then it was useful. Tapi sekarang...mungkin dah tak valid dah...." he said. Now, he was really talking.

"Eh...mana boleh! I have pride," I objected.

"You want to talk about pride. Melepas nanti, Sha," he countered.

"Dia orang punya...." I said slowly and put my chin on the table.

And when I said that, I felt the back of my eyes stung. And the rims were wet.'t cry, Sha! At least not in front of him.

Pride. Pride. Pride.

"Selagi tak kawen, dia bukan orang punya..." he said slowly too. He was still smiling.

My heart twitched. Things weren't supposed to be this difficult.

But it was. And still does.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

sha: makcik kelapa tua yang kerek!

coconut, untrustworthy
Originally uploaded by cedar_9
It happened just this morning. I had to take a 6.15 bus from Seremban as I needed to be in HQ at 8.15a.m. Reason being? Work. Site visit.

I thought that I would never have the chance to go anywhere else besides just stay in the office and cry:P Well, thanks to the generous one, the "privilege" has been given and I was totally honoured!

When I entered the bus, everyone was looking at me peculiarly. It was as if they were not happy that I was in the bus - a fat new comer with unfamiliar face. But, I couldn't be bothered. What I was concerned about was the trip could save my time through the massive traffic jam. Please.

I asked questions since I was not confident with the my destination. I mean, certain buses stop only at certain bus stop. But, it seemed that the elderly women were not so keen to answer my question. Not only they frowned at me; scowled at me; they also looked at me disgustedly.

So? What did I do?

I asked the driver.

And the makcik who "kerekly" scolded me.

"Eehhhh...jangan kacau driver nieh boleh tak? You nieh ganggu laluan dia! Dia taulah kerja dia!"


Honestly, I wanted to ask this to the makcik,

"Driver nie boyfriend makcik ke? Kenapa marah sangat?"


Aku tetap diam.

Monday, October 04, 2010

sha: i'm a makcik diva~!

Now I wonder how does it feels to be a woman who sells good stuff at Pasar Siti Khadijah. Most women there are independent and high spirited; with lovable voice and graceful gestures.

But I also wonder how do they cope with the predicament - rotten goods, lack of buyers and the rats and cats in the market. When the vegetables are no longer fresh to be sold; when other ladies are selling the mangoes that she is selling but no one would want to buy the mangoes that she is selling - how does she keeps on smiling?

When the cats are eating the anchovies which need to be sold, when the rats are ruining the rice in the sack - how does she keeps on going?

Guess what?

I think we need to put their story in Diva Universal. Because these makciks are sexy, hot and glory...and the symbols of patience and true beauty. They match the loyalty of The Army Wives, the patience of The Good Wife, the toughness of Rookie Blue and the inspirational Oprah.

I wish I am those makciks. Be strong, Sha. The world is a never ending journey...


How are you, folks?