Monday, October 18, 2010

sha: analyse your future relationship!

Horse Laugh
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Dear Cheryna Pires,

A kind of person you will be attracted to in a real life situation is those who are unbridled and free.

In the process of courtship, the approach that makes you feel irresistible is being patient. Never giving up on you is important.

웃 : The impression you'd like to give to your lover is stylish.

웃 : One reason that would make you break up with your partner
--- is his or her being emotional.

웃 : If they're moody, you won't know how to please them.

웃 : The kind of relationship you'd like to build with your partner
--- is one where you can talk about everything and anything.

웃 : No secrets are kept.

웃 : Would you commit adultery? Society and morality worry you.

웃 : You wouldn't do anything wrong after marriage. About marriage, you are afraid of marriage.You think it would take away your freedom.

웃 : About love, at this moment, you are quite self-centered. You think of love as something you can get and trash anytime you want.

Smirked. I couldn't express any smile. I couldn't grin when I'm still in my mourning mood.

I did this quiz when I saw one of my buddies did it. This morning, I suddenly felt alone and deprived. The great tests are just in front of me right now and yes, I'm dealing with it. So, why not diverting my focus into something else?

A relationship quiz. It was not a bad idea at all. I mean, thinking of a relationship might be a good thing to do once in a while. But this quiz relates human with animals and my answers was mostly - HORSE.

For some reason I don't agree if you similarise a human with any type of animal at all. But it might be this quiz is too metaphoric, like when it asked me this question:

If you can banish an animal from this world, what is it going to be?
I definitely answered snakes instead of shark, crocodile or lion.

I hate liars:)

But what surprised me was how true the result was. I love an open and intellectual relationship. And I definitely hate an emotional one.

Tapi yang Sha takut kahwin tu betul ke?

Because I am at the grey side - wondering whether the quiz could read my mind:p

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kiddo2music said...

adakah kebetulan sahaja?
mungkin. atau betul2 kuiz tu boleh baca fikiran?

ps: i believe in mind set energy and power, things happen as what we want it to be :)