Tuesday, October 12, 2010

sha: pocketful of sunshine

I got a pocket,
got a pocket full of sunshine
I've got a love and I know that it's all mine
Do what you want,
but you're never gonna break me,
sticks and stones are never gonna shake me

Haha! This is not about Pocket, the blogger. When I said I got a pocket, it's definitely not the person but the item.

I'm wearing baju kurung to work today - thinking about how different life in schooldays was. My baju kurung had a pocket where I put my small purse inside. From embroidered small pink purse, to colourful beaded ones. When I was an adolescent; I started to eye for boy's Quiksilver before changing it to Tropicana.

One fine day, my parents gave me a small shilling & card purse made of leather. The brand was Bonia. I was too ecstatic because I loved leather (and still is) but that particular purse was dumped into a public toilet bowl two days before SPM. Well, that was the disadvantages of having a pocket at your baju kurung. The business required me to lift them up!

The purse drowned along with my identification card, of course. Ibu was so angry - I still can remember the day I cried so hard.

At that time, losing RM1 or a coin would made me burst into tears. Yes, that was how precious things were at that time. It was not just the money, you see. It was about the gift that my parents gave me. I knew how hard it was for them to get me presents and cards.

They used to give me handmade cards when I was studying in the boarding school - cards pasted with Garfield pictures and flowers. And the t-shirts to wear in the hostel were my favourites - well, I did not come from the rich origin, you see. Anything would do. That was the reason why the purse was so important to me.

Now....well, I don't get presents that much anymore. No pocket for my baju kurung, I'm finding my own pocket money and clutching my purple Guess long lady-like purse.

But I got a pocketful of sunshine memories.

I am missing missing them now.

Any pocketful of sunshine memories, folks?

Inspiration: from the soundtrack of the film - The Ugly Truth; Pocketful of Sunshine by Natasha Badingfield.


Dee said...

tiba2 teringat handphone jatuh dlm toilet bowl..huhuhu..

♥LOVE2COOK♥ said...

Hi Sha, hru doing??? Long time no see!

Hehe, sweet memories na! Well, I like baju kurungs too! :D

dotblogspotdotkom said...

huhuhu... bila tanya my luv... nape baju kurung U tak poket....

huhuhuh... myluv jawab... ingat nih uniform sekolah ke.... huhuhuuhhu

memang tak menahan.....

Pocket said...

Pocket nyer dompet mama beli masa pocket first time dapat kad pengenalan, dompet tu pocket pakai sampai la tiga tahun lepas.
-jatuh toilet
-tertinggal dlm bas
-tertinggal kat epot
-jatuh kat haiwe...

semua dapat balik...
(Tak der wit dah la kan..)
saaaayang sangat dompet tu,
my dompetful of sunshine :D

chekdenoor said...

Salam .....

jom joint blog baru chekdee di www.butik-sayang.blogspot.com

Shopping mata pun ok......

Norhayati @ Siti Nur Syuhada said...


Ni aku YATMO yang merindui kamu.. aku kadang2 slalu bacer entries kamu tapi xtaw r kamu masih ingat aku x lagi? cane ek nak hubungi kamu smule di dunia nyata?

Adila said...

i need pocket!
so yeah, i opted jeans cuz ada poket hehe
i rarely bawak wallet; besar2 pun i pokai ekekekeek~

but kalau kluar jln2, of course la bawak
kalau x, sumbat duit dlm poket je heeee~

mier@merr said...

sy masih simpan purse yg dlu2 smpi skang..taktau nape...tp mmg jenis syg nk buang..walopon da koyak..da lusuh,...tp msih tetap simpan.... mmg jenis syg barang...ske sgt simpan...hasilnya... almari penuh dgn kotak mnde2 kesayangan...